************episode starts***********

Swara pov

he pulled me back nd picked my shirt which i tucked in my jeans ?
i got shocked by his sudden act how dare he is to touch me ND GRAB MY SHIRT

“don’t you dare too “?

i roared in angry but i don’t know y i got tears from my eyes
it shows me that i am weak infront of him
am i really helpless ?

nooo swara ur strong enought to fight back

He pulled my shirt I holded his hand to stop him but he holded my waist ND pulled me close by pinching my waist

I yelled in pain tears started flowing continually?

He is so close to me
He whispered ” i wanna know ur answer say na baby “?

I am silent its really hard to handle this situation ?

Answer mee ” he roared ND tightened his grip its hurting me badly ?

Words are not getting out in nervousness i sm unable to speak in his disgusting touch ??

I tried to push him but no use he is so strong

So u don’t wanna answer ” ?

I managed to speak ” let me go ”

He left his grip i took a breath ND tried to open door behind me

He pulled me back in to his embrace with a smirk ?

” i dont need your answer but i need something out

My heart skipped in tension?

I am having different thoughts in mind

Swara nooo he is trying to get close to you noo it should not happen

Sanskar pov

I really wanna tear her shirt into pics ?

She is crying but I don’t know y I am not having any pain

The thing matters me is my desire to have her ?

She is struggling in my grip

If you struggle it would be more bad I warned her ?

Leaned towards her but she turned her face which made me more angry ?

It ranged to peaks
I pulled her shirt ND kissed her collar bone

I bitted her neck

I showed my frustration on her mercilessly

I could feel her tears which are falling down from her chee ks ND touching mine

I wanna drink them all

I want her badly

I want her at any cost

Before I tried to capture her lips I got a sudden sensation on my cheeks
Oh no she slapped me

I fallen on floor with a force she runned away before I react ?
What happened now just a second back

I am remembering

I tried to kiss her
Oh noo I tried to do so

Its first time I am doing such things

But really I wanna kiss her

I got addicted to her it may be lust

But I want her so I tried but how dare she is to slap me
I am
The great sanskar Maheshwari

How can she slap me

Lot of girls in my USA they tried to seduce me ?

But I am so strong but now I am falling on back of this girl

Wt she think of herself ah

I need to make her realize how wrong she did by slapping me
She need to regard for this ??

ND I want you at any cost swara mitra

It may cost ur life but I want you

Oh no wt u did sanskar u showed your another shade to her wt if she says to her dad

Shekhar uncle he will kill you if he knows this

Run stop her fast

I runned out from room nd leaned towards dinning hall its pin drop silent only shekhar uncle ND sumi aunty are there

I gone to her room

But she is not there also

I came back to my room ND I seen from window towards her parking lot

She got in her car ND left

I took a breath finally she dud not said anything to anyone I sm safe ?

swara pov ,

I don’t wanna opposes dad but who the hell he is for you
Y ur bearing all this stupid mess

Being a girl doesn’t mean ur weak
U can fight back

I gained some courage ND slapped him hard

He fallen back on floor before he get up i runned out of room in tears

I folded my shirt back ND runned out of mm by hiding my face from dad ND mom

I cried alot by remembering the that

Actually someone saidd its true
“Crying in BMW is much better then crying on bicycle ”

Bcoz noone knows that we are weak or else we are sad

swara go nd say everything to dad its much better
i droved to office


I directly rushed to swara cabin in hurry

I found priya there

I asked her about swara she answers me that swara is in Shekhar sir cabin

Oh no before she say anything to uncle I need to stop her

I runned to cabin
In side cabin,

Swara: Dad I wanna say something important

Shekhar: Dad ah

Swara: Ha yes dad

Swara: Woh sanskar hai na dad I don’t wanna work with him ?

Shekhar: Y do u had reason

Swara: Ha woh ( she is about to say but sanskar came ND stopped)

Sanskar: Gud mrg uncle

Shekhar: Gud mrg sanskar

Sanskar: Wts going on here actually I wanna talk with swara something important so I came

Shekhar: Oh ntg important u talk to her u carry on

Swara: No dad I wanna say important thing plz listen once ( she is atmost in tears )

Shekhar: We will talk at night now I am busy so u continue ur work

Shekhar left cabin swara was helpless there is no one to listen her

Swara turned her face in angry ? ND about to leave

Sanskar holder swara wrist

Swara gave a deadly glare ?” dont you dare too I will kill you if u do something wrong again ?

Sanskar: Swara I wanna talk to you plz

Swara did not rly sanskar pulled her towards couch ND made her seat

He got on his knees infront of her by holding her hand

Swara gave a scared look she is so afraid she pulled her hand to free

Sanskar: I am sorry I should not behave so

Swara: Wttt

Sanskar: Yes I am really sorry swara

Swara gave blank expression

Swara got up from couch ND ran back to her cabin in tears ?

Sanskar ?followed her at back

Swara pov

Wt happened to him all of sudden he said sorry

No I cant trust him he is like a lion

Trusting him will give lot of pain

But y he is turning so

Is it fake sorry or true

Wt ever swara he is bad don’t trust him ?

How bad he bitted you look its hurting ND paining alot ?

My thoughts brushed WHEN sanskar entered my cabin

I turned towards my PC ? ND started doing my work by ignoring him

He sat in front of me

Nd said in excited tone
” swara plz don’t ignore me ”

I roared” so wt ”

“ur deeds are like that ”

Sanskar: Plzz swara I won’t hurt you again

Actually its all my mind mistake

Situation problem yar I could not controlled my feelings ?
My dirty mind provoked mee

I am sorry plz don’t say anything to uncle he will feel bad

I gave a angry look ” soo wat I hate you I dont wanna see you I will say to my dad by ngt

He roared I seen his angry ?” swara I won’t repeat plz I am sorry”

he got up from his chair nd moved towards me

i am scared i was about to get out from my chair

he came towards me nd holded my chair nd turned it towards him

frankly speaking i am scared i really gonna die with heart stroke

he took a ointment from his jeans nd applied it on my nape on the bitten area

where i closed my eyes in fear he whispered “i am sorry plz don’t say to anyone ”

I don’t wanna risk my life again ? is he really sry or wt ?

he is forcing to forgive also

such a vamp he is ?

sanskars stupid prank makes swara shock

will swara start trusting sanskar ??
wt you do if ur on swara situation will u guys trust that devil ?

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