how many shades u have swara (part 2)


Thanks for ur comments…and one more thing its completely swasan ff…

Recap:swara as dr…sanskar drags swara

Scece 1
Gadodia hospital
After sometimes swara comes outside
Sanskar:is he fine
Swara :yea..he is perfectly alright…actually I think he got this due to the over use of oily food…so reduce it..
Sanskar is relived

Sanskar:can we meet him
Swara:no…after 2 hour you can meet
Sanskar:u said naa..he is fine..then wat
Swara:look doesnt mean that u can see him right now..he may get infection
Sanskar:if a low class girl like u can get inside..then y cant..
Sanskar:I’ve seen u playing with the Street children…and eating those type of colony food
Swara:stop it mr..who gave u the rights to call my children as colony people…
Sanskar:ur children…woww nice
Swara:mr high class…u may nt understand anything..because u r born with silver spoon…if u want to knw the real life, come to badi…with out sitting in an ac car..and ordering anything…oh baba..y should I waste my time for this high calss people…
She leaves
Ap and sujatha smiles at her dialogue where as sanskar is irked

Swara is sitting in her room. ..suddenly she hears some noise frm outside. ..she peeped otside…now only her head is visible to others…
All maheswary were seated in near by bench..and was surprised by her act…
A small girl came and hand over a chocolate. .bt she didnt take that…and seat in a bench…suddenly many children came there and her chocolate and kulfi…She smiles brightly and started to jumb in joy like a small child…
Maheswary were really impressed by it…specially ap and sujatha….sanskar looks on
At that time shekhar comes there…all wishes him good mrng…swara see himmm…bt doesnt mind him..she was busy eating it
Shekhar sees sanskar
Shekar:sanskar..u here
Sanskar:actually mr gadodia. .dadaji is nt well…
Shekhr:how is he nw…
Sanskar:he is fine..

Sanskar says something to shekar looking at swara…
Days passed…
Dadaji is distarged
Its night…all maheswary were walking since their car get punctured. ..
As they move, they see swara taking with many man
Dp:is that arjun…Under world don
Rp:I thnk she is ib trouble
Ap:what are u waiting for plz call plice
Dp was about to call police..when they here laughing sound..all were suprised to see swara laughing and hitting them
Swara:arjun bhai..this is not fair…why u always do this with me….
She pout face

Arjun takes out a choclate abd hand over it to her
Swara takes that and eat it..with in no time
Swara:thanks bhai
Rahul:meri sis…what happend to ur sakhi (frnd)
Swara:actually tire got punjured.. anyways only this much ti problem
Swara notice munna being sad
Swara:what happened munna bai
Munna:ashwathy…she us not even talking with me..whenever I give her anything. .even if its a pen..she wont take that..still now she considerd it as wrong money…
Swara:im there naa…wait I’ll go achu…
She calls achu…and put in speaker
Swara:hii achu..

Achu:hi are u…
Swara:u always said naa…u love ur bhai…bt why are u always understimating him..I accept he walked in wrong now; u no naaa because of them…im standing here..
Achu :I kbw that dii…bt still
Swara:what ever…do u trust me
Achu:more than anything
Swara:he has bought a surprise for u…u will love that…dont disown him..because the money he bought is his hardworking. .so plz
Achu :I kbw dii…frm now I wont show him any hatred…bye dii..take care..
She hang up
Munna eyes are filled with tears
Swara:look bhai…I kbw u must have bought that scooty for achu…tomorrow u must give it…trust me..she will accept it..and u will get ur old sister
All hug…and parted…
Rahul:shall we drop u

Swara:no bhayya…its good to walk…ok bhais take u..
Soon all left
All were heard by maheswary. .they stood in shock
*******end *******
Precap :maheswary understimating swara as servant of gadodias..
Maheswary hunt for a girl as DIL…

Thank you…enjoy reading..dont forget to comment. .

Credit to: salluzz

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