Title: Mannat – desire – desire may be lot of ways its may be possession or obsession or lust or anything beyond that too

Mohabbat- Pyar – love only love ❤


sanskar left to his room he scanned entire place finally his eyes fallen on swara pic beside his bed

He grabbed it in seconds ND got seated on bed by starting itt with a smirk ?


how childish she is ?

i though when she is silent that she had lot of attitude nd egoo butt its all due to fear nd dispine ha ha
i like itt

the nervous expression on her face woww i love it

she is amazing wo attitude woh confidence her sweetness everything are out of world she is my girl for whom i am searching from yrs

arey the thing i tried is right but its just miss i really intentionally fallen on her i thought to kiss but its just miss my bad luck anyways her cheeks are so soft i like it ?

even i kissed her she used to feel it as accident i used to feel as romance ……..dirty mind ?

its ok sanskar you can get more chances in this month only

nd you guys don’t think that i am womanizer nd all
whatever the feeling i have are only for swara

Ha I had girl friends but I never showed interest in touching nd all they are up to friendship but she is more then frnd

i don’t believe on love nd all everything in life is just a deal a DEALLL

it just runs on a policy —give nd take policy

All though my family likes her i know her in childhood so i thought to give a trail but when i meet her yesterday i had fallen i got the feeling for 1st time in life

Desire to have her soon

I want her to be mine ha its may be LUST I don’t mine OR I DONT CARE
wt u name it
But I want her even she hate mee

  i got everything still now nd for sure i will get her also EVEN SHE WISH OR NOT

any ways the great sanskar how can anyone don’t like mee

so swara get ready to be mine (he slept by thinking )

(NOTE; sanskar is really bad he dont have any feeling like love or sympathe he is stone the thing he care is himself his satisfaction his happiness )

swara pov ,

Next day

i did not slept whole ngt by thinking this things
i can say only one thing he is baddd his eyes are saying me wt his mind thinking
wrong minded like

Breakfast time ND its Friday
I need to drop my mom to temple ND its common I be traditional on Friday so I got ready in pink saree its so simple nd I like it only

I left to breakfast already all my family ND this stupid sanskar is present oh no ?

I gained some courage nd left towards them ND had my seat its infront of him ND I silently had my breakfast

My dad “swara u nd sanskar leave to office together

I spited out food in shock ” wtt dad its not possible?

My dad;wt not possible

I downed my head nd whispered ” I wanna go with mom to temple

Dad : From when u started trusting gods ?

I just seen in shock ” wow dad actually woh

Dad : I will drop sumi u go with sanskar

Swara: In my car ah noway ?

Dad: I said to drop him I am not asking to sell ur car

I whispered ” I wanna drop this person ”

Dad: ok now go fast. Swara

I had no option left so rushed as dad said
We stood infront of my car my lovely bmw this is the only thing in my life as per my wish so I love it the most ??

Sanskar: Nice car

Swara: Yeh I know so I got it

Sanskar: Acha anyway I wont believe in gods too every thing in world just run on money

Swara gave a deadly grace
Mr.Maheshwari I won’t accept this point everything run on affection ND commitment on relation too

Sanskar ho really
Then y ur still single

I : Who said I am single I had boy frnd 1yr old

Sanskar: Wtt ?

Swara: Woh meru boy frnd hai ( she showed car )

Sanskar: Oh boyfriend then husband kun hai

swara; if few yrs it will be my hubby

sanskar; are u mad i think its medical problem cant u find any human as ur bf

swara; (angry look ) things are better then ppl they atleast listen even they not rly ?

sanskar; ur so s*xy in this saree 😉 nd ur hot while ur angry ?

Swara : Behave urself Mr.maheswari ?

Sanskar: I am behaving u know beauty is for pleasure ND enjoyment it should be appreciated ?. If not it become waste na

swara gave disgusting look nd got in car

Both got in car swara sat in driving seat

Sanskar stared her waist with a ? smirk swara felt irritated

He just searching a way to look on dirty mind ?

she grabbed the pallu from other side ND placed it on her hand completely covered her visible side of saree

sanskar turned his face in disappointment

Swara started engine

Sanskar: Can I drive

Swara: Noo I won’t like anyone touching my things

Sanskar: Its just car

Swara: So wat its mine even its test drive is made by me

Sanskar: U female drivers na drive very very slow like tortoise

Swara: Never under estimate girls u will regard later ?

Sanskar : Ho really stop joking ND let go

Swara: So u don’t wanna use seat belt ?

Sanskar: Yes’s will anyone use seat belt while travelling on bicycle

Swara: Great enjoy the ride ( she stepped on accelerator ND applied 5th gear. It raised she removed her grip on break i just seconds

ND car rushed faster with a speed of 200cc

Sanskar got jerked by sudden speed he grabbed seat belt ND placed it in fear

Sanskar: ? Swara ji y ur driving over speed

Swara: U only asked na, so I am showing are u scared ? ?

Sanskar:( trying to hide his fear) ? no no traffic hai na soo

Swara: Dont worry I know other route with low traffic ?

Sanskar:( monolog) oh no this girl is mad oh noo wt if any accident happen i don’t even know any hospital here

Swara: I know hospitals her i had license too so cool

Sanskar:( shocked by swara answer )

Swara: I guessed sanskar ji ?

Sanskar closed his eyes in fear ?

swara drove to office

Asap swara stopped car sanskar rushed fast nd got down he is sweated

Swara: How is my lift 😉

Sanskar: Gud gudd

Swara: Shall i drop u evg

sanskar; no thanks i had other work u carry on


i drove my car to office with a speed of 220 kms bcoz i wanna get rid of his eye sight too I AVOIDED TRAFFIC RULES TOO

oh finally i reached office i got down from car i rushed to my cabin where as all my staff are wishing me a gud mrg i just gave a formal smile i rushed…………………. for my shock he followed me i just turned back near the door of my cabin i gave a look at him
“mr.maheswari you plz wait in dads cabin he is on the way

sanskar; no its ok i will wait here ?

swara; i had important work so plz if you don’t mine ✋

sanskar; its ok (he left my cabin ‘

he left finally i took a deep breath nd sat on my place
i don’t know y i am feeling so uncomfortable with him ‘?

i am very suffocate in his eye glare nd by his presence around me
it may be bcoz i never moved with boys so i may be nervous
arey swara cool he is just a guest he will get away after few days so cool nd concentrate

Swara pov end
Sanskar entreted

sanskar pov; she is crazy wt a speed i should be carefull orelse she will kill with speed only

wt a girll

Shekhar cabin my thoughts are brushed out when shekhar uncle came inside the cabin

shekhar; sanskar ur alone here where is swara

sanskar; woh uncle she said she had work soo 

shekhar ;(got angry he grabbed his ph nd dialed a number ?


swara pov

i am doing my work in serious mode as i need to file a tender in next week suddenly i got a call its dad i just answered it in sec
dad roared out ?” come to my cabin fast ”
i threw my ph aside nd ran to his cabin
i peped into room “Shekhar sir

(yes u heard right he is sir only i hate mixing professional nd personal life nd i am just managing director of this company like a employee he is my boss chairman of this mitra group wtever i want i wanna earn my own but he never gives a chance to do
so i just wait for the day when i could grow )

my thoughts are brushed when i heard dad voice i.e here my boss shekhar mitra

shekhar; swara wt ur doing now

swara; woh woh i am preparing tender of sector 4

shekhar; ok listen sanskar is new to this field nd country too so you better make him aware of here situations

swara; woh no actually i am also a new learner na dad i just joined yr back still i am studying too na?

shekar; woh woh kya i said na help him he gonna join in our firm only as our partner

swara; hell shocked )?; y partner dad we can lead sole

shekhar; no i want him to be nd its final

sanskar; uncle may be she wont like

shekhar gave a angry glare t swara

swara understood :no i am ok mr.maheswari i will guide you

shekhar; i will make arrangement from today you be with swara in her cabin only

sanskar hyper excited with a smirk “my pleasure “?

swara felt hell irritated ☹

swara pov continuation

oh noo papa y should i help him y should i be with him in same cabin
wt the thing happening around mee

i left to my cabin
this person ha adjusted himself in chair on my left side
is he doing internationally everything
i gave a look at him
he whispered “( is everything ok ”

i just nodded nd left to my chair
he is continuously staring at me his glare are making me shiver

actually its not my problem any girl feels so its uncomfortable
i hate it wt the think he get by watching me soo do he gonna eat me ?

i was thinking in my mind but this stupid vamp whispered ” we get self satisfaction wt you girl don’t know “?

omg he heard my mind voice also swara be careful he is dangerous really

i stopped thinking i tried to work but i couldn’t concentrate after 15mins of struggle i left to priya finally
bcoz i cant take this anymore

swara; priya plz get me a dress ?

priya; but y u had already na

swara; no i wanna change i don’t have time to go home so u shop a dress for me

priya; ok but y so urgent this saree is perfect na

swara; arey stop ur questions plz get me a dress fast

priya; ok wt dress

swara; (gave credit card ) any dress but it should cover me completely soo formal ok

priya ; ok sure i will be back soon

swara; ok fast (priya left nd swara got back to cabin )


in swara cabin
its just 3mins swara came out sanskar is missing her

swara entered cabin

sanskar; where u left

swara; i had work

sanskar; oh wt work

swara; its personal

sanskar nodded swara got seated in her chair its been 20mins priya came back

priya; swaraaa…………….(seen sanskar ) mammm may i come in

swara got up in happiness nd rushed towards her “come fast i am waiting for you only

priya; (here is the thing u asked

swara ‘;(took the packet )oh thanks?

sanskar staring in confusion

swara ; (gave a look at sanskar nd whispered in priya ear) be here only i will come in 3mins plz don’t go

swara left with the packet
priya adjusted the files on table nd stared sanskar
bcoz is only person who made swara nervous in this many yrs

sanskar; excuse me priya

priya; ha sir

sanskar; where is ur boss

priya; woh she

before Priya could answer swara come back in blue jeans nd white t-shirt with white over coat full selves
sanskar awe struck he is just staring in confusion

swara twisted saree in the packet nd gave to priya

priya; wt shall i do this

swara; place it in my car (she gave car keys nd priya left )

sanskar; ur amazing

swara; i know now u better concentrate on work

sanskar; oh really its means you changed for me ah?

swara; no its my wish i can do whatever i want?

sanskar; oh really ( in husky tone)

Swara: Yes

Sanskar: Got up from seat ND moved towards swara with a naughty smirk ?

Swara was shocked to see him moving towards her ” w.whereee ur coming ”

Sanskar taking steps towards her ” where ur going then”

Swara: U u know wtt I am not scared of you ok stop there

Sanskar’ oh really I believed but y ur moving back baby

Swara hitted wall ?

Sanskar came close towards her ND blocked her way with his hands

(Sensuously) wt ur thinking

Swara:(nervous ) ntg Wtt stay away from me first

Sanskar: Y are u falling for nee

Swara: Look at ur face first

Swara mitra here she will never fall so easily

Sanskar moved close towards her I really like it ur confidence
I know ur nervous due to my closeness still ur acting to be strong ha

Swara: ( sweated out in nervousness) plz leave me now we are in office if anyone sees it won’t be gud

Sanskar: Oh if in ur room its ok na then

Swara shocked by his question

Sanskar:, u know I like ur innocence too
it suits you
ND ur thinking about me is true
I am a flirt only my thoughts are bad from ur pov but I am always right from my pov

So better get adjust to me as soon as possible ?

swara; y should i adjust ur ntg in my life

sanskar; i will be everything of ur life before that i do something interesting (he moved close towards her nd started leaning towards her with a desire )

swara heart skipped in fear she knows he is bad his eyes are showing his lust towards her



precap; suspense nd the speed of next update will be on ur response bcoz i am busy in office so i am late but i gave long update if ur too busy i will make late 😉

© BHANU JANU-All Copyrights Reserved 2016.

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