Mannat Ya Phir Mohabbat ? Part-32 by Bhanu


They got ready after completing their breakfast they drove back to Mitra mansion…
as he planned before ..he said, Shekhar, that ..they left on important work related to Sanskar new firm… so no one can get a doubt of this unless Swara speaks out …

he stopped the car in front of the mansion …

she held the door in order to get out… but He locked car doors bcoz she should listen to him before

“I will let u run now but shouldn’t say anything to anyone… and if in case my dad asks anything you should say … ur happy with me…
and you should be good with me in front of all.. if u do something wrong this time remember ..I will not leave you…I think u had seen enough in this 2nights.. be a good girl Jaan … I will never hurt you or anyone.. just do what I say me…I will gift anything you want… even ur sister ok… ” he said her in a confident tone…
she nodded yes… and gave a pleasing look …
he unlocked the car… she ran inside the just seconds.. she disappeared ??? he followed her

as soon as she rushed towards Sumi and hugged her “…mom …

Sumi passed a smile towards him … while caressing her head

she is not breaking the hug even its 5mins… he can understand it’s all fear which he gifted her in this 2days… …

“Swara… are u ok “Sumi mumbled while caressing her hair

“yah..aunty she is fine..she is missing you badly… “he replied with a smile
while moving towards her and held Swara wrist just to wake her up from this

she hidden her tears and talked normally with her…

” I will see you later .. these are your car keys.. nice car… ” he said while running to his room she gave a deadly glare at him …

he can sense that .. she is angry that he had driven her car …? that too kidnap her … she just wanna kill him for this ??

she left to room and locked her door tight and secured

Swara POV,

What the hell going on… In my life
My life all this days dad ruled it and now this vamp… Then when can I be for myself… Huh

Ahhh I just wanna kill him
And what’s wrong with me why I melted for him …
Such a devil how dare he is to kidnap me and that to tried of taking advantage …

And later blackmail….
Can he really get di back …

OK let it be if Di comes she will support me to get rid of this vamp.
If he can’t get back my…. Di as he said he will set me free I think this deal is OK now …

At least now I can get my family back like before

OK Swara don’t stress more had a shower and sleep


evg 6pm .. mitra mansion guest room i.e ramprasad room

Sanskar is waiting for him in his room

“good evg dad… he wished with a smirk…
RP gave a confused look ..”good evg Sanskar how is ur day ”

“yeah its amazing especially last night, “he said with a smirk

“where is Swara… “he questioned

“in her room… she is tried by last night so she is sleeping .. “his answer confused him more

“what do u mean Sanskar …” he questioned in exclamation

” She is ur daughter dad… To be wife… she loves me… I cleared every point in this trip … finally, we are one… I think now you don’t have problem to marry her with me “he asked with a smirk

“what u mean by one… ”

” dad… I can’t say this to you.. plz.. but wait I had something to show you … “he grabbed his ph and showed a selfie .. of their intimate position.. in the car…

which shocked Rp more …

he dragged Sanskar with his collar means did you forced her … “he yelled from the top of his voice

“dad… stop thinking so cheap about your son ….if u don’t trust me… ask her ok.. and btw ..I’m marrying her … it’s a small mistake … we both are happy with this so better don’t get involved in this issue .. u can confirm from her or else u can see her happy face… if I forced will she sleep hugging me tight .. I think now u got ur answer … ” he said in a confident tone while freeing rp shirt from his grip

RP got rooted to the floor with shock

” don’t get shocked dad me I may be an incapable person from ur point of view but I’m capable of getting…. what I want … She is mine … None can separate her from me … Even it’s you .. I don’t wanna say all this to you but I said bcoz I want your help in a matter … Which my Jaan asked me ..” He snuggled while walking apart

” what ” RP questioned

” my Jaan is missing her sister so I wanna give her back I want ur help .. I had a plan I talked with rags mrg ..u just add words for my story … Please do this favor plz ” he pleaded

” are u sure ”

” yes dad I will do anything to make her happy ..this is what you want for Swara so plz help me dad ” he requested

” OK I will but please Sanskar don’t hurt Swara .. I trust my son more than myself so I will not ask Swara anything I hope you will not let me down ..we don’t have any problem if Swara accepts this marriage … Marriage is a beautiful relation it shouldn’t be an adjustment nor compromise it should tie two heart’s together with a thread called love … ” he said in a convincing way while caressing his cheeks

Sanskar nodded those word’s left directly into his brain he started thinking ram Prasad words for the first time that too in a positive way


After two days all set
Swara said, Shekhar, that she is OK with this marriage all are happy but Swara is scared among all

rags came to Mitra mansion with teary eyes …

Everyone is shocked except Sanskar

” Ragini …” Shekhar yelled in shock

Rags came running and hugged Shekhar with tears

“Baba I’m sorry for hurting you all I’m sorry I will do anything you say here after baba Plz forgive me ” she sobbed with tears

” what are you saying Ragini ” he queued in shock

” He left to NewYork papa he said he doesn’t want to marry me, ” she said while sobbing

” its?? OK rags don’t cry …my champ I will get the best person for you, my princess don’t cry, ” he said with consent

“Is it baba ” she snuggled

” Yes my princess I will talk with Bhai we will get the best match for you, ” he said while cupping her face

She nodded

” Sumi take her into the room to fresh up rags, ” he said

Rags left to room Swara is just starring all in shock
Sanskar winked at rags ?

Two days passed Swara is happy with rags but she is unable to understanding actual matter
Rags to haven’t said anything in this matter

Mitra mansion living room evg 8pm

” we should get the best person then this Rithik ” Shekhar yelled in angry

” what happened Shekhar, ” Rp asked

” He said he doesn’t wanna marry rags, ” he said in disappointment

” what ” he questioned in shock

” it’s OK uncle we have best choices for rags, “Sanskar said in confident tone

” OK but we should find him soon in a week bcoz I want to show him what I can do ” Shekhar yelled in angry

” uncle actually I had the best match for rags shall I suggest you, ” he asked

” yeah sure ”

” Laksh Mehra he is a doctor working in abroad, my cousin, more than a brother his good looking highly educated and what not he is perfect for rags …dad am I right, ” he said while gazing ram prasad

” Haan Sanskar is right he suits our rags, ” he said in confident tone

” OK sure give his details I will talk with Bhai and rags

Ram prasad nodded Shekhar left

Sanskar POV,

” What I know about him who is Laksh Sanskar ” dad yelled in confusion

” dad chill ..he is Rag’s love only actually uncle never gave a chance to know about Ragini and her love they said no bcoz it’s a love marriage so I want to make it arrange dad you’re his Chaca now we gonna marry her happily with family acceptance it’s OK for us but arranged for Shekar and Sree Khar uncle ?” I said confidently

” Are you seriously will it work ” he questioned …

” yes dad this is perfect I wanna make my Japan happy so I will do anything to get what I want … Give and take policy dad, ” I said while glaring my Swara

She is looking s*xier with a smile a million dollar smile …

Dad here are the details of Laksh you please set this plz dad ” I pleaded

” he nodded a yes and left me alone I ran towards Swaragini who were talking in living room on first floor it’s a common place to chit chat

I left towards them
as we are talking Swara is eyeing me in fear

I can guess her mind voice
“planning against my family and acting like good person ..”it is her mind voice

rags got a call she made an excuse and left Swara followed Ragini

I kept quiet until rags disappeared

“Oy kiddo come here “I yelled at her with a smirk

she faced me with a combination of angry and fear

“Come here baby ” I gestured her with my index finger moved back while clutching her shirt tight I can see her fear it’s only fear

“I will not do anything Jaan just a little talk come here,” I said in calm tone

she took baby steps towards me

“I want a hug… give me a hug then you can go anywhere u want ‘i said

she left quite
“I want a hug did u heard ‘i yelled

she hasn’t replied me stood quite finally I lost my patience
I pulled her close on the couch she fell on me

“leave me we are in living room “she yelled while struggling

“see we are in living room so I’m on limit or else you know me “I warned while caging her
she stopped moving I want this fears as a desire I want her to hug me tight like she did last night
I can’t get such pure hug with force nor fear… I left my tight grip
she got adjusted properly

“see be free I will not do anything just be comfortable at least treat me like rags you will hug ur sister don’t you feel like so …just get adopted to my touch life long you can’t carry this fear baby… and I don’t have anyone to hug so why can’t you do a small favour I gave you ur sister you give me hug just a hug nothing more nor less, “I said in calm tone

“only hug …you should not touch me, ” she asked innocently

I nodded she gave a side hug she rested her head on my heart while wrapping her hands around my neck such a girl even …I hurt her she is thinking good about me… she is trying to give a chance
I wrapped my hands around her waist we both lost in this second
“don’t think about escape always try to enjoy this moment as I promised your di will get married in 10 days do u have any more dreams “I questioned her

“I wanna go away from you “she murmured in my embrace which made me angry

“You can’t go away from me …don’t think it and waste ur time baby your mine only mine ” I snuggled while tightening my grip on her waist

“Ahh ” she winched in pain I realized my grip and left her

“don’t make me angry, I think you don’t like to see … better marry me
I will give anything you want ..I will never switch off lights ..I will keep you happy always please be my wife … ” I said while cupping her face she just blinked her eyes
is she listening to me or just waiting to run

it’s ok to let her do anything right now I want a hug and I got it …
its been 15 mins she is not moving did she sleep or what

I just leaned towards her she moved aside in sleep held my hand and lied back on my shoulder haha she is sleeping here… I went on romantic mood but she is sleeping like a kid … I wonder she will sleep on our first night also ???

*********To Be Continued **********

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