how many shades u have swara (part 18)

Hii guyzz…im very much happy to see ur comments….here is ur 18th part….

Recap:sanskar gets to know about ap drama

Swara is sitting on a park…
Just then arjun comes there
Arjun:shona….what happened to u
Swara:nthg bhai
Arjun:are u telling lie to ur bhai…u were not like this naa…u would react to everthing now what happened with u…y u left sanskar and his family after all they did this much
Swara stands up
swara:no bhai. .it was their circumstances that made them take a decision like that…its all fate and destiny
Arjun:no swara…its all preplanned one…how can u let sanskar win even after he did this much with u and laksh
Swara:im doing this only for laksh…
Saying she moves away…
In maheswary mansion
Sanskar calls everyone
Sanskar:I need to talk an important thing regarding my marriage
Kavitha:no worry sanky…
Sanskar:I will marry only swara
All stands there in shock….
Dp: what are u saying sanskar…have u thought about it
Sanskar:very well….

After much drama everyone said yes where as kavitha and kaveri fumes in anger
Sanskar calls swara
Sanskar:evrything is done. ..all accepted our proposal…
Swara hangs the phone…
Swara to herself:y god y its always me….I knw sanskar u are innocent..just like my lucky…im doing this only for u sanskar…im bounded witj lucky’s promise…I should fullfill his last wish….I couldn’t save u or ragini bt I promise I will fullfill each and every wish that u made….
SheWipes her tears…..
Sanskar somehow manages to talk to shekar…and their wedding was done

On wedding night
Swara is seated on the bed with veil on her head….just then sanskar enters….
Swara comes down
Swara:sansakr…I kne u waited for this day…I promise I will everything to u….bt not now
Sanskar grabed swaras hand
Sanskar:what are u thinking about me.a jocker or a fool..just listens to u and do it…no swara u r wrong….u r my wife officially..and I have full ryts on u….today is our first night naa…lets njoy naaa…
Swara frees he hand..
Swara starts to walk behind
Swara:s..Sanskar..wwwwhat are doing….
Sanskar comes more nearer to her
Now swara hited the wall.and sanskar blocked hrr way with his two hands
Snkar:whee are u going swara..u can’t escape…..
Swara:sanskar just move away…
She pushes him…
Sanskar was fuming in anger and slaps on her face
Swara was shocked by his action….he pulled her hair and throws her on bed…
Swara was crying in pain….
Sanskkar came over swara….she tried to resist wit her hands bt he cluched them with his fingers .and starts to move closer to her…he kisses her coller bone…and was about to take away her pallu..just then he gets a call….
He gets up and attened it…

After some time he hangs it
Sanskar:don’t think that u escaped..its all only because of u..u only said about this marriage u ditched me…
Swara was already shicjed about the recent hapoenings…and closed her eyes in pain…
Sansar goes out…swara quickly changes her dress and comes outside….
She enters a room….and find a photo which was covered with dust..she wiped it off with her hands and then finds a boys picture
Swara smiles seeing that
Swara:laksh…how are u….uknw whats happening here…its all because of me naa. ..tat day if I didnt ask u to go…u would be here naa in this house with cutie and ur daughter….I wish it would had happened…laksh u know. .nthg has changed here..all are same even things didnt get misplaced…only one fault is there..thats ur absence….always smile like this lucky..I promise I would fullfill everything… bearing all just for u three
A tear drop down frm her eyes
She goes in flash back


So guyz sorry for the small updte…then only I can start new episode with only past…so here after its al past..tat happened years this sanskar have no role…its all about swaraglak…their friendship bonding….i hope u enjoyed


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