He slapped her back with a force….

” I’m trying to be cool but …. you’re always waking up the beast in me … U wanna see Nah ..come I will show you…” He yelled while pulling her Down and he came on top

“No.. Please…. Lea…” Her pleadings left incomplete as he smashed her lips by his’s .. he took her lower lip in his mouth and started sucking and biting it to… let her open her mouth but she wasn’t opening her mouth he started biting her like a beast …. Making her yell and blood oozing out from her lip … he entered her mouth while she started struggling to made her free …under his grip but he bites hard inside her mouth while caressing her waist …he pressed himself more on her making her… to stop throwing her legs ….. She was all numb fears were all hunting over her face …

She struggled to free herself… but it’s impossible … as her hands are tied in an uncomfortable position she kept on Crying… ??

She remembered about her Swiss knife … She stretched her hands down towards her pocket ….while sanskar is lost in kissing her neck

She grabbed her knife …from her back pocket and cutted the tied shirt around her hands…

As soon as… her hands are free …she smashed her knife towards sanskar… Sanskar was about to move his hand towards her waist … She stabbed his hand with a swing moment … Sanskar grabbed his bleeding palm in pain …

” s… St…stay away ..from m…me… Or..or else.. I will kill you …” She yelled while gesturing knife

” knife … I forgot this ..” He scolded himself

” leave me or else I will stab you …” She yelled while getting down from bed

” noo noo… ” he yelled in angry

He placed his leg on the carpet …on her path she fall on ground it hurted her left knee

” if not today ….I can’t get you again. Life or death. It should be fixed only today… I really don’t care even I die … ” he yelled while hitting his bleeding hand on the wall

” please sanskar..plz stop this … Plz ” she yelled while crawling in pain away

” noo… I can’t let you run away this time … I want you swara … I want you ” he yelled like a mad

” I will stab u really..'” She yelled while crawling back in pain

He held her knife with his bleeding hand … It hurted his palm completely… Blood is flowing down his hand …

Swara left the knife in shock …by seeing the blood …

” sanskar are you mad … ” she yelled in tears while holding his bleeding hand

” she grabbed her hand key and tried it around his hand with consent… By seeing his pain she forgot his past actions.

“No..I don’t want your fake consent… I know.. I mean nothing to you.. ” he yelled while jerking his hand from her …

She slapped him with a force …

” who the hell said you … .. You seriously mad ..wat ur thinking is wrong.. You have a family sanskar… You have….. So many ppl who are loving. But your spoiling your image by your stupid arrogant behavior

Plz sanskar this is not right…” She yelled in tears

” Haan. I don’t want any right or wrong.. I don’t want anyone or anything ..I only want you… ” he yelled in angry

” I wanna marry you. But you..smashed my dreams. Since childhood….., I kept on listening to you. But I stopped thinking about anyone .now…..I only care about myself.. ..

He yelled while grabbing her towards him in angry.

Please sanskar ..please .. ” she pleaded to calm him

” you hate me. It’s ok.I don’t wanna beg anyone to love me…” He yelled while Pushing her on the bed … with a force… her blood started flowing down her knee her blue jeans turned black bcoz of blood …

he held her hand with his bleeding hand … while tucking her hair aside…. she pushed him back

he fallen side on the bed …
please stop this…m.please.. plz .. I’m sorry ..I will never say anything to anyone plz ..” she pleaded in tears

…Plz leave me….Let me go ….I won’t say to anyone here after Plz let me go home

” Oh u wanna go home, ok go, ” he said with an evil smirk

She got up from bed to leave
” And listen you have 10 mins time do anything
On 11th min I will start my work ” he said with evil smile

” plz let me go sanskar, y ur doing this ” she yelled in tears

” Shh we are in an isolated place away from city so u can’t do anything now ur trapped

U have two options

……….One is to lose urself tonight

Or next, you should listen to me my every deal
you should accept

“Wt you want to say me ”

“Noo no plz leave ….She is crying continuously fully panic ”
He kissed her furiously … And moved apart by feeling her tears

He is thinking … It as wrong but he don’t wanna stop but something is stopping him… he brushed his thoughts.
His inner feelings are making him mad

He removed his shirt in btw

Plz leave me plz ” she is sobbing helplessly?

” shuuu don’t cry, ” he said while placing his finger on her lips ?

Plz leave me plz ” she yelled in tears?

He kissed her cheeks…

” she is staring him in fear ?

” plz don’t do this with me plz leave if you have any angry on me kill me in on go…. plz” she sobbed helplessly ??

Ha, cool baby …don’t cry how can …I kill you ah…. ur my desire ?…my love… my crush and even you said me that u love me…

” noo… I will do anything you say….. leave me now..plz..” she pleaded him

“sach.. will you do anything … “he asked with a smirk

“ha..promise ..I will do anything plz leave me…. ” she said in tears while crawling back in fear

“Ok done ..i will postpone this if u..Just clear our family that you love me and you wanna marry me

She gave a shocking expression

” say this and marry me or else I will end up everything in one night I.e tonight ?

He moved closer towards her lusty

” ha I will say them ” she yelled while sobbing

Say again Jaan” he yelled with mischieve smirk?

” ha I will marry you but-but… ” she yelled

” but wt, ” he asked while moving close

” you should stay away from me” she yelled while pushing him back

” acha it’s my time… only I can give you rules, soo better don’t you dare to say… these thing’s” he yelled in angry

Please stop this nonsense, ok gud ur rule’s… everything goes on ur wish but now Plz let me goo… please sanskar leave me” she sobbed in tears ??

“shh don’t cry baby I won’t do anything… see I won’t do but u promise me that you will be my wife, ” he asked like a mad ?

” ha.. but please let me go now ” she yelled while sobbing

” ha ok cool now u sleep we will go tomorrow morning,” he said nd got up to leave

” Nooo I want to go home now” she yelled in tears

” not now, it’s not safe to travel now just sleep we will go tomorrow,” he said in cold voice

” Noo I don’t wanna be here ” she yelled in frustration

” I said you already just shut up ND sleep no more arguments if u argue more I will change my decision it won’t be gud … for you …I think,” he said in dangerous tone

Swara gulped her fear ?

” please I wanna go home…. dad may be waiting for plz,” she asked requesting

” no I had informed them long back that we won’t come home tonight,” he said

I hate you-you stupid vamp I really hate you more ND more ND more

” acha you hate me gud hate me as much as you want I don’t care but remember each confession increase’s ur pain, ” he said and kissed her forehead and made her lie on bed forcibly

Whereas swara is struggling in his grip ?

” sleep swara” he yelled while holding her arms

” plz leave me” he murmured and fainted in his embrace

Sanskar removed her hands which are diggen in his shoulders ND made her sleep properly

.he make swara where his t-shirt on her shirt

He cutted her jeans up to her knees nd made first aid for the wound on her knee and covered her with a quilt …

he slept beside her .. while pulling her in his warm embrace…

~~~~~~to be continued~~~~~~~~

Note: sorry for short update… Will give next part soon means tomorrow if ur feed back is OK …do vote and comment
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