how many shade you have swara season 2.

Hi guys .I am very happy .and I want to share this happiness with you i am posting this ff.I can’t be regular but I will try to update it as soon as possible. Guys it will start from where it ended and in my ff swara will be pregnant.

A palace like house is shown where a girl is sleeping peacefully then a boy of 6 year come and say swara mumma swara mumma. (Guys she is none other then swara. )utto nah mamma.girl from sleep woke up with jerk and say what happened aarav (he is arjun son) beta shout kiu kar raheho.he say uto muje park jana hay she okay first I will freshen up and then will com down and we will go to park ok.aarav sy ok.she then go to washroom and then come wearing her jacket (in her gangster avtar??)she then go down and there she saw a girl cleaning table.she hug her and say laado fir suru cleaning. (She is ragini.)she is wearing Saree of pitch color.then a boy com and he say haha or kiya atahay isse. Ragini say laksh …and Chase him. Swara giggle.

In a house all people ar sitting and talking. The house look very dull it has lost its charm .there in a room a boy was sitting lost in his thoughts then a lady come and say sanskar beta…. (yes he is none other then sanskar )he come out of thought. Sanskar is know not the earlier sanskar who used to laugh he is now the young business tycoon of India.then a boy come calling him papa..he say papa park pay cale sanskar just node…. (Guys he is pari and adarsh son agam. )sanskar take agam to park and swara take aarav …swasan both were in same park swasan were feeling restless….

The screen freeze on there face.

Guys want to write a romantic os of swasan .plz say will write or not

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  1. Jenisha

    I am happy that you are back…. You can write OS I m with you…. This a lovely,cut but a small epi……

    1. Aksa

      Thanks jenisha

  2. Lucky

    wow welcome back!!! but promise me this time u will unite swasan plzzzzz

    1. Aksa

      I promise .Thanks

  3. Plz continue. Post asap n post OS also na

    1. Aksa

      Thanks. I have post an os u can check.

  4. Lucky

    one doubt: how can swara become pregnant? bcz if i still remeber the story swasan didn’t consummate their marriage…
    eagerly waiting for next part 🙂

    1. Aksa

      Lucky wait for next part u will get to know ?

      1. Lucky

        ok thank u 🙂

  5. Plz write we are waiting

  6. awesowe yaar.but plzz keep swara strong. She should not forgive sanskar so easily yaar.keep love triangle.introduce any new character yaar.

    1. Aksa

      I will introduce a new entry in stay tunned

  7. Aahna


    1. Aksa

      Thanks aahana

  8. Nice….

    1. Aksa

      Thanks soujanya

  9. Purvi

    Welcome back…… Continue soon…..

    1. Aksa

      Thanks purvi

  10. Aami

    hlw aksa….. nyz start….. i read ur first seson n lvd it so wytng for nxt

    1. Aksa

      Thanks aami

  11. good.i would like if swasan become one in this with a love story.

    1. Aksa

      I will try.

  12. Nice…conyinue

    1. Aksa

      Thanks aysha

  13. Wow welcome back dr
    Write the os u want to write

    1. Aksa

      I have post it and its name is swasan first night os.u can check

  14. u r not saluzz????its awesome….

    1. Aksa

      Yah .Thanks

  15. Amazing

  16. Neera

    Welcome back dear 🙂

    1. Aksa

      Thanks maryum

  17. nice continue soon.. who is the child… its nt swasan child na? so whio is he/ continue soon

    1. Aksa

      Thanks. Wait for next episode

  18. hey,aksa,i saw ur couldnt resist my curiosity.
    is it u on the dp????i mean soooo young??

    1. Aksa

      It’s not me she is my younger sister ??

  19. Abdul hafiz(uma).


    1. Aksa

      Thanks uma

  20. Welcm back sissy wid bang…lovly episode

    1. Aksa

      Thanks my lil sissy .devyarani

    1. Aksa

      Thanks aanya

  21. Nice.update soon

    1. Aksa

      Thanks. Tani

    1. Aksa

      Thanks s

  22. Nice update………but how swara be pregnant. ………….plz post next part soon. ………

    1. Aksa

      Thanks wait for next part

  23. Nice continue.. N pls post OS…

  24. Kritika

    Wow wow wow salluzz I’m very happy u are back.
    Post soon…loved it to d core

    1. Divya shankar

      Nice pic chotu…update in fb also

      1. Kritika

        Thanks divya di! I will upload soon! ??

  25. Divya shankar

    Ya 12 year small cutie u hv 3 names ah last season u ended quickly but pls dis season try to end properly…then about romantic os ur wish sweetie

  26. Nice start. But pls keep cont. and update as soon as possible

  27. Welcome back dear….Awesome part… Write the OS

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