Manya alive in my heart (Episode 1)


So hi guys i am continuing manya’s story from where amu went to marry rama
Amu: i have to do this
Rama: (thinking) i hope i will keep rachitaji happy
Scene 2
Mantu overhears sumitra saying that amaya is a fool and can do any sacrifice for her family like right now she is doing by marrying
Mantu: i have to stop amaya!!!
Scene 3
At the mandap
Amaya : crying and remembering time spent with mantu
Mantu: this marriage cannot happen

Then mantu goes to amaya and shows everyone that its not rachu its amu
Amaya: mantu wat r u doing let me do wat i want to
Mantu: (to amaya) u dont need to do anything under pressure
Mantu : (to everyone) its not amaya’s fault she’s doing this all under the pressure of sumitra
Amaya: ( teary eyes) mantu y r u doing all this
Mantu: because i love u amaya
He shouts that i love amaya and i want to marry her (facing amaya) i know u love me too
Amu: y…ye… No i dont (wiping her tears)
Mantu: (keeps amaya’s hand on his head) meri
kasam kha kar kaho
Amu: its true that i love u
Everyone smile
Amu: but…..
Mantu : but wat amaya
Amu: i have to marry rama for the sake of my family
Mantu: but y
Everyone force amaya to say
Amaya: (finally speaking) because rachi di is not rishi’s real daughter
Everyone shocked and sneha’s eyes teary
Rachita:( wakes up and says) wat r u saying amu ( still in fainting state)
Sneha: thats true rachu
All the guests leave

Sumitra: i cannot let my son marry an illegimiate child
Sneha:( pleading) pls its about my daughter’s future
Rama: i love rachitaji pls maa let me marry her

Sumitra: ok but on one condition
Rachita: aunty tell i will fulfill ur condition
Sumitra: u will also earn money but not by working in the shop
Rachita: then how
Sumitra: that u have to think
Everyone is shocked
Rachita agrees
Rama: but rachitaji….
Rachita: its ok rama as u r with me
Rama and rachita marriage starts
Amu and mantu smile at each other while throwing flowers
Amu goes close to where mantu is standing
Amu: kya baat hai mere hero….meri shaadi rokdi
Mantu: tumhari shaadi kisi aur se kaise hone deta
Amaya: u know vaise bhi ye shaadi ka lehenge bahut tight tha…. I think i am gaining weight. U tell???
Mantu: oh yes u r…..
Amaya: wat i am gaining weight…. How rude mantu i hate u
Mantu: never say this again cause we both love each other
They share an eyelock

Suddenly jazz comes in between and takes amaya with her….mantu tries to stop but fails
Jazzz: amu in ur love u’ve forgotten ur sisters…y dint u tell us that u love mantu
Amu: shut up jazz u spoiled the moment
Jazz: oh really
Jazz begins to argue
Amu: acha baba i am sorry …. Love u jazz
Jazzz: i know u r going to mantu…. Bii
Amu: where is this idiot mantu now???
She shouts mantu’s name
And suddenly someone appears with flowers infront of his face and tries to tease amu
Amu: leave my hand or else….

Unknown: or else wat…
Amu: i will slap u
Amu is about to slap but mantu shows his face
Amu: where were u i was finding u na
Mantu: u dont need to find me i am always in ur heart
Amu: come lets congratualate rachi di and rama jiju
Mantu: congrats rama
Rama and mantu hug rachita and amu hug
Rama: tum dono ki shaadi ka plan kab hai
Mantu amaya see each other

Precap: amaya comes infront of mantu’s door and is confused wat to say suddenly when she’s about to go mantu opens the door and sees her

Credit to: Sanika

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