how many shades u have swara (part 6)


Hii..guysss…u hope u all liked my ff…here we go

Recap:swasan dance…

Swara reaches her house…and opened her mouth in shock
The whole place were filled many gifts…choclate..and all…moreover…her colony people were also present…she looks at her baba…and runs towRds him…hugs him and call him babaa…
Shekhr:after these years u called me babaa. ..u knw hiw much happy im….I knw u thought that I dont like yr relatives…that y naa. ..they never get inside this house…so I thought to change that..u no shanaa…even I and mishti came frm badi…
By hearing that name swara s eyes were filled with tears..
All enjoy frm there…all busy eating pranking ana all…even shekar was enjoying. ..
Next mrng
Swara went for jogging…she saw sanskar….
She goes near him…
Swara :hello mr high class…
Sanskar:what the hell u want ms low class
Swara:I think u r in some tension
Sanskar(in mind) how can she understand that
Swara:its magic…
Swara:just knw u asked knw how can in understand…thats it
Sanskar:will u go frm here
Swara:this is public property…not urs
Sanskar was fuming in anger
:what the hell…just go out my sight…

By saying he grabs her hand and push her down…she fall there….
Sanskar was still in anger:and one more thing…never try to act as childishly infrnt of mee…understand. …smart is good bt dont be oversmart….
saying he leaves frm there
An unknown tear comes into her eyez
Swara:y shld I waste my tears for tht highcls
She too left frm there…
She reaches her houses and wishes her baba….
Shekar:I wish I could introduce swara as my daughter to the whole world. ..mishti as u said…look our daughter grown up…u knw today or tomorrow I will be know as swaras father instead if mr gadodia…Im sure ur happy…
Swara:hiw dare that high class…I wont leave him…ehh wait wait. ..why shuld I think about him….swaraaa concentrate on ur work..she started to do something on laptop…
Sanskar calls someone
Called one:hello
Sanskar : hello ms gadodia…
Ragini:anything important mr maheswary
Sanskar:can u sent that papers….I think I ve nt sign in it
Ragini:no problem…I’ll get that…
Sanskar:then be in our homa at sharp 10.00
Ragini : okk fine. ..
She hangs up…

Swara also gets a call..then she go to freshen and comes back. ..she directly goes to maheswary mansion…
Swara is wearing a peach colour long top with golden colour embroidery. .
She enters inside….
Meanwhile she noticed that temple lamb is going to flame she quickly keeps her hand either side…just then ap and sujatha comes there….
Swara:sorry aunty….I entered without ur permission. .
Ap:its okay beti
Sujatha:what we will do now jiji
Swara:kya hua aunty
Ap: according to our tradition, the one who first enters the temple must do the aarti
Swara:im so sorry aunty. .I dont knw about it
Ap:what will we do now
Suddenly swara starts to sing bajan….
She does the arthi and gives prasad to thm….at that time sanskar cameShe gives prasad to him too..
He takes that and their hand touches…a small eye lock…
Sanskar:what u want ms lowclass
Swara:u only said naaa
Swara:I mean. ..the file…
Sanskar:haa…come…let me sign
She gives the file…he signs it and give it back…

He notices her hand…and gets thinking…
She was about to leave when ap and sujatha stopped her
Sujatha:swara..can u spend some time with us
Ap:if u have any problem..then no need
Swara:no aunty…I can
They spend time there..
Swara:aunty I will take a leave
Ap:dont be so formal swara..y cant u call us maa
Swara:no aunty..I cant..because I cant give my maa place to anyone else….im so sorry
Hearing that their smile fade away….
Swara moves away…
She turns back….
Swara:bt anuty I can call u two…badi maa and chotti maa…
They were over happy…
They goes and hugs her…

Swara:what is this…both are crying…now I can leave naa
She leaves frm there…
She goes to her house…and goes to het room…she touches a switch. ..
Sound:meri shonaaa…u knw at birth we have only one mother and when we move towards over future…we will get another maa too…u knw, they may tease us, scold and care morethan anything and will always stand for us in all circumstances…
She listens to that and goes to badi….
She see rithik lost in thoughts
Swara:rithik kya hua…
Rithik:cutie. .I think im in love
..whose that…say naaa
Swara stands there in shock

Precap:maheswary comes toTo badi…what are they upto…..

So cintinue reading…enjoy

Credit to: salluzz

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  1. so nyc…. upload it next part today

  2. Awesome yre awesome in very short time this ff has become my fav
    u know wat i always keep other ff aside and read ur ff
    And yaa now a days peoples love only money or face means they claim that they love u but no they love only ur face
    i want u to give msg don’t love face or money but love their emotions love their crazyness .
    sry if i hurt u

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  10. I think that Ragini called swara and asked her to give the files to Sanskar because maybe she is out of town or somethng like that because Salluzz never mentioned Ragini in Gadodia mansion, she maybe is handling a business in some other country or state and is dealing with Sanskars company… Only my suggestion…

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