Manya alive in my heart (Episode 3)


Mantu: come i will show u my room
Amaya:(thinking i have to see the room where i will live in future)
Mantu : where r u lost amu??
Amaya: no nowhere ……wait what did u say
Mantu: where r u lost
Amaya: no no wat did u call me??? U called me amu
Mantu: (smiling) yes cause everyone calls u amu
Amaya : everyone call me amu cause they love me
Mantu: ya so i love u too
Amaya: (happy) show me ur room
Mantu: (shy) ya this side
Amaya and mantu enter a room with blue walls 1 study table and queen size bed
Amaya: nice room and she starts explaining wat she wants to change in the room when she comes
Mantu locks the door and brings amaya near
Amaya: wat r u doing??
Mantu: u really came for chikhlu(seeing into her eyes continously
Amaya: no baba i came for u………..shit why did i tell u
Mantu: i knew it and i told u that u will come to meet me
Amaya: ok i accept but i love u how can i stay away from u
Mantu: see their
Amaya: wat???
Mantu kisses amaya on her cheek
Amaya:(shy) i think i should leave now
Mantu: mere kiss ka answer toh deti jao
Amaya laughs and leave
Mantu: madam pagal hai but acchi hai
Mantu goes to shop for the repair of his computer
Mantu sees a mandir and visits it ……he sits down to pray
Mantu:(to god’s idol) pls keep mine and amaya’ relationship safe and keep amaya happy
He gets amaya’s call and he goes towards the road to pick it up , he picks up and
Suddenly a car from the back hits him
Amaya: (worried by the sound) hello !!! Hello mantu is everything fine??? Hello

A person picks up the phone
Unknown: the person u were talking to has met with an accident
Amaya:(shocked and a tear rolled down her eye) excuse me c….c….can u take him to the hospital ????
Unknown: ya surely….. U dont worry
Amaya: ok i will come there
Amaya falls down and start crying and requesting god to save mantu
Amaya is on her way to hospital she meets rachita
Rachita: amu how r u??? How is everyone??
Amaya: rachi di mantu has met with an accident and I am going to meet him …..u tell this to everyone
Rachita: dont worry amu i will bring everyone to the hospital

Precap: doctors say mantu is critical and will be kept under observation , amaya breaks down and sits infront of gods idol and start praying suddenly mantu opens his eyes

Credit to: Sanika

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  1. Nyc please make it long

  2. Nooo.. Tragedies from start itself.. Let nothing happen with mantu.. I just wanna Manyaaa b together.. But loved room sequence

  3. Actually i did this for more manya scenes only …..u’ll see in the next episode shree i will try bitsy

    1. If it is so….then thank u soo much.. 🙂

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