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sanskar pulled her with a force and thrower her on the bed he tied her hands tight to the bed with her scarf

Swara is just struggled to know wt happened in BTW …oh noo such a vamp.

U stupid vamp .u stupid idiot ” she yelled while hitting him with her legs

” u the hell … I will kill u idiot” she yelled in frustration

“Shu don’t fight let me concentrate, ” he said while brushing her hair
“mommmmmmmmm dadddddd ” she yelled out loud
he closed her mouth in seconds with his palm

“Don’t you dare to shout .. wait let me check outside first ” he grabbed his hand key nd tied around her face carefully with a low grip like allowing her to breathe properly

“baby plz be quite I will come in sometime ”

Swara struggled to yell out but the gag is not letting her voice out

” sry, Jaan no use I will open when my work is done, ” he said with a smirk

she gave an angry look

still, then u better learn some new word’s to scold me except that stupid and idiot … Kiddo ” he left room with a smirk ??

” first u unlock urself then think about killing me, ” he said with a mischieve wink ?

” Don’t you dare ” she yelled in angry

” even in this helpless position ur showing this much attitude ”

” a fire is a fire even it is small or big it burn’s you if u touch it ok ” she yelled

” bye jaan cu later ” he left

After 30 mins he opened the door

“I think your waiting for me, ” he said while snoring towards her

She struggled through handkerchief

“OK cool I will remove that handkerchief but you should not shout
” even you shout there is none to hear you ”

Swara gave a shocking expression

” yes, baby ur mom went to temple and ur dad and bade papa are busy in getting depressed about ur di that to poolside soo far away from this room … And last and most interesting one is all the servants are on leave.??

He said with a mischievous smirk ?

He came up towards her nd He removing handkerchief from her mouth

Swara grabbed this as opportunity and hit him hard with her left leg on his abdomen by which sanskar feel on floor while winching in pain

” Don’t you dare to plan on me ” she yelled in angry

Sanskar is crawling on floor in pain while holding his abdomen

” you such a devil ” he whispered in pain

” not more than you first uncuff mee ” she yelled back

” you want me to UN cuff ” he questioned while getting up from floor

” yes..right now ”

” you gave me more pain today I want to give double so I won’t ” he snored in her ears while causing shiver to her

” wt do you mean you stupid vamp leave me ”

” I mean let’s play a game ” he chuckled in her ear

” watt”

” yes I will give u 10 mins ..u can hit however u want nd where ever u want …but after 10mins I.e 11th minute I will kiss you in the same places where you hitted me, ” he said with a smirk

” what are u mad ..I will kill u ” she yelled in angry while struggling in the cuff

” arey cool I will start ur waist ? it’s the most s*xist spot to kiss ”

” wt the hell stop irritating me ”

” Nah I can’t stop Jaan, ” he said with a smirk

” maaaaaa maa maa …dadddd ” she yelled

” chuppp chupp, not a word just keep quite none can listen to u then y ur hurting ur throat .. If utter one More word then it really ends up with a lip lock or more then that choice is urs… ” ?he said while caressing her cheeks

” ah u stupiddddd how dare u ” she yelled while hitting her legs to jerk him off

He gritted teeth in angry and got. On bed, while leaning close towards her she can feel his hot breath caressing her shivering lips

” shall I…” He whispered in husky tone

She gulped and nodded a noo while sticking herself in the pillow

” ur sweated before starting only ..? ” he said while caressing her face with his thumb

” It’s too much uncuff me she whispered while sweating

” y should I waste a chance ” ” he whispered with a smirk

She crawled back on bed to move away but its hard he is on top of her while caging her in btw

..he leaned close she closed her eyes in fear
Suddenly he moved back …
“I like this but this is not right …even this is right.. this concept doesn’t suit you kiddo …” He said while moving away

She gave a confused look
As she couldn’t understand wat he mean but she took a breath that he don’t want to hurt her now

” did u understood wt I said, ” he said while removing his overcoat

” she nodded a no again innocently

” haha ? this the reason to refer u as kiddo, ” he said with a teasing smile

“Wat do u mean, ” she asked innocently

” I mean.. Wt I said … U can’t understand now … I will explain you after our marriage ”

” u stupid vamp I don’t wanna marry you ..” She yelled

” really u deserve a punishment for rejecting me always, ” he said with a smirk

He moved towards her legs and held them firmly on her ankles

” wt the hell ur doing.. Leave my legs u stupid ” she yelled while struggling

” how’s this ” he whispered while caressing her feet with his fingers which causing Tickle’s

He continued playing with her while tickling her she finally lost control and laughed out uncontrollably ???

” arey..noo stop. ..I can’t laugh ..” She chuckled while laughing

” Nah I won’t stop until u listen to me”. He said while tickling her more and more ?

Swara turned red bcoz of continues laughter ??

Her teary face changed in just seconds

” plz sunny… Stop ” she chuckled in BTW ??

Sanskar is happy while hearing this from her

” will u stop hitting me if I remove that cuff ” he yelled while tickling her legs

” yes … ??? plz stop this ” she whispered in BTW

” you shouldn’t run away, ” he asked

” ha baba I won’t plz stop ” ?

Sanskar removed the scarf with cuffed her and made her hands free

Swara laughed out still while holding her stomach. ..??

He got on bed nd sat while folding his one leg

Swara gained up and crawled back on the bed

Whereas sanskar grabbed her leg nd placed it on his lap which made swara shock ?

” wat ur doing ”

” Shh I have something for you, ” he said while grabbing a box from his pocket. …

He opened the box it contains a set of platinum anklets(payal )…..

” I shopped them long back …only for you I think these suit you more ..I wanna see how these look on your ankles, ” he said while moving her pant on ankles?

Swara just started him in shock nd surprise

He placed the anklets.. ( payal)on her left ankle nd grabbed her another leg nd did same
She closed her eyes tight nd clutched her bedsheet as his cold fingers are moving on her shivering skin it causing some unknown feeling to her which she never felt before ..this is really new ?

Sanskar saw her ” it added beauty to this ornament I wish I could be this payal which can hug ur legs always”

Swara opened her eyes with a jerk after listening to his last sentence she blushed slightly ??

” It’s beautiful Jaan ” he whispered

Her blushing face turned into angry face…. when she realized the things he has done with her

” wt the hell .. I’m talking with you…. shit …” She yelled in angry

” so wat ”

” get the hell out of my sight.. ” she roared in angry

then she heard a knocking sound

Swasan heart skipped

” uncle…” Sanskar whispered

” let him know wt real you… ” she whispered in angry

” OK but clear this mess first, ” he said

He replaced the bed properly swara removed the things on floor

Swara left towards door to open

” one sec ” he covered his injury with his hair while gulping his pain nd he got seated on edge of bed

” why he is behaving so gud today after spoiling my happiness. ” she whispered in her Mind nd opened the door

Her dad stood in front of her

” swara is… sanskar is with you, ” he asked swara….she just nodded

Shekhar came in. nd saw sanskar on the bed while he is using his pH

” sanskar. ”

” ha uncle ”

” swara actually we had decided to do ur marriage soon I.e next month nd next week is ur engagement ”

Which made swara shock nd sanskar smirks towards swara

” Dad I don’t want this marriage ” she yelled while closing her eyes

” swara stop saying foolish reasons … Always you can’t find love before marriage nd sanskar is right choice ” he said in calm tone

” dad he… Is bad I don’t want to marry him plz ”

” see swara already ur sister spoiled or pride I don’t want to face that if we do more late I can’t answer this society ..I can’t live without my status … just think if you want ur dad to be alive then marry as per my wish think nd say at least you want your dad or not by evg ”

He left in angry

Swara stood numb for a second

” soo Jaan next week is our engagement nd next month is our wedding wah wah this is the best news I have heard in my life, ” he said while plucking her cheeks nd gave a winning smirk

She gave a shocking expression

———————to be continued-——–

Note : seriously you guys are breaking writers confidence .. It’s OK I’m complaining ? but it’s disturbing me… only 15 comments actually … I think that … my work don’t Worth for you. so I don’t wanna waste your time So I’m taking a back step now ….I.e I’m going to stop posting ? this story will be continued only on watt pad .. I will quit tu also ?. And my regular readers it’s my kind request read on watty plz or else msg me on FB I will pm u every part u can fine my id in comments

Really it’s destroying my confidence .. If I don’t post I don’t need to get disappointed right … i don’t want 150 likes I just need minimum at least a 100
I will see up to part 25 if it’s same then .. I will confess my final decision

P.s : I don’t mean to hurt anyone .. Kindly think writer POV plz

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