how many shade you have swara season 2 Episode 1


Hi guys very happy with all of ur response. And some of u have doute about swara’s pregnancy. I will clear it soon .and for that u have to support me.


Sanskar come with agam and he was very restless .swara was also restless .she don’t know why.swara suddenly see sanskar and see run from there with aarav .she goes to house and lock her self .she recall her past and she recall her moment with sanskar .she then keep her hand on her womb and say don’t even now about u baby .she then lay down and recall how sanskar and she consume there marriage .flashback:

It was a raining swara was going by murdering a man .she see sanskar in road walking in road like lifeless body .he is murmuring sry swara sry.then a car was about to hit him but swara save him .swara understand that he is drunk .so she take him to her house .no one no it was her was an isolated house.swara make him lay on bed and she was about to go sanskar hold her and she fall on his chest sanskar kiss her and she also reciprocate. (Guys u know that swara love sanskar )they got intimate .sanskar woke up and find swara in his arm she was smiling in sleep.he remember last night and smile. Swara woke up and she the surrounding see remember last night and smile. Then she go and make nimbu pani for him.but don’t find him .she got disappointe she goes from their .after some days swara see sanskar with another girl see thought he move on .and she left the country.and see come to know that she is pregnant. She come to ragini and laksh and start to live with them. Fb end..

Swara was crying badly she then fell pain in her belly she shout ragini…..laksh…then laksh come running. She faint laksh call ragini and take her to hospital. Sanskar was also in hospital with his mom ap .he see laksh and run to him he then see swara he broke down .he then see swara’s belly is raise up a little as she is 6month pregnant .he remember his and swara’s intimacy.

The screen freezeon sanskar face.

1.swara should forgive him or not. you want new character?

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  1. Swara should forgive him bcoz we all know ki sanskar has changed n lives Swara a lot. Waiting for next asap

  2. Really sanskar moved on or swara misunderstood him

  3. Lucky

    No new character plzzz!!! want swasan nok-jok!!! and don’t make us hate him dear… nice update

  4. Jiya

    I want a new character in swara’s life like karan wahi

  5. Purvi

    Superb…… Continue soon……

  6. Deeksha

    Gud one…..

  7. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Awsm.Option 1 is better. After all,sanky is regretting now.Do as you wish.

  8. swara should forgive sanskar and give one chance to sanskar.

  9. if sanskar is repending thén swara should Forget Him…. but not so easily

  10. Serena

    Yaar do whatever u want coz we know that u will do bang…n today’s chapter was amazing..

  11. I want swasan together for their baby yarr

  12. She should not forgive him immediately but no need of any new character and no more any twist pls aksa . may be write has he should know about pregnancy and him convincing swara slowly and the another girl should be his sister pls no more new twist don’t separate them .

  13. Swara should forgive Sanskaar but not easily

  14. new character then sanskar’s jealousy then after sometime swara forgives him
    maybe u could do that just a recommendation

  15. nice. after some struggle she must forgive him

  16. How can u ryt this…after all how many shades u have was my ff…and I was planning season 2….bt whats this…

    1. Aksa

      Sorry but it was my favorite ff so thought to write if u want I can stop writing this ff u can start it again? sorry

      1. Asmitha

        yes Aksa this is her FF how can you write without her permission?

    2. Kritika

      Haww! U were planning it? Salluzz..I want u to write season 2! Coz srsly pregnancy won’t suit swara’s character..but anyways it’s awsm..sorry but salluzz should have wrote it

  17. hope soon there mu clear and unite them and show his care for her as nw he loves her… hope she frgive him also.. want to see some nokh-jokh between them..

  18. Plzzz no new character…. make swara forgive sanskar…

  19. Its not fair… can anyone ryt the continuation of the ff which was return by another person

  20. Abirsha

    Want swasan

  21. Soujanya

    Swara should forgive sanskar…. Epi is awesome

  22. Sumeeta

    Nice .but no new character plz

  23. Swara should forgive him ?….I want Swasan ? Plzzzzz don’t separate them yaar in ur ff plzzzzz it’s a humble request ?…….I just want my Swasan no other character………Awsome epi?…..lvd it ?……plzzzzzz upload soon next part ……aur Han don’t even dare to separate my Swasan ???…………

  24. She should forgive him


  25. ohh!!!ur dp is fuuuull of cuteness…
    but whenever i thought that i m talking to such a lil child,i feel terrified???

  26. Jwala

    i too had a confusion.. it is written by saluzz. so you can’t write its second part without her permission.. you can write another ff with other plot.. I’m sorry to say but it is not right.. only saluzz have the right to wrote its second part.. you don’t continue this..

  27. new charactr

  28. Jenisha

    I think swara should forgive him …. Plz make him jealous so that he can realize his love for her…… If you are giving a new character plz tame barun sobti….plz…..??

  29. aksa…its kk…..if u want..u can continue…actually I prepared season 2, and when I found my ff name, I bursted out….im really so sorry……if it hurts…and I promise, I dont have any problems with u by writing this ff….if u want u continue plz……and I will start with another name….no problem for me…and thanks to all who remembered my ff…love u guyz

    1. Kritika

      Just change the title a little. Bit when u instead of season 2 write s02..but plzzzzzzz write

  30. I think she should give one chance to sanskar,not coz he love her. its coz she love him.. I want swara to remain happy

  31. new character

  32. Awesome dear… No need of new character

  33. No new chracter awsome

  34. Asmitha

    pleasecontine writing and for such a small age pls don’t spoil yourself writing all such bad scenes am just advising yyou.

  35. Janviiivyas

    First sanskaar should convince her and than she should forgive

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