It’s afternoon 1 pm Sanskar villa

Swara is fine… She wakes up and got up from bed and left towards living room

But her steps are left incomplete when she heard sound of spray

She turned back to see yet…it is Sanskar

She found Sanskar drawing something on the wall with a spray can.. ( graffiti painting)

She just watched him and about to get down towards stairs … But accidentally she lost her balance and held a vase and it fell down… Tiskkkkkk

With that sound, Sanskar turned back to see

She just closed her eyes with her little hands in fear …

” wat the hell ” he yelled in angry

” I’m sorry… I came for water ” she said with innocent face

” y can’t you call me then .. OK sit here I will get you water, ” he said and made her sit in sofa and he left to kitchen

After 5mins he came back with food parcels and water he gave her water she had some water and gave his bottle back

He placed bottle aside and gave the food packet …
Have it ” he said

” I wanna go home, ” she said in serious tone

“Not again Jaan .. Eat now, ” he said in a cold voice

” noo I wanna go home ..can’t you hear me ” she yelled

“Noo u can’t go ..I will not let you ” he yelled from the top of his voice

” I hate u ..u disgusting devil ” she yelled in frustration

“I haven’t done anything disgusting yet, ” he said with a smirk

She held her fist in order to control her angry

” Shall I do? ” he asked ?

She grabbed the bottle and hit him with the water bottle ?

“I think ur more interested to know that ” he whispered with a smirk ?

She pushed him back and got up to leave

” Jaan cool ..I think ur bored come join me in this, ” he said while gesturing a plain wall

” noo I’m not interested, ” she said

” come on baby this is ur house u can draw anything you wish, … And I know very well that u are a artist I seen ur nature painting in orphanage… ” he said while handling paint sprayer

” huh… Wat the hell he is following me like a shadow always… He observed every single habits of mine to destroy my life …. Perfect planning for hurting other’s too …. ” she murmured

” I’m Mr.perfect for all I can read ur mind also so stop planning against me and do this ” he said with a smirk

She wanna divert her brain anyhow she grabbed that spray can and left to the other wall adjacent to the wall which is painted by him …

She just made the white wall into brown …and black ( it has a meaning but u will know it in next part )

Sanskar got angry that she is spoiling his wall his mansion which he thought to make a dreamland

He went towards her and hugged her from back while clutching her hand which she is holding the spray can

” wat the hell ur doing Jaan ” he whispered in her ear while caressing her waist and while resting his chin on her shoulder …

She got stuck with his sudden action towards her

” I said you… this is my fav place ..I don’t like you to spoil our home, ” he said in calm tone while controlling his angry

She just wanna hit him hard and wanna yell out loud ” I hate ur presence u disgusting vamp ….”
But she is helpless she just gulped silently

” Answer me damn ” he yelled

“She cried out… Her tears flowed down from her cheeks it touched his cheeks
He caressed his cheeks and understood that she is crying

” Jaan why ur crying baby, ” he asked with consent

She crying out badly while falling down on floor helplessly ????

” baby … Y ur crying… I will not do anything.I said na..why ur crying baby ” he asked while cupping her face

” I hate you … Why ur doing this with me ..y can’t you understand… That I wanna go home please ..I beg you leave me, please… I wanna go to my mom ..” She yelled while sobbing in tears ???

” you can go home tomorrow… I promise… I will take you home tomorrow stop crying, ” he said while cupping her face

” noo I wanna go now.. ” she yelled vigorously ??

” Noo I said not now ” he yelled in angry

” she cried even more hard by seeing his angry as she knows his angry will hurt her again

Sanskar realized that she is broken… He understood… She will not fight back and now she is scared of him…
These things are enough to trust her… From his point of view…

” Jaan… Don’t cry… ” he said while cupping her face

She cried badly… He picked her in his arms and placed her on the couch…

” Don’t cry baby plz… ” he said in calm tone

” I want… My mom plz .. Let me go home plz… ” she snuggled in tears…

” OK OK, we will go… Now stop crying.. ‘ he said…

” Saachiii…” She asked in tears

” ha… Sach., ” he said

” come take me home now… ” she said while getting up from the couch… ”

He pulled her back onto his lap with a force

” baby … Wait… U wanna go home… But I had my reasons I can’t take u home today… Plz, understand… But .. I can help you in some other way ” he said in soft tone… While making her shock

” I hate you… She yelled while getting down from him lap…

” OK hate me ..I don’t care… OK do u want to talk with your sister ” he asked

“Di … I don’t trust you ” she said

” Noo I will call now only u want.. If yes say me ..we will go home tomorrow only.. ” he said in serious voice

” yes… ” she yelled in excitement…

” I know you really miss her.. I will make you… Talk but on condition ” he said

” “wattt..”

” you should say… Her that u love me… It’s ur misunderstanding on that day… He is really gud.. ..will u say this… ” he asked with sadistic smirk

She nodded silently

” Don’t worry I will get her back… In few days… If u do everything as I say… ” he said in confident tone

OK…. she nodded

He grabbed his pH and dialed rags… PH is on speaker ..he gave Swara…

On call…

… Sanskar… ” she whispered in shock…

” yes, its Sanskar but… Ur sister wanted to talk with you bhabhi..” He said while… Pulling Swara legs on his lap…

Swara did not move nor struggle nor talk..she is quite

” I think you reduced ur angry on me or still u have same, ” he asked rags

” Noo nothing like that..once give pH to Swara ..” She said
Sanskar passed phone to Swara

” Swaraaaa….” She murmured

” di…: how are you… ” Swara asked

” I’m fine Jaan.. Ur fine na .. Y ur voice is so dull ” rags questioned

” nothing di… I’m fine and happy… I just miss you so ” she said while controlling her emotions

” where are you and did u said Baba about Sanskar ” rags questioned

Sanskar passed an angry look towards Swara… He signed Swara to speak out while caressing her feet on his lap

” Woh… Di he is really good… It’s ur misunderstanding on that night… He really loves me like dad does…” She said in tears while eyeing Sanskar in fear

Sanskar turned his face to Otherside … He is unable to face her … Is it guilt… Or what…

They had normal talks for some time… Meanwhile Sanskar eyes feel on her injury…. It’s started bleeding again… He had the cotton and ointment in his pocket itself…

He picked up the cotton and moved. Himself slightly towards her knee … She gave an angry look but he just ignored her and held her knee and cleaned the blood

” she yelled out loud in pain ” ahh idiot vamp it’s paining ” her shout is hearable up to London..?in pH

Sanskar slowed down … He winked at her.?. Swara couldn’t understand wat it ??

” Swara wat happened why u shouted, ” she asked in consent

” Woh… Di it’s it’s… Nothing di… Leave it ” Swara said in nervousness…

Swara grabbed the ointment from his hand in angry …

Sanskar smiled at her and took the pH
” Bhabhi is all BTW… Me and ur sister… U shouldn’t ask… Did I ask you? that wat you’re doing with ur lucky all alone in London… ” he asked with a wink…?

” huh… It’s my stupidity OK .. Go on ur flow don’t involve my love Devar Ji he is not faster like you …I don’t know how my kiddo will bear you ” she said in angry

Swara couldn’t understand any single word..she just gave a question mark expression… She just stared him…

He ended the call

” why ur seeing like that, ” he asked with a smirk

” Woh… Wat u both are talking ..she asked

” u wanna know really… ” he questioned her

She nodded yes innocently …

” you shouted now… I’m in real so we know wat is going on her but she doesn’t know right … So I made her feel that I bite you so u shouted from her point of view.. ” he said with a naughty wink ?

She hit him with the ointment ” you shameless Vamp ” at the hell you get with these illusions ahaan..I’m doing whatever you say … ” he yelled in angry

” she should trust fully so these things are needed baby, ” he said with a smirk making her angrier

” see one fine day you with pay for this… U will defiantly regard for this ” she warned him

” stop warning me Jaan.. Have ur lunch… First, come I think you don’t wanna see my angry again ” he said in serious tone

She knows it’s her time waste to argue with him he will never change …

She grabbed the food packet and ate it silently… And completed it … He gave her a painkiller… She had it an obedient kid …

He ones the TV and gave her remote …

” he is letting me do some things but why he is not letting me go home .. ” she murmured to herself

” I had my plans don’t use brain and watch cartoons… It suit’s you ” he said while grabbing his food packet …

He took a spoon …
She started watching tom and jerry…
Jerry irritating Tom …??

” I wish I can also irritate him like Jerry Doe’s ….” She murmured while staring him

He is trying to eat but he is not moving his hand

Then Swara remembered the night incidents she cut his palm that blood and all

He left the spoon as he got a pH call its ram prasad his dad

He rejected the call and stopped eating also

” should I help him ” she questioned herself

” Nooo, he spoiled my life… He is ruling my life ..I hate him I hate this vamp ..let him suffer… ” she said to herself

After a minute.. ” it’s OK he left me to talk with di so in return, I will help ” she convinced herself and switched off TV and left towards him and sat beside him

He is hell frustrated by repeated calls of RP

” she grabbed the food packet and spoon

Sanskar turned towards her in shock

” wat…his words left incomplete as she feeds him biryani all of sudden…

He gulped food silently …

The time he is about to talk She feed simultaneously???

” don’t talk or say anything… I don’t have any sort of good opinion on you’s just humanity… Which you don’t know ..” She said while feeding him

He silently gulped the food
His red eyes are melted now… In the form of a combination of H2O and NACL ??…
Water OK …tears

He is crying… Swara saw the Tear’s in his eyes

She is shocked

” is it spicy… ” she yelled in shock innocently

He nodded no silently and got up from couch

Sanskar pH is vibrating continuously. She seen …contact.. DAD…

” uncle is calling… why can’t you answer maybe he wanted to say something important, ” she said in soft tone

He laughed like a mad …

” Jaan he is calling for you, not for me .. If u wish u can talk with him .. ” he said while turning away

” Happy bday sunny, ” she said while placing the food packet aside

He turned towards her in shock

” I know this ..I remembered this since childhood… Uncle is calling you for this only… I think once talk ..avoiding the ppl who loved us is painful” she said in soft tone

” Wahh Swara … U remembered my bday… which even I forgot long back.. ” he said with a silly smile while moving away

***** to be continued*******
Precap: sanskar pain ….

Note : next part will be on 16th
Tu meri mannat ..season 2…I.e the continuation of tu meri mannat epilogue …. Will be started from 16th July ..only on wattpad read it

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