Manya alive in my heart (Episode 2)


the episode starts with RaRa taking everyone’s blessings and rachita’s bidaai ceremony……
Rachita: i will miss u all amu, jazz, and mom. Mom can i take dad’s picture
Sneha: i will miss u too and i will send the picture tom morning
Amaya: bii rachi di hope u have a wonderful life ahead with rama jiju
Rachita: u too amu with mantu
Jazz hugs rachita and says bii
Then after all the ceremonies are done and rachita gone mantu takes amu to a side
Amu: wat r u doing mantu leave me or else someone will see
Mantu: i’ve not held u for leaving u
Suddenly a kid while running pushes amu and she falls in mantu’s hand….. They share an eyelock
Then mantu bids farewell sadly
Mantu : today i am going but i will come to meet u tom and one day we will never have to say bii we will always stay together
Amu: bii mantu and yes i love u

Mantu: love u too
The next morning amu wakes up and messages “good morning❤️❤️” to mantu
Mantu replies “wat madam u r waking up now anyways mahadev”
Amaya “mahadev”
Amaya”when r u coming to meet me”
Mantu “i will not come to meet u, u will come to meet me bii”
Amaya “lets see bii”
Then amu gets ready
Sneha: amu bring some vegetables from the market.
Amu: ok, mom (to herself) this way i can meet mantu also (thinking) y shall i meet him as he has challenged me.
Amu after taking vegetables crosses by mantu’s house and stand infront of the door she thinks this way i will prove him right and is about to leave when mantu opens the door
Mantu: madam, wat r u doing here
Amaya:( after thinking alot) i came to take vegetables
Mantu: do u think my house is a vegetable shop or u think i am a fool
Amaya:( to herself) u actually r a fool

Mantu: did u say something
Amaya: no no no….. Wat would i say
Mantu: then leave
Suddenly chikhlu comes and hugs amu
Chikhlu: hi amaya
Amu: see mantu i came to meet chikhlu he is so sweet….how r u chikhlu???
Chikhlu: i am fine pls come in
Amaya coming in can i have some water
Mantu: here( taking the glass and giving to her)
Amaya: thank u
Chikhlu says u both talk i have to study
Mantu and amaya staring at each other

Precap: mantu brings amaya close to her and asks did u really come for chikhlu
Amu: no stupid i came for u
They hug

Credit to: Sanika

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  1. Waiting for next nyc 1

    1. It will come by tom morning

  2. Nice one.. If this was the story line of real tsm its trp wud never have fallen and tsm need not go off air.. Waiting for Manya romance sequence… Loved Manyaaa scenes

    1. Thx shree

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