************episode starts***********

Sanskar:, u know I like ur innocence too
it suits you

ND ur thinking about me is true

I am a flirt only my thoughts are bad from ur pov but I am always right from my pov

So better get adjust to me as soon as possible ?

swara; y should i adjust ur nothing in my life

sanskar; i will be everything of ur life before that i will do something interesting (he moved close towards her nd started leaning towards her with a desire )

swara heart skipped in fear she knows he is bad his eyes are showing his lust towards her

swara ; stay away from mee plz

sanskar;(sanskar held her hand with is as obstacle b/w them nd kissed her wrist )
please ur requesting me ;-

swara; i don’t know but leave me

sanskar; wt you will do if i leave now

swara; woh wohh

sanskar; answer naa wt u will

swara; i will go out silently

sanskar ; (moved back with a smile ) watt i thought u will complaint

swara without hearing anything runned out in nervousness

sanskar pov

wt a girl she is crazy

she changed to escape from my glare ha ha smart girl

i am hardly controlling my feelings wt to doo if she complaints to her dad
i will get reaction from my dad

so naughty sanskar control or else ur dad will kill you

swara pov

wt the hell he think of himself

how noo i will die soon if he be so
how can he kiss me
i headly know him from 2days he is doing all this

swara ur great u have courage face it or shall i say to dad that i can’t work with this vamp

noo noo i can’t sayy bcoz dad trusts him na i don’t wanna break his trust

swara u ignore him yar stay away as much as u can


days passed sanskar is on same flirting mood swara is hating him alot bcoz her mind is fixed that all boys are flirts they see girls in wrong way only so she built a wall of hate

there is tom nd jerry war b/w swasan

where as shekhar nd sumi are trying level best to suppress war swara is acting cool in front of shekhar nd hiding her hatred in her mind

although sanskar don’t care anyone feeling he does wt ever he want a carefree

after a week its Sunday finally she got time to spend with her cousins nd her bestie Kushi

swara didn’t step down from her room as she don’t wanna meet sanskar ,she don’t wanna face him

Kushi came to swara room

swara; (angry ) arey idoit you got time finally

Kushi; ha sorry but u say y ur upset do dad said anything new

swara; no yar he is cool some far but actually a vamp entered in my life he is making my life hell ?

Kushi; ho wt he did

swara; said all the things happened in 3days

Kushi; ho something is fishy y dad is trying to patch you with him

swara; i don’t know but he is so bad ?

Kushi; oh oh wait darling how can you say he is bad in 3days

swara; his behavior is bad he is always trying to take advantage

Kushi ; oh let it be aside just listen now decide later wt to doo

swara; wt u mea

Kushi; first u remove hate nd stat a positive friendship with him

Swara: Friendship ahh

Kushi: Yes give a chance

I always listen to her so I decided to be frndly with him i was thinking to makeup myself adjust with the situation

Its weekend we usually spend our weekends in hell don’t think I got mad
hell is a club its like pub
Our small kingdom for parties

I said mom I am going out with Kushi

Sanskar stepped towards me ND whispered ” can I join you

kushi said ya sure

Where is arnav I whispered

She said he will join there
We drove to hell.

He followed me silently
Kushi introduced all my cousins to him

we got settled in on couch he is staring mee still so to avoid my fear i came aside away from him but still he is glaring me

i avoided in turned aside nd got seated near drinks counter nd ordered a orange juice

suddenly i my eyes got close

no no someone close my eyes from back

he whispered ” can you guess darling ”

i realized its my bro pavan Varma i said pavannnn

he removed his hands nd got seted in front of me “wow ur sharp by cutie he pinched my cheeks

I am much close to pavan he is my brother we talk for hrs causally only but it seems like we are close but I won’t share the things in my mind to him also bcoz he is a male

i just stay away from all men irrespective of relation

I was talking to pavan while sanskar stared me in angry ? he cant hear as but he can see as

I don’t know y but I read his eyes
he is staring me like angry lion i was confused y he is seeing me so am i did anything wrongg ?

I ignored tried to divert my mind ND continued to talk

He came to me with a drink

ND sat beside me in the Swivel Barstool ND turned my chair towards him i am facing pavan he turned me towards him ND placed leg on Swivel stool to stop rotating
He whispered” who is he

I said its none of ur business ”

He gave a deadly glare at mee

He removed his leg from chair I am happy nd turned aside he ordered a drink the waiter served it it fallen on my hand by mistake waiter grabbed a tissue nd gave me

sanskar held a bottle nd broken it on table of bar counter with a force nd shouted out from peak of his voice ” how dare you to touch my property”

I know he is speaking about me nd pavan I gulped in fear by seeing his angry

Sanskar holder the waiter nd about to hit him in angry but pavan stopped him

pavan came nd stopped sanskar from hitting waiter

sanskar is about to hit pavan also but i came in middle

Swara: (shouted) pavan lets go to home plz

I runned out in fear he left the waiter ND followed as

i don’t know y i gave him answer if i dont like him

and y he is angry , is it possessiveness ?

All my cousins came to know how much ego he has but I came to know ” how much possessive he is ”

i runned out of hell in frustration

actually i don’t know wt feeling i got its irritation or nervousness or angry or wttt

i got setted in last seat away from all silently
all my cousins are silent its first time they are quite its all bcoz they got afraid of sanskar

we reached home nd i runned to my room without even saying a bye to anyone

they left to there home

he followed me back its already late all are sleeping in my home

he grabbed me ND PINNED ME TO WALL

sanskar;who is that pavan

i left quite “i had work i dont have time for this stupid things ”

i said this in nervous ness

i said in confident harsh tone nd about to leave but i felt a strong grip on my wrist
yes its sanskar again

he left my hand before i could realize he pulled me into a tight bone breaking hug i struggled hard to loose from the hug but he is strong he holded my arms with his

finally i lost nd gave up he caressed my head softly nd whispered “relax don’t shout ”

clam down baby

i wrapped my hands around his shoulders as he pulled me very close i adjusted in his hug i cried hard very badly

i don’t know y but first time i cried in front of a person i used to hide my pain nd pressure towards me but first time i cried out that to in his embrace

after some time i rushed relised my position ndpushed him back nd runned to my room

again i had not slept whole night its horrible i am thinking of him only
my mind is mixed with lot of questions but noone are ready to answer mee

sanskar pov,

i dont know do i hurted her or not but i am happy bcoz i hugged her

the thing matters me is my happiness

being close to her is making me happy

i dont want her stay away from me

even she don’t like i dont bother

i want her


i got ready for office by 6only i thought to leave before dad bcoz i don’t wanna be with this sanskar

i got ready nd came down by holding my bag nd keys for my shock my dad is in living room by reading news paper

he is concentrated on news paper so i tough to escape before he notice
i took baby steps nd about to leave but he seen mee oh no

he called me “swara where ur leaving so mrg

i whispered obediently “office ”

ho have ur breakfast nd leave then

i again accepted obediently by nodding my head

u guys are thinking na if i don’t like y i said yes “its his kingdom wt ever in starting the ending should be as per my dad wish ”

so if we know we will lose then accepting defeat is much better before war at least we can save our energy

i had my breakfast in hurry just i had .2silce of bread nd a glasss of jicue ” my dad came nd got set in front of me

mom came out from kitchen with glass of milk i think its for vamp

dad “sumi serve me breakfast ”

mom .ha just 2mins i will come after giving this to sanskar “she said
but my dad “noo u serve me breakfast swara will give that to sanskar ”


my face turned colors by hearing this i wanna shout out loud that “y should i goo ”

mom placed try in front of me i signed her no with my eyes she showed dad

dad “swara go nd give it to sanskar nd then leave for office ”

i silently placed my bag aside nd took the tray nd left to his room

my heart is struggling to knock the door before knocking i once checked my dress its perfect i am wearing green shirt formal with a jeans

some how i managed nd knocked the door he opened it in next second

he is wearing na jeans nd a sleeveless t-shirt
i turned my face in embarrassment

he whispered in teasing tone ” i had clothes ok better open ur eyes ”

i downed my eyes nd “maa said to give this ”

he said; place it on table he gave me way

i nodded nd left towards table

he is rubbing his wet hair as wet only i think he had shower right before

i was about to leave but he blocked my way in next step

he whispered ” yesterday u had not answered me ”

i know wt he mean but i acted as i am unaware “wt i answered

sanskar;who is that pavan

i left quite “i had work i dont have time for this stupid things ”

i said in confident harsh tone nd about to leave but i felt a strong grip on my wrist
yes its sanskar again
he grabbed me in nd closed door with a force nd pinned me to the wall beside door with a force

he roared in angry “while i am asking something u need to answer don’t you dare to ignore me ”

i gulped in fear

y he is behaving so odd with mee wt the right he have to order me

sanskar moved close to mee nd cupped my face i left speechless i don’t know wt to react actually i am trying to build courage but nouse i am failing always

he said in husky tone “okk relax i won’t shout u just answer mee i don’t like anyone neglecting me……………. mainly you ”

i nodded silently ‘c..can i goo ”

sanskar; noo not yet answer me first

he pressed this word by moving close to me ” i wanna know ur answer ”

i am nervous “woh u want that answer only na so i said ”
now u got ur answer na let me go i am getting late to office

i pushed him back nd about to leave

but he held me back with a tight grip

he pulled me back nd picked my shirt which i tucked in my jeans

i got shocked by his sudden act how dare he is to touch me ND GRAB MY SHIRT

“don’t you dare too ”

i roared in angry but i don’t know y i got tears from my eyes

am i really helpless ?


precap; kiss or slap ?

guys i really feeling bad for ur fall in response i know i am not good writer ur response is making me feel that i am bad writer if u be silent i will wrap ff soon
this msg is for silent readers

p.s ; i i respect the feeling of my regular readers u mean alot for me i had lot of work still i gave update its bcoz of you keep supporting

© BHANU JANU-All Copyrights Reserved 2016.

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