************episode starts***********..
Sanskar’s point of view

As i was applying the ointment on her neck, i could see her pain. I saw ‘that’ area swollen. I was the reason for her pain, but, actually it wasn’t my fault at all. It was all due to my stupid brain. No wait! It was her beauty that made me do it…. So she’s the culprit. I Am totally innocent in this case.

Wait! Seriously Sanskar?

My chain of thoughts was broken when Swara punched me on my stomach.

“Don’t you dare to touch me again” she roared as she got up suddenly with a jerk.

“Chill! Cool down Swara, i won’t hurt you again” i mumbled softly trying to convince her that i won’t trouble her again.

“For that, you need to get out of my damn life” she snapped at me making me furious. But i had to control my anger, so i clenched my fist in order to control that emotion. I really don’t want her to keep hating me the way she already does.

“I’m really sorry Swara! I won’t repeat this again so please forgive me and let’s consider this as a new beginning.” I pleaded.

“Sorry Mr Maheshwari, I’m not interested in forgiving you and all those crap so just get lost” she yelled at me with hatred evident in her eyes.

“This much ego huh? It’s really not good for a girl” i replied back with the maximum politeness i could speak with because now, i was really getting hell annoyed by her stupidity.

“Oh hello, it’s not ego… Self respect is the word. We girls have self respect and you guys don’t understand all that stuff” she retorted.

“Okay Ms Mitra, cool down! I did a mistake and i accepted it too… And I’m asking for your forgiveness. Tell me, what should i do in order to seek your forgiveness? Should i fall on my knees and touch your feet?” I asked her sarcastically rolling my eyes at her behavior.
I sat on the floor and was about to touch her feet when she stopped me.

“Mr Maheshwari, stop right there! We’re in the office. Cut the drama and get back to your work” she yelled.

“For that, you need to say that you forgive me. Only then I’ll stop this” i chirped.

“Okay, i forgive you. Now just leave me alone” she said giving up.

I felt much better. Ah finally the drama queen forgave me.

“So that mean, that we are friends! Right?” I said forwarding my hand for a handshake.

“I’m not interested in befriending you, so you better be in your limits. I’m having some work. So let me go” she yelled in anger and left the cabin.

What a drama queen she is. She’s the first human alive on earth to hear the word ‘sorry’ from my mouth and still she’s showing her attitude. But i need to bear all this to get her. So dear Sanskar, do something to make her crazy for you.


Swara’s point of view

Goodness knows what he wants to prove In front of me. He’s always behind me. But now, he has completely stopped annoying me and he’s behaving so casually. I’m actually happy because he is maintaining a safe distance from me and My fears are decreasing because of his stupid yet
Days are passing quickly and I’m always with Priya while he follows us every where we go but i choose to ignore him.

So finally, after a long long time, my life is going on perfectly the way i want it to be.
Around one week later, all three of us, that is me, my dad and Sanskar went to see the site we would purchase for our new venture.

Dad got an urgent call and he had to leave immediately.

“Dad, you take Sanskar along with you. I’ll handle the things here” i suggested.
“Are you sure beta?” He asked as i nodded.

After dad left, i quickly finished my work and was about to leave when i came across a play ground on my way to the parking lot. I remember playing here when i was a little kid.
Childhood incidents create the best memories of life. I remember playing with a boy called Sunny in this park and i can’t recall how he looked because i was five and a half years old when his family shifted to USA. We used to play a lot and he used to pamper me a lot and i had sort of got addicted to his love and care but forget it.

Thinking that my dear vamp would’ve already left the place with dad, i decided to play on the slides.





I know I’m a grown up girl but i love slides.

Wherever I’m alone, i love playing on the slides so i removed my shoes and got on the slide in front of me. I sat on the top and slid down with a squeal.


I repeated this five times and i sat up for the sixth time, i started sliding down but i was stopped in the middle. I looked at the person holding my hand and found my stupid vamp smirking mischievously at me.

I held the edges of the slide to crawl up but uh uh!! It isn’t that easy! Especially if you have a person like Sanskar in front of you.

“Get down” he ordered with a smile.

Before i could react and yell at him, he kept his leg in the edge of the slide and pulled me down.
Due to the sudden movement, i fell on top of him and kissed the corner of his lips by mistake. Shit shit shit!

I immediately stood up with the not so marvelous feeling of embarrassment and quickly wore my shoes. He was still sitting on the ground. As i was about to leave, he shouted.

“Ae kiddo”

I shot him a look.

“What?” I asked getting irked.

“Take your kiss back” he ordered.

“Excuse me” i muttered with confusion.

“Take your kiss back. How dare you kiss a Sanskari boy like me? That too in a public place?” He said with fake innocence evident on his face.

“Cut the crap! Don’t try to create a scene Mr Sanskar” i yelled at him.

“No no… How can you play with my self respect? Huh?” He asked dramatically.
Oh come on!

“What did i do Sanskar?” I asked him.

“Stop your act. You’re not so innocent. You played with my dignity. Even we boys have a dignity and you took advantage of an innocent boy” he cried.

What a Drama queen he is. Oops! Sorry for the gender change.

“Every boy is very precious. How can you even think of touching me?” He asked.

“What the heck? It was you who pulled me down and because of that all this happened. It was your mistake and you’re over reacting.”i yelled.

“Haw? I am over reacting?”he asked dramatically.

“Yes! You are over reacting. Now get up, everybody is seeing us” i yelled back.

“Haww? Even boys are unsafe in a country like India! Mom, dad… This girl harassed me.. I will file a case against you” he cried.

“Idiot! Get up! Everybody is watching” i yelled at him.

“Let them watch, they must have brothers and sons whom they have to protect from girls like you. I will file a complaint against you under the Abhaya act” he cried.

“Huh? What’s that?” I asked confusingly.

“The Nirbhaya act is for girls so the Abhaya act of for boys” he explained.

“Stop this stupidity and get up first” i cried as i slapped my head.

“First take your kiss back” he demanded.

“Stop irritating me. Get up fast” i yelled.

He started crying louder attracting new customers for or drama show! Idiot!

“Aunty see that girl…. She kisssss” started yelling.

I closed his mouth immediately.”nothing! He’s just kidding” i said.

“I’m not kidding! You played with my dignity. How will my wife feel when she comes to know about this?” He cried covering his face.

“And where is your wife?” I asked rolling my eyes at his behavior.

“She’s on her way. I don’t like hiding anything from her but this?? How can i tell her about this? You ruined me” He started crying louder.

“What happened beta? What did she do?” Aunty asked him.

“This girl was sliding on the slide and….” He trailed off.

“And?” Aunty asked.

“And then she jumped on me and kiiiiiiisssssssss…. No i can’t even sat it” he said dramatically.

“No please tell me beta. Maybe i can help you” she asked.

“Shut up Sanskar” i warned.

“Then take your kiss back” he muttered lowly so that only i could hear it.

“How?” I asked confusingly.

“You have two options. Either I’ll kiss you and return your kiss or you have to accept my friendship” he demanded.

“No way! That was an accident” i replied.

“Okay listen aunty…” He started again.

“Shut up and stop embarrassing me” i warned.

“You know what you need to do for that” he chuckled.

“Okay! I accept your friendship. Stop all this now” i muttered giving up.

He got up immediately and dusted his clothes.

“Where are you going?” Aunty asked him in confusion.

“I got tired of crying so I’m going back. You guys also go back to work” he sneered.
Everyone present there gave him an angry look.

“Why are you staring at me? Huh? Go back… When really some thing bad happens, you people stand and watch it instead of helping the victim… And when i played a prank, you got angry? Go help the people who are in trouble. Not me… The movie is over. Go help your husbands….” he scowled.


Swara was hell angry and she immediately left the place with Sanskar following her. She somehow controlled her anger in front if him.

“Hello madam! Take it back” Sanskar ordered.

“What the…..” Swara cursed.

“Or friends?” Sanskar asked after pointing towards his cheeks. Swara gave him an angry look.

“Okay! I’ll get justice on my own” he said and was about to go when Swara stopped him.

“What?” He asked.

“Please stop this” she pleaded.

“You know what to do” Sanskar threatened.

“You’re impossible” Swara muttered.

“I know. So friends?” Sanskar asked.

“Okay. But be in your limits. Okay?” She asked as Sanskar nodded.

“So let’s go” Sanskar suggested.

“Yes, even I’m not interested in staying here anymore, anyways…” Swara muttered.

“By the way why didn’t you go with dad” she asked him.

“I thought you will be left alone so….” He replied.

“I’m not scared of being alone” she retorted.

“But I’m scared… ‘Jaan'” he replied.

“Don’t you dare call me that” Swara warned.

“But it suits you kiddo” he teased.

“In not a kiddo”


“No I’m not”

“Yes you are”

“Urgghh! I hate you” Swara scorned. before getting into the car.

“But soon you’ll love my company darling” Sanskar muttered as he sat in the car.
Swara drove back angrily to the office.

*******to be continued*****

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