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Both lost in their world they are sleeping peacefully in each other embrace

It’s been 2hrs of long phone call Ragini came back to the living room

She has seen Shekhar and Rp who are lost in watching something
Rags cane towards them and shocked to see Swasan sleeping while hugging each other

” Swara … ‘ rags yelled to wake her up but no use they are in deep sleep

” Swara wake up ” rags yelled in fear

” di Plz let me sleep ” she snored in sleep while cuddling on his shoulder

” stupid get up first ” rags yelled while pulling her wrist

Swasan wake up with rags screams

” what now Di ” Swara yelled while rubbing her eyes

Sanskar eyes fell on Shehkar and Rp who are standing few steps afar ..he got up with a jerk soon Swara realized the same fact ??

D… D..da… ” she ran back and hidden behind Sanskar in fear while shutting her eyes tight

” uncle nothing like that actually we are talking accidentally we fallen asleep, ” he said in calm tone

” Acha we believed “?rags poked with a wink ?

” it’s true only, ” he said while eying rags in angry ?

” I think you both are unable to sleep alone, don’t worry after rags marriage we will do urs still then you both should adjust, ” Shekhar said with a smile ?

Sanskar blushed ???… Rags is shocked to see him blushing where as Swara is still hidden in his back by clutching his shirt in fear

” Swara come front ” Rp uttered in calm tone

Sanskar moved aside and held her hand and tried to move her forward but she is still behind him

Shekhar moved towards Swara

” I’m not angry at you Swara …it’s OK.. open your eyes, ” Shekhar said with a smile

Swara opened her eyes half

” go sleep in your room it’s already late you can talk tomorrow, ” Shekhar said causally Swara took a breath

” good night Sanskar …”

” good night uncle good night dad ” Sanskar wished they are about to leave then
Shekhar stopped for a while

” Swara I think you got the thing what you’re searching, ” he asked with a smile Swara gave a confused look towards him

” don’t get confessed ..and Swara .’ every love will not have a confession, ” Shekhar said before leaving to his room

Swara understood what he means ..Shekhar means that Sanskar is really loving her it I think no….
What about you guys is it so? ???

Swasan and rags are left alone
Swara hit him on his shoulder in angry
” u stupid vamp I said you that we are in living room ” she yelled while hitting him again

” I thought only a romantic hug did I asked you to sleep ” he yelled while defending himself

” or all bcoz of you only ” she yelled in frustration

” Stop both of you why are u fighting like kids in kinder garden ” rags yelled

” see what have they thought chi ” she snuggled while sitting down on couch

” Nothing even they did all the things in our age and BTW it’s a small matter they will not react anything even I show them this also ” Sanskar choked while grabbing his pH from his pocket

” what is that ‘ Swara asked innocently
He opened his gallery and showed her selfies of his Bday night in car ??

” you stupid beast … ..gorilla ..anaconda you’re gone ” she yelled while grabbing his pH but before that Sanskar ran away with his pH

” what is that show me too ” rags yelled

” no way di plz nothing ” Swara yelled while chasing Sanskar

Finally, rags held Sanskar but Swara grabbed pH but Sanskar yelled to stop but Swara hasn’t listened she reached the end
Swara is on edge of balcony on the first floor she stretched her hand out …

” don’t come near or else I will drop your pH in this swimming pool like once I have thrown ur pen drive ” she warned him

” Acha … You know circumstances of this mischievous act’s he warned with a smirk? while moving close

” Saach I will Leave ur pH ” she warned while sticking herself to the wall…

” give me or else u will regard later ” he snuggled while pinning her to the wall in fear Swara left grip on pH it directly fell inside the swimming pool which is full of water while passing down underwater …

” Sanskar started in shock …

Swara pushed him back in fear ”

Sachi it’s accidental you only made it ” she said h scared expression

“I will say you later “he warned before jumping down from the balcony
yes he jumped from the first floor (from a height of 15feet ) and started diving in the pool in a fraction of seconds even without having second thought which shocked Swararigni

“Is he mad come Swara lets check run ” rags yelled while rushing down

poolside night 1 am,
Sanskar is searching his phone in darkness while diving deep into the pool he is unable to find it

Sanskar are you mad come out “Swara yelled from the edge of pool

Sanskar is busy in searching his ph

“Sanskar we can buy new one Plz come out “rags yelled

Sanskar came out from water

“I’m unable to find but I want it anyhow rags dial my num if it’s not dead it will ring we can find it do fast ( it’s waterproof ” he choked while breathing heavy

rags dialed his number he dived into the water to search it …

“Shall I help you “Swara yelled she is jumped into the pool without thinking

Sanskar got hold of her in seconds

“do you know swimming “he questioned in angry

she nodded no in his arms

“haha then why you jumped ..” he asked

“I thought to help you, ” she said innocently

“help! now who is helping you ” he asked with a smirk

she did not answer he placed her on edge of pool hold it I will come in a mint …and remember if you want to help someone first think about yourself “he said before diving back into the pool

after 1hr complete search, he found his ph he divied back towards Swara

he placed her out of the pool and lied beside her on the edge of the pool while hanging his legs in water due to tiredness

rags got towels for them

“why can’t you leave it Sanskar you have a can buy new one ” rags questioned

“haha I can buy a new one but it can’t be the first one ..I have so many memories in this ph this is my fav phone if I like something I will never let them go …either it’s things or ppl, “he said while checking his phone

“I’m sorry, “Swara said

Sanskar stared at her is it angry or what

“Swara crawled back in fear

” don’t worry it’s ok I got my phone it’s ok Jaan, ” he said with a smile

Swara was shocked with his sudden change she expected he will break her legs

“and kiddo first think.. about yourself then plan a rescue for other ..and I hate me then why you thought to save me …
I think something had started ” he murmured with a smirk

“Nothing I’m not vampire like you .. I was human so I can’t let others die, ” she said while getting up

“ok let’s go…. first you both change your dress’s ‘rags said

all of them marched towards their rooms

Swara is following rags Sanskar is following Swara

suddenly Sanskar pulled Swara to aside

“I really left you ..bcoz I don’t wanna see your tears but next time doesn’t try to repeat this same mistake … “he warned in dangerous tone
Swara gulped silently .. “sorry she murmured with pout face

“ok go Jaan and you look s*xier in this wet clothes after marriage I will help you learn swimming, ” he said with a smirk

“why swimming? ” she questioned

“Then we can romance in water so., ” he said. While kissing her forehead. .. ?

” can I go ” she murmured.

“no one second his moved his hand towards her waist and he pressed her stomach with his palm ..she spitted out water on him

“you have mineral water in home so why you drink pool water ok, “he said with a silly smile

she nodded like an obedient kid

” haha now you can go, baby … ” he smirked while leaving his grip on her wrist she ran away

Next day

Laksh family. Arrived in mansion
Both the families had formal talks and decided. To get them married.

Swara is in office finally family decided to make it their engagement.on very next day

Swara came back from office

She saw lucky in living room

” lucky” Swara yelled in excitement which made all shock
As per family Laksh is new person then how Swara knows him

Sanskar blocked Swara while holding his wrist

” he is ur jiju forget lucky Plz “he whispered to her

What. Say again ” she questioned

” idiot he is Laksh Mehra call him as Laksh only not lucky you’re meeting him for the first Time OK ” he confirmed her

She nodded yes

But left towards Laksh and his family

” Laksh Mehra so my future jiju ..nice to meet you ” she whispered with a smile

Shekhar came towards them …” She is my daughter Swara as we are busy in this event so she is handling all our businesses now ” Shekhar introduced her

All of them had formal talk both the families are merged they finalized dates of engagement and marriage

Dining hall, night 8.30 pm

All got settled to have dinner all together

It’s a rectangular table Swasan and Raglak got settled in one row while facing their respective parents
Sreekhar and Rp got settled on either side

( Swara is in BTW lucky and Sanskar )

” Swara u have a super intelligent finance ..u both are made for each other ” lucky whispered in Swara ear while having dinner

Swara gave an angry look

” why bcoz he Meade ur marriage right ” she whispered in disbelief

Yes may be but he is intelligent it’s true ” lucky complimented …
Swara said with e a fake smile .. ” good your happy na very good ”

” intelligent my foot always planning to cheat other’s nor to hurt others disgusting vamp ” she murmured herself Sanskar heard it too ”

” Baby it’s not cheating it’s a plan my plan is not hurting others so it’s not cheating and you kiddish brain has any best idea than this…
I think no .just stop thinking ethics and be selfish at least you will grow ” he snuggled in her ears

Swara got angry she bitted his leg with a force it hurt him badly he bounced his spoon on the floor
Everyone focus diverted towards Sanskar

Sanskar exchanged a look with Swara

” I’m sorry accidentally ” he apologized

” it’s OK have another spoon, ” Shekhar said while passing another spoon

Sanskar took the new spoon and he silently placed the new spoon in Swara Jean pocket
Which is unnoticed by Swara

Swara is very lazy in food she is drawing alphabets in the plate with her spoon soon Sanskar

In fraction of seconds, sanskar grabbed Swara spoon
Swara widened her eyes in shock
He winked at her ?and started eating with her spoon

” Are you mad give my spoon ” she murmured in angry

” No baby its tasty ” he whimpered while licking her spoon

Her angry is overloaded now she forgot about her surrounding s and spanked his shoulder hard

The whole family focused towards Swara by sudden sound

Both Swasan leaned their heads on their palate

He controlled his laugh and started eating where as Swara grabbed glass of water

” Swara baby where is ur spoon ” rags yelled with a smirk she guessed matter ?

” fell down, ” she said while glaring Sanskar

” It’s about Sanskar but I’m asking about your spoon ” she smirked while eying Sanskar

” won I ate my spoon, ” she said while standing

” what you ate spoon I think I should do surgery to get spoon out, ” rags said teasingly

oh hello silver is good for health so I ate it “Swara gave silly answer everyone laughed aloud

“Oh you ate once show us live demonstration plz and one more question haven’t even completed ur food but you ate spoon so plz one show us by eating your plate is also 100% silver, “Ragini asked with a wink

Swara’s jaws dropped soon Sumi noticed spoon in Swara pocket

“I think that silver spoon is been eaten by Swara jeans, “Sumi said

everyone burst in laughter Swara grabbed the spoon from her pocket she is shocked

she hit the spoon on Sanskar he winked at her she ran away in embarrassment

screen freezed on happy the happy families of Mitra’s ~ Maheshwari’s ~mehra family

~~~~~~~to be continued ~~~~~~~~~~~

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