Author note ; I don’t wanna waste time and energy, so I’m not giving any details about Raglak wedding …practically you ppl may have a doubt that Shekhar is so intelligent … how can Sanskar fool him easily …

Shekhar trusts Sansakr a lot so his love can overcome doubt …
nextly focus on swasan this story is some what different twisting and don’t worry as always I will show only possible things …. upcoming track will be somewhat hard but trust me you will like it … so do have patience guys

come on Read… this update as a sample for hardness … then you will understand what I mean

happy reading ?

Mitra mansion, raglak wedding evg

it’s damn beautiful and decorated with bright lighting on the occasion of Raglak marriage …?

Everyone is floating with loads of happiness ?

especially 4 Raglak as they getting happily married with their love with family support

and 3rd is Sanskar he is happy bcoz after this marriage he can get Swara forever ..and ever

4th Swara she is happy bcoz rags are happy now rags life is secured but she forgot a fact that she gave up herself to selfish vamp …

as the mansion is full of guests and lots of smiles
Raglak are doing their wedding vows .. finally they had completed half marriage means the distance btw Swara and Sanskar is only half

Swara is lost in talking with her cousins and Kushi some one pulled her while holding her wrist
Swara faced aside with a jerk …

“how are you princess … ” a boy smirked

“awww…pavan she hugged him with excitement ”

“Arey kiddo your spoiling my suit ..” he said with wink

“Acha… for whom you got ready … handsome ” she said teasingly

“secret … will show later Wese you’re looking hot ” he whispered with a smirk

“Oh shut up Bhai … stop buttering me “she said while shoving up her hand

” shh don’t call me Bhai now… Plz let’s make these girls jealous ” he whispered to her

” Acha planning a fight with your love with a prank, ” she said teasingly ??

“oh no, I Madam serious! You know you are looking so hot today .. you only making the temperature of this room to be high” he said with a smirk

” shut up Pavan we are in marriage beta so hold words ” she warned

” No, seriously you are the most beautiful girl I have ever come through she just blushed a bit and was about to leave But he stopped by saying he removed a rose from his pocket and extended toward to her)” a beautiful red rose for a beautiful princess ”

Swara grabbed the rose while blushing… ” haha if u have done I had my work idiot ” she tabbed his shoulder playfully and left the place to attend phone

But some one burning in rage seeing the sight
it was none other than Sanskar
who was fuming to witnessed all this his eyes turned into deep red and his jaws get stiffened with anger … he was just pressing the force … over his glass making the glass the broke into several pieces and the glass bricks over his palm … making it blood in no time but it doesn’t affect him no he was losing his temper he was now furious if looks would have killed …… that Pavan will be turned into a dead body by now his jaw get clenched and his eyes were shooting fire!!

her phone started beeping she received the call
“hello !! ( pause”
” Yeah, I can’t hear you!! hello ( pause ) hold on one minute “(she started moving toward the exit … she went out of the avenue toward the parking lot while saying ” hello …

Swara is busy in a ph call after attending call she turned to leave back but she finds Sanskar standing in front of her while blocking her way … Swara tried to ignore him and was about to walk pass by whereas the ignorance raised his anger more … as she tried to move but Sanskar again came and again stood blocking her way …… while Swara just look at him

“excuse me, ” she said formally while tried to pass by her but indeed she increased his anger while adding the fuel in it … while at this time Swara tried to move
Sanskar held her wrist and just pinned her against the wall Swara was shocked by the sudden movement ..Sanskar pinned her against it while turning her hand on her back making her hissed in pain while placing his one palm over the side of wall and Swara keep on staring into his eyes which were throwing daggers through it …

Leave me someone will come ” she struggled under his grip but his gripped became tighter on her she flinched as he pressed himself more on her …

” No way ..” He said in dangerous tone she can sense that he is full on angry but she doesn’t know reason …she knows well that it’s a time to escape

” leave me or else I will scream ..” she yelled ?

“then shout scream I don’t care!! “he said in husky dangerous voice

“leave me” Swara yelled struggled under his grip but he gripped became tighter on her

Swara flinched as he pressed himself more on her … ) I said leave me you stupid vamp .. I will shout!!

“leave me !! otherwise, I will scream!!”

“no baby !! not today !! I have made you understand you nicely but you won’t understand !! so now be ready for the consequences …” he yelled while dragging her towards his car

” What I did leave me …” She crying in fear

” don’t you know don’t you … Know ” he yelled from top of his voice while pushing her on the car Bonner

” Nothing I did … ” she answered while getting up

” Oh you got the courage to overcome me ..I said you …not to talk with him..” He yelled in angry

” When you told ..” She choked innocently …

But he is not in his sense ..jealous overcomes everything now …I will say now … ” he yelled while crashing her on the car

…”leave me’s hurting ” She sobbed in fear tears flowing down in fear
His eyes were blood shot red his nerves boiling in anger he was in his full rage didn’t have any sense of right and wrong
” Enough !! ” he yelled

she closed her eyes tight in fear

Sanskar instantly leave his grip from wrist and then look at her and then lending toward her he sucks the tear drop from her ..eyes and while he sucked the spot until it turned red!! And then pulling back and cupped her cheeks

I said you not to provoke my anger..” He said in dangerous tone

She lost her Patience today he is doing so much without her mistake

” wt the hell I did now …At least do u know what you’re hurting me these much …”

“Why the hell your talking with that Pavan …. “he yelled in angry

“He is my cousin .. so what, ” she asked

‘i don’ like it … stay away from him” he warned which made her angry

“he is my cousin …we are close since childhood I can’t change my life for you … it’s none of ur business ” she yelled while pushing him away

ur provoking my angry just do what I say or else.. ” he said in a dangerous tone

‘or else what … u should involve only in ur matters mr. “she said

“ur warning me … come I will show you … “he yelled while
he held her by her wrist and drag her toward the car … and opened the passenger sit ..and throw her inside it .. and then closed the door and moved toward his side …. and opened the driver sit and get inside .. he gets inside the car and find her trying to open the door she tried to opened the door but soon he held her wrist and leaned and locked the door
” tied the seat belt ..”
she didn’t say anything he lends and tied the seat belt and started the engine and drove off

“no Sansakr plz not again … plz stop the car ” she pleaded

“You wanna know my true face ..I will show trailer today don’t worry I will not harm you thIs time, “he said while driving

He drove a distance then he drove towards a street.

He stopped on road

” baby do you know that person, ” he asked her while gesturing a guy walking on road

She nodded no …

” ho I know my Jaan is so innocent she never turns her head from books but you know Jaan..this world is so cruel always eyes others things … He is ur fan … He followed you from 2yrs but you never found it ” he said in dangerous tone …

” what… Sanskar plz it’s a misunderstanding nothing so ” she said to calm him

” baby I trust more… ur more beautiful so all eyes are falling on you ..its ok leave it …

Let’s go home ..’ He said in calm tone she took a breath

He started the car and drove towards the guy… She expected that he is driving back to home but wrong estimation …

As they were about to cross him … He turned the streeling to his left side ….. car front half had hitted the guy he got severely injured …fell on road with a force

” Sanskar… She yelled in shock ???

” cool baby he is alive only but he can’t walk for 2months …” He said with a winning smirk while driving away ??

” are u mad … Why ur hurting him… Plz take him to hospital …. ” she pledged him in tears ?

” Nah…. He should bear pain … He did a mistake by eying my property ” he said in dangerous tone …?

” plz Sanskar he will die …plz it’s past but now ..I’m marrying you … I will marry you saachi Plz don’t harm others, please … Save him” she pleaded helplessly

” Shuu… Don’t cry Jaan .. This is a trailer… If you be close with other men even it’s ur cousin or frnd …. this will be the circumstance so never try to cross my word’s …” He warned in dangerous tone

” ha… I will not do… Please I will do anything but plz save him… ” she pleaded ?

” OK … I will call ambulance still then let him enjoy this pain… Only pain can make ppl learn ??” he said with an evil tone …

He dialed ambulance and drove back to home …

(he indirectly gave a hint that…. he will do same with her family too if she changes word ….is it a obsession or fear of losing her .. Orelse he is expecting fear or pain …

” Only pain can make ppl learn” wt is the meaning of it… ?

*************TO BE CONTINUED *****

precap; one more deadly night for Swara on road sanskar ego ???

update will be tomorrow i.e depends on ur interest??

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