Mrg 9 Am,

Swara woke up she slowly opened her eyes and realized the things wat happened yesterday…

Her eyes are already swollen due to continue tears

Tears are flowing down her cheeks ? still in fear…

Sanskar is not around her her shirt nd jeans pieces are lying on floor

Her eyes fallen on Swiss knife which is beside her ?

She grabbed that knife nd about to cut herself ( her wrist ) … It’s a sec stupidity…. Frustration..??
She doesn’t have that much dare to die… She is kiddo ???

She placed. Knife on her wrist … But removed it in a sec in fear.??

While her trials or going on …

Meanwhile, a whistle sound stopped her stupid action

She knows it is Sanskar she immediately hidden her knife behind her

“how sad the great Swara Mitra

Princess of Mitra group is trying to commit suicide” he yelled with a smirk ….?.?

She silently listened to his words while moving back on her bed

“I never expected this thing from you, it’s ok …I will say wat is ur profits and losses of suicide ok, ” he said while sitting beside her… on edge of bed

– only one profit u have… it is u can stay away from me and my touch

But I will say losses
1) ur parents will die

2) ur sister, umm I will spoil her happiness also

You know na I am selfish in this … if I’m not happy none should be happy especially the ppl whom you loved…(he said in a dangerous tone

she gulped her tears while shutting her eyes

…Ok cool I know ur a Gud girl, u won’t do this Nah Swara ” he asked in dangerous tone while cupping her face

She gulped silently

If you marry mee u have best profits only profits

1) our family will be so happy

2) I will convince ur family… ur di can be back …and if you want after our marriage we can leave together in joint houses

“Saach… u can get back di ah ” she yelled in tears

“anything for you Jaan …. if I get you. I will give anything you want … ” he said with confidence tone ?

“you will really get rags… back, ” she asked in doubt

“ha Saachi promise …ok we will get married after your di comeback… I will convince everyone for their marriage ok ..” he said in confidence tone

“Sachi…. “she asked innocently in tears

muchii…” he said while forwards his hand to her

she realized the things he did ngt with her …. the kiss only she remembered flashes of the night ..the slap

she crawled back in fear and hidden her face with the quite
which made him… shock

“Jaan .. y your scared now ..I will not do anything baby ..” he said while moving towards her on bed

“plz leave me you’re really bad….I hate you … ” she whispered in fear.

“Oh hello … I’m bad bcoz I left you … last ngt … is it ? ” he yelled in angry while pulling her wrist towards him


“I haven’t done anything yet ….” he said while looking straight into her eyes

noo.. u did I seen… u kissed me ..and you tore my shirt ..” she yelled in tears

“look ..u had ur shirt … “he said while gesturing her shirt

“Nooo this is ur shirt … ” she whispered in tears

” ho inside my shirt you had your shirt only … see that ” he said ?

she has seen her pink T-shirt still it’s on her only …

“but you kissed me ..I know..i seen in so many movies u did that with me… I hate you …ur bad … ” she yelled in tears while crying badly

where us Sanskar is getting angry and laugh.

“he pulled her by holding her leg he went on top of her … from side

“he pulled her hand and placed it on her shoulders…

” if I did something so… I used to remove every single pic on ur body …but you’re still wearing all …” he whispered in her ear with a smirk?

she felt the strip of her inner she calmed herself ?

“if u want I can do it now … “he said with a smirk …??
she pushing him back with a force …

“I thought to do that only.. but I postponed bcoz… when I cross limits na…i wanna feel you …I wanna see ur every expression… I can get that only if ur in sense ..we will try after marriage …ok …. keep this incident as a trailer for our first night… and don’t worry I will not slap you again… even I get angry…. I will just kiss you …like I did last ngt ” he said while gesturing her swollen lips

she covered her lips with her hands in fear.?????

“I have a doubt ..will u say truth …” he asked her with a smirk ?

she nodded blankly

“do to know wat a couple …do in their first ngt … “he questioned her ?

she gulped all of sudden in shock … nd closed her eyes ?…

“I know answer but I wanted to know from you … will you say or shall I show practically,” he asked with a smirk ??

” noo..saachi..i don’t know…. I don’t have such type of knowledge …” she yelled in fear while closing her eyes

“haha..?.. I guessed this kiddo…. it’s not a problem… u can learn after our marriage “he said with a smile

“how u guessed ..” she asked innocently

“I enquired about you… u don’t have and boyfriends all the time ur only with Kushi and Kavitha ..means ur not comfortable with boys …first time when I touched you in ur room… u shivered and sweated with a single touch..means none touched you like I do… on the day when your with Ragini ..u both are watching movie …but you closed ur eyes for a single romantic scene ..means you don’t even watch any romantic movie ….. yesterday while I kissed you..your all dumb.. you don’t even know how to kiss …and now u thought I had really crossed limits with you by seeing upper shirt and kiss … these things are enough to say that ur a kid … ..and baby there are so many things done in BTW. Kiss is just a starting for it … ” he said with a silly smile ?

she is shocked … with his confession… he knew her this truth which only rags know …

“It’s ok you know basic things it’s enough jaan..i love this kiddo side more …I want to marry this kiddo only …so stop thinking too much…have a shower and come I will make breakfast for you … he said while handing her a packet

dress ….Jaan “…

Swara got up nd about to move ..but her injury is not letting it..she winched in pain…

he took her in arms and placed her in the bathtub…

“after changing call me … I will wait outside ..” he left

After 40mins Sanskar came back with her breakfast to her room to find Swara

He knocked the bathroom door

” Jaan… ” he yelled

” has” she whispered

” come out baby.. ” he said.

” Noo I can’t come. You go ” she answered

” wat… The hell ..are u coming or shall I come… ” he yelled

” noo plz.. Go I can’t come out.. ” she said in painful voice

” open the door right now or else I will break this …” He yelled while hitting the door

She knows. He is a vamp.she silently opened the door

” wat…” ?

He has seen her covering her bottom with the towel…

” u had dressed already y ur covering with the towel now..” He asked with a silly smile?

” it’s short. U brainless. How can you get this for me ..” She said uncomfortably

” cool u had injured ur knee I brought this. U look so s*xy in this short… And I know.. U use short’s ngt in ur room before meeting me ?” he said with a smirk

” how you know.. ” she asked innocently”
I have seen shorts in ur cupboard… ” he said with a smirk?

” you..chepooo how dare u to touch my cupboard. ” she yelled while hitting his shoulders

Arey cool Jaan ..I touched you .. Then ur cupboard is ntg in front of this … ” he said with a naughty wink

” just shut up ..u disgusting vamp,” she yelled… And about to move away but she stopped moving due to pain

” I think now u should rest come on, ” he said while throwing her towel aside on the hanger .. And took her in his arm’s …

” u stupid idiot leave me… get me down ..” She yelled while struggling…

” will be quite or shall I make u quite, ” he said in dangerous tone

She got quite in seconds…
He placed her on the bed .. Carefully…

She crawled back and covered herself with quilt to avoid his gaze

He smirked at her and removed her quilt from her leg

” at the hell ” she yelled in fear

” shhh, cool don’t shout… I’m not doing anything now ” he said in calm tone…

He grabbed the first aid box beside the bed and cleaned her swollen knee with a pic of cotton…
As the cotton touched her bleed surface ..she yelled out in pain ” maaa ” while clutching the sheet

He stared at her while just raising his eyebrows

She gulped her tears in fear and cried silently… While closing her eyes

” Shh don’t cry Jaan. By mrg it will be fine … ” he said with concent…

She cried silently …

” is it paining more ..” He asked while cupping her face

She innocently nodded in tears …

” aww… Don’t cry will reduce ” he said in tears …
Yes, he is able to feel her pain …???
(Ayoo vamp had emotions wahh …)

She nodded in tears
Soon she realized his stupidity towards her ..she pushed him back and stayed silent

He came back in sense

He blower air and applied ointment on her wound

” why hurting first and y this first aid ” she murmured silently

” for my dad … If they see like this he will again taunt me that .. I can’t even take care of you for 2days how can secure u life long… So and listen ..if u say anything to anyone. I will smash every everyone in just seconds… You better remember that Jaan ..I will go to any extent to get you .. ” he said in dangerous tone …

She gulped in fear she understood very clearly that he will not leave her …

She is confused about his behavior always

He grabbed the breakfast plate and placed it on her lap and gestured her to eat

“I’m not hungry, ” she said and placed the plate aside

“I’m not asking you ..I’m ordering you … It’s better to eat or else you know me better than anyone ” he warned her in dangerous tone
She kept quite

He grabbed the plate of sandwich and gave her

She silently eats everything…

” that’s like a gud girl … I love this … Now have this juice .. And take rest … ” he said and took the plate from her

” Wohh…”

” wat … Now” he asked

” I want to go home plz …” She said in tears

” Aww … Jaan .. We will go tomorrow mrg …now take rest .. Ur safe .. I will not hurt you ..this is ur mansion … After our marriage, we are going to stay here rest of our life ….. So be comfortable… I will in living room u take rest ” he said in soft tone nd kissed her cheeks

she did not say anything she just wiped her kissed cheek with her a kid
her smiled at her act

“I think u did not like my kiss ..then give it back, ” he said with a naughty smirk

she gave an angry look …

he leaned down up to her height on the bed “I think u know how to kiss on cheeks at least or else shall I teach … “he said with a smirk which made her shiver but she got angry also but she is helpless

“Kiss me back, ” he said in husky tone while gesturing his cheek
she gave a small peck on his cheek.

“noo u should kiss as I kissed ..will u do or shall I show again, ” he said with a wink she gave an angry look and nodded no.

“then do it Jaan”

she bitten his cheek.. is angry …which made him shock

“It’s ok baby …I will feel it as a love bite.. ” he said with a naughty smirk while caressing his cheek

“ahh u vamp…i hate you … “she yelled in angry while throwing a pillow on him

“It’s ok Jaan take rest you have a life to hate me… “he left

**********to be continued*******

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