how many shades u have swara (part 11)


Scene 1
Swara is seen walking on the road….she tries calling arjun bt its switched off
Swara:what happens to arjun bhai…he is not at all picking up my phone. .
Then she tries rahul phone
Swara:bhai…where is arjun
Rahul:swara…don’t worry
.nothing much happened
Swara:it means something
Rahul:look swara…arjun has met with an accident. .its not serious. .just a fracture
Swara:how can u consider it as silly
Rahul:look swara…u directly go to house…tomorrow we can meet
Saying he hangs up….
Rahul is seen standing infrnt of the icu…
Rahul:I know swara…if I said he is serious..u will come here…bt I dint want that…u should be happy always
After sometimes

Nurse comes there
Nurse:he is out off danger…
Rahul thanks the nurse
Nurse:not me…bt swara
Rahul shocked to see swara standing infrnt if them
Swara:how can u do this bhai…frm ur sound I can hear that sonething bad had happened..thats y I called all the hospitals…and at last found
Rahul consols swara
Rahul:dont worry swara…see he is okk naaa…now plz go to ur house…im sure ur baba must be waiting for u…
Swara leaves
Swara is driving her scooty when a car comes infrnt if them….swara stops her scooty…
Swara:dont u have eyes
A man comes out of the car…its sanskar

Sanskar:when a hot beautiful girl like u is standing infrnt…how can I have eyes…
Swara sees him with a disgusting face…
Swara was about to go when Sanskar holds her hand…
Swara:whats the hell nr maheswary
Sanskar:mr maheswary…wow…I thought after the deal u will forget it…
Swara keeps silent
Sanskar:u knw something baby…when I heard ur voice..I have a doubt regarding ur identity…bt there was a small mistake…u know as a dr or a business women…both ur signature are same. ..that day u came with papers…I confirmed it with dadaji consulting sheets..thus I concluded that…u both are same…
Swara:so what
Sanskar:still that pride

Swara:this is not pride…u r cheap psycho…
Sanskar shouts swaraa
Swara:yes nr maheswary. .u knw no brother would do such dirty tricks that too with sister
Sanskar:(fuming in anger ) u said u r perfect
Swara:I didnt say like that…
Sanskar:anyways…my would be wife
Swara:no never…I’ll never marry u
Sanskar:(he claps) breaking promise
Swara:I have no habit of breaking promise
Sanakar:Bt before 2 yrs u have break ur promisr…that too given to ur mther
Swara was shocked to hear that…

Sanskar:dont u remember that pendent….
Swara:how u knw that
Just then swaras phone rings
Its frm hospital
Swara:arjun bhai is okk naa
Caller:he is moved to ward
Swara:thank god
She hangs up
Sanskar:swaraaaa…how can u talk with somebody whn I’m there right in frnt of u…
Swara:I just dint care
Sanskar:u kbwSomething…if somebody dare try to enter ur life..they will have same
Swara:it means u have it
Sanskar:of course swaraa..

Swara holds him by collar
Swara:how can u do this…u want me naaa…I’ll marry u…bt plz spare them…
Sanskar:so fast….
Swara remember about pendent
Swara:whare is my pendent…
Sanskar:he takes something frm pocket…
Here it is…
Swara was so happy that she found it…she was about to take it
Sanskar:no swara…y hurry. ..I promise on our marrige suhraat…I’ll give u…
Saying he went close to her..
Her heart was beating very fastly…
Swara pushes him
SwRa:dont try to touch me
Sanskar:I promise swara…before our marrige I’ll get u for a night…
Swara stands there in shock

Precap:engagement….swara to hide herself frm sanskar…

Im really so sorry for the short update…bt next time I’ll make it some more


Credit to: salluzz

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