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he pinned her to the glass wall “let them I don’t care ”

“plz sanskar behave urself ” she murmured in fear nd disgust

“u can propose someone in front of all nd in front of ur fiance but I shouldn’t kiss you ahaan isn’t it wrong … u should ??
u should know the side effects of hurting my ego don’t you… ” he whispered with a smirk while caging her with his hands

“I.III I’m sry plz stop this, ” she said in pleasing tone

“time up jaan lets complete ur punishment for you.. nd dare for me ” ??
he said while leaning towards her
sanskar placed a lingering kiss on her neck while caressing her waist
she is trying hard to stop him but.. its impossible

“plz stop this sanskar ” she murmured in tears but he is in no mood to listen

“did u cried before completing ur dare… of proposing him then y ur crying now, ” he asked while biting her neck

she gasped in pain if she opposes him everyone will come to know about her hate towards sanskar nd sanskar will spoil her whole family peace
“plz stop this “she whispered with her trembling lips

he stared at her teary face he sucked her tears which flowing out on her cheeks ” stop cried nd struggling wt will our frnd think ah ” he whispered while leaning close
” say me u belong to me na these rosy petals belongs to me ” he asked while caressing her lips with his thumb

“i-m sry plz stop this it’s enough I won’t do again plz let me go ” she murmured in tears

“no, I don’t have mood to listen… just one kiss jaan ” he is about to capture her lips nd about to kiss but he got again rewarded with a slap swara gave a slap due to nervousness in fear she did it …. everyone is shocked to see this poster from the transparent glass cabin

swara ran out off the cabin towards the exit of the club
but sanskar held her in seconds swara had fallen a couch with a tight slap which is rewarded by sanskar

sanskar moved towards her furiously nd squeezed her throat with a force “don’t you dare to do this again ” he roared with angry filled eyes

she cried out in pain nd fear she is unable to hold her breath due to his tight grip on her throat
sanskar left her throat she breathed out loud once

“never ever dare to do this u will see my worst ” he snored in angry

swara gulped in fear she is just crying while closing her eyes in fear

sanskar heard the sound of footsteps he left the place in angry

rags came towards swara she is shocked to see swara in such a condition as swara is crying badly rags is unaware of sanskar behavior
“swara….. ” rags whispered while placing her hand on swara shoulder

swara moved away with a jerk in fear

“swara… it’s me ur di ”

without a word, swara hugged rags in tears “I haven’t done anything di ” she said while sobbing on her shoulder

“kiddo don’t cry plz ntg is wrong ” rags tried to calm her but swara is scared while she is sobbing in fear

“swaraaaa are you ok come on have some water first, “she said in comforting tone

swara hugged rags nd cried out aloud:”I haven’t meant to slap him di ” she murmured while crying

“shuuu ntg is wrong swara ur feelings are ok even everyone will feel nervous, don’t cry swara

swara is still crying badly while holding rags meanwhile, everyone came out
“is everything ok ” lucky asked

“noo lucky it’s not ok nd u stupid idiot liketh who the hell said you to give stupid dares ah ” she yelled at him

“oh hello I said anyone ok he has chosen our kiddo wt is my fault, ” liketh asked

“I know you did this with a plan don’t act so ” rags yelled in angry

“ha so wat I’m just trying to know this kiddo dare, ” he said with a mischieve smirk

” u such a stupid don’t you know this swara is not ok with all this stuff ” she roared in angry

“ok now stop fighting on this she is scared to yar ” lucky said

“I think we should leave now lucky bye you guys enjoy catch you later ”

rags drove back to mansion nd made swara sleep nd left to sanskar room

sanskar room,

sanskar is busy in drinking vodka

rags knocked his door …sanskar got alerted he hidden the vodka bottle under his bed nd had a mouth freshener with a mint to reduce the smell
he used room spray throughout the room in 3mins he opened the door nd he is shocked to see rags he expected it may be Shekhar or sumi but its rags now

” sanskar I wanna talk something important with you ”

“yeah sure come in, ” he said in a calm tone
but his mind is getting a million thought that does swara said her everything …no she can’t dare to say … then y rags came to me so late night

” I’m sry sanskar on behalf of swara she is still a kid she needs some time to be comfortable with you, ” rags said

sanskar just listened to it silently

” I think she is not ready for marriage also … I mean she is too young to marriage so you try to understand her situation nd talk with dad give her some space to understand nd accept this ”

sanskar is not ready to accept this ” it’s ok rags I will talk to her about this you may leave I will cu mrg ”

“ok sanskar gud ngt don’t worry she will love you soon ” rags left

he locked his door nd again started drinking by thinking all the things happened btw them

next day rags woke up but swara is still sleeping she got fresh up nd came out still swara is not moving its already 7 am

rags left towards swara nd moved her by shoulder she can feel her body heat

she turned off her AC nd got the first aid box nd gave a tablet to swara

by afternoon swara is fine some far

all of sudden she yelled in sleep ” please leave meeee ”
rags made her awake ” swara swara it’s me swara wake up open ur eyes swara ”

swara cried out loud ” di plz don’t leave me ”

rags understood that something is wrong with swara

“shhh I won’t go anywhere come on sleep kiddo, ” she said while comforting her

” di plz don’t leave me alone”
Plz … Swara is sobbing badly in fear

” shuu relax jaan I’m here only na I won’t go anywhere relax baby calm down

Sacch u won’t go na ” swara asked innocently ?

Ha I won’t go anywhere ok now relax ”

Meanwhile, sumi came ND gave to for swara she made her eat well

Swaragini are alone

” swara shall I ask you something you should say truth,” rags said

Swara nodded her head

” y ur this much scared for wt ur scared for just that small kiss ur scared or wat, ” she asked

Swara just stared her in shock
” woh woh I felt uncomfortable soo ”

” ur uncomfortable with his single touch then how can u marry him ”
” wt ever ur feeling y cant u express that to sanskar ”
U both are going to be life partners
U should share ur feelings with words sometimes or else how can he understand”

Swara just gave a blank expression

” if he understands y should I suffer like this ” she whispered silently

” wat swara … ”

” woh he can’t understand di all men are same they just treat women as a need that’s it then how I expect sanskar gud ”

” shuu shut up swara that’s not like that there are still few men who respect women look even Shekhar baba respect na nd even lucky do ”

” ha may be but sanskar is not that type,” swara said confidently

” means swara wt u mean … U mean he. ”

Their words are distributed by sudden sound

” hi jaan how ur feeling now ” a familiar voice ?

” s…sanskar ” swara crawled back on bed nd held rags hand tight in fear

Rags can sense her fear towards sanskar

” how ur feeling now baby, ” he asked with a smirk ?

Swara gulped in fear ?

” I wanna talk something important….. are u free now, ” he asked

Swara is quite she held rags even tighter she signed her with eyes that not to go

Sanskar grabbed swara other hand nd caressed it slowly but he held that firmly

” ok u guy’s carry on I will join after attending this call, ” rags said nd about to leave but swara cried by holding her hand more tighter

” kiddo baby don’t cry I’m here only he is ur sunny he won’t eat you ” rags left while leaving swasan alone

” don’t cry jaan plz I hate that tears, ” he said

Swara haven’t answered anything she turned her face aside while closing her eyes

” I’m sry to slap you yesterday I can’t control my angry sometimes now don’t get scared of me now I won’t hurt you
Hereafter I won’t hurt you ?

Swara gulped in fear she is sobbing silently

” come on baby speak up, ” he said while caressing her cheeks sensuously ?

Swara crawled back in fear she don’t have guts to avoid him nor to answer him

Sanskar turned her face she opened her eyes slightly
He kissed her cheek in which he slapped her

Swara clutched her bed sheet in fear ?

Tears rolled down her cheeks ?

” plz leave me…” She whispered while sobbing

” ok cool I won’t do anything before marriage but plz don’t cry baby it’s just a kiss.. y ur overreacting,” he asked with a smirk ?

Swara left silent ?

Her fear changed into shock after seeing rags in front of them

” di…

Before answering she rushed towards sanskar ND gave him a tight slap

Swara Jaws’ dropped by seeing rags angry on. Sanskar

She rushed towards sanskar ND stood in middle btw ragsan

” s..sanskar really I haven’t said anything really really ” ?

” get the hell out from middle swara why ur encourage this stupid domination” rags yelled in angry

” di noo plz nothing like that plz don’t shout loud, ” swara said in fear

” just shut up swara you don’t know anything nd you sanskar… don’t you dare to raise ur hand on my sister may be she will be quite but I’m here to support her always
Wt kind of man ur how can you treat my swara in this way

Sanskar is trying to control his angry
” ntg like that ur misunderstanding rags ” sanskar said in slow voice

” oh ok I will show you the true understanding come on listen to this ”

She grabbed her pH which she has hidden under swara pillow


while sanskar came in rags observed swara nd sanskar eyes are clearly saying the matter

rags grabbed swara ph nd dialed her num from swara ph nd rags placed swara ph under her pillow
nd she took excuse from swasan that she wanna attend a call

rags came out of the room nd heard their entire conversation through her ph


” I had heard ur conversation with swara I heard every word wt u spoken with her

” actually you don’t deserve my swara you better stay in ur America just get out from my sister life

swasan are shocked to see her angry

“rags plz listen, ” sanskar said

” nooo, i cant listen to anything …I will give you one day time by tomorrow evening you should say to everyone that u don’t want this marriage if u fail then I will show ur true face to all this may not work we have CCTV footage in club which will be saved for a yr…. better stay away from my sister”

Swara is shocked ? with this all

Sanskar left the place in angry ?

” dii wt you did ” swara sobbed badly

” swara don’t cry he can do nothing ok don’t be like a crowd”

Swara hugged her in tears ?


author note: I had started a new story on watt pad “dealing a devil ” it’s a complicated story so I don’t want any -ve thoughts on it ..if you are ok with devil story you guys can read on watt pad
it will be posted on privacy i.e a followers post
kindly don’t judge a book by it’s cover

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