this part is dedicated to my crazy dolly sorry for late but happy bday behnaaa 😉
(sorry for late i know u guys are angry on me for delay sorry i am busy but i did a ts in this week its a thrilling romantic with my bestie subi –friends a choosen family

************episode starts**********…

I accepted his frndship forcibly but he is really frndly
He is so calm with me ND he is so free with all my cousins

Sll my cousin’s got attached to him
There bonding grew more ND more

Actually on certain range they are joined in his team opposite to me sometimes

They tease me as kiddo
Not he is also calling me kiddo ??

See my time is so bad

Finally I also started talking casually

I started trusting him
Yes I am trusting a lion

But wt to do he is so gud in this week

So I slowly started forgetting all his bad behavior towards me

Soo I had started thinking positive towards him

So I started a friendly bond by seeing his gudness

Days passed its utmost 20 days I know him

Daily we are traveling together to office

? so days are amazing

i really like it
I wanna file a tender today by evg 5

Its a huge contract worth 100 cr

Lot of competition
I had worked hard for this from 2weeks
So i wanna win it at any cost

So i wanna file it before 5pm

Dad suggested me to go along with vamp I.e sanskar
So our competitors i.e Sharma group may attack as nd stop filing tender

As all are sure Mitra group is strong in this tender

i usually nodded today words

i got ready

in blue jeans nd pink shirt ND a grey blazer

Sanskar in blue jean ND white shirt with grey blazer

Both of as left in my car i am driving it

for our shock goons are ready to eat as

At a isolated place the road is blocked by four goons i.e rowdy’s

i stopped the car in shock nd signed sanskar

;”oh no wait I will ” he answered in confident tone (he about to get down )

“Oh hello see there size first then think of fight ha ” i yelled in dis trust

” Yes i can handle swara u cool ” he mumbled softly trying to convince me

“Acha we need to travel 3kms for hospital also by that time tender will be gone
Stop thinking as hero ND come to reality sir” i muttered.

“: Wt shall we do now then ” he whispered innocently

Swara get down I will do u just watch ND enjoy

Sanskar pov ,

We got down from car ND goons started walking towards as

She scanned them completely there weapons they body language to grab their behavior details

she stood in front of car

ND placed her hand in her jeans pocket

all goons are waiting to see wt she gonna take out from pocket all re expecting a knife or pepper spray

But for shock she grabbed her hand key nd ND sat on road by folding her legs in front of car ND started crying ? loud

All are shocked mainly I got shocked
but I just watching her act

Swara is crying louder ND louder she is sobbing i know its acting
She covered her face in kerchief ( its just acting as tears are not coming so she covered with kerchief)

Goons got confused ND came towards swara

Swara increased her cry tears too came out dramatically

“hey y ur crying “Goon1 yelled

all the other three are staring her in confusion
even i am confused

Swara: ( in tears) u all came to take my tender file na go take it its in my car back seat

” y she is giving file ” lot of questions are raising in my brain

suddenly Goon 1 i.e (rowdy ) started moving towards car

“u live I will die now ” she Cried loud
“You all know wt ur working for ur boss
In same way I am working for my boss ” she said this while sobbing ?

” If I fail in tender he will fire me out
Then I will fall on road
my family will be on road with me oh noo
Before that I will die ?” she said this while sobbing in tears fake tears ?

Goon2 got tears by seeing swara cry

” u go ND impress ur boss ND sure after completing there work they will throw you on roads u will also cry like me only ? ” She is ? crying badly) again

“wt shall we do now ” goon 3 yelled in confusion

“: Bhaiyya u had knife na plz give me I will die now only I don’t have money to buy knife also plz help mee ?. ” she said Fadely

:Omg owning an BMW ND saying she don’t have a single pie also
This ppl are fools …………..

That goons got Melted by swara emotional talk

Behna don’t talk like that ” he sobbed

She cover her face ” Abb Mai kya karu bhaiyya my brother is not gud like you he will kill me if I lost my job ? started sobbing

I had a question so I wanna ask her : ” who is that brother

Goon2: Behna I am there na to save you from all

“Bhaiyya aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………whispered emotionally”
“Behnaaa aaaaaa………………………………” goon whispered emotionally

” Bhaiyyaaaaa” whispered emotionally

Goon: Behanaaaaaaa

Ek hazaaron mein, meri behna hai

Saari umar humein sang rehna hai ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Goon leader of group he got melted so motivated his team ND decided to leave swara

Goon or rowdy: Behna u go ND file ur tender I will see who will stop you

Swara: No bhayya ur boss may get angry in you u plz don’t get hurt by me plz bhai plz

Goon: No behna I can handle him you go fast it being late

Swara got up from road ” thank you bhaiyya ”

Goon took her hand key nd cleared swara tears ” behana plz don’t cry I am here to save you if anyy problem call me I will come in seconds

” Bhaiyyaaa” Swara whispered emotionally

” Behanaaaaaa ” Goon whispered emotionally

Swara grabbed her wallet ND took 3thousand notes

Bhaiyya take this

Goon: Noo

Swara: Bayyia after winning this contract I will get promotion so we need to celebrate na bhaiyya so nd take care if my di nd maa papa too

Goon ? got tears bcoz still now everyone gave money for there work but never asked or wished them to be happy )

Thank you behna thank you

swara gave then her business card
” Its my card bhaiyya I can give you a perfect job with good salary if ur ready to change this profession
Think ND call mee” she suggested them

Goons took her card ND left happily
we got in car i am speechless

speechless after seeing her talented prank on dangerous situation to she turned fight into an emotional dramas ?

” Wah swara ur multi-talented Ur smart I like it ” i muttered

” Its a thing to deal Mr.mahwswari all the time fight is not right” she answered confidently
i really like it the way she dealed i love that
my desire for her increased now more nd more but i need to control until she fall

” Acha ok lets start we need to hurry “Swara retorted. nd drove the car

swara pov

Our bonding grown up

I am very happy with his company

He is so cool ND now he is my good frnd i stopped arguing with him as i do before

3days later its day of my tender result my tension is on peeks

I tried to hide my nervousness but still I couldn’t hold anymore

He seen me biting my nails

Yes I am eating my nails in nervousness

” don’t u had ur lunch ” he snored

I gave a look at him

But I can fight now I am hell nervous about my tender

Finally I received a email
In no time I had received a fax also

Wt should I check first mail or fax ?

He grabbed the fax so I am checking the mail

Sanskar pov

I had seen the fax its the confirmation of our tender
We just won it wow

She is really hardworking

Kiddo here is ur hard work you won it ” I yelled in happiness”

She turned towards me in excitement she ran towards me ND grabbed the fax

She throwed the paper a side ND hugged me in excitement

Omg she jumped on me with lot of excitement

She is happy bcoz she got tears in happiness I can feel my shirt is wet due to her excitement

Such a emotional girl she is
She seems to be strong by appearance but she is so sensitive ND emotional

I just lost myself in her hug I don’t wanna lose her from my tight embrace

She herself hugged me it means she is falling for me
She is trusting me

It means I am gonna get her soon

My thoughts got brushed out when she is trying to break the hug

I realized it ND i really don’t wanna leave but if i want more i wanna give some time to her

She is em brassed ND she turned her eyes down

She left the cabin with the letter

I can witness her red cheeks like cherries she is blushing hard

I really love it

I think I am falling for her childishness

Do I really just have desire or I love her

Ye Mannat ya phir mohabbat ?

*****to be continued*****

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