My watt pad I’d: Bhanumitra

swara pov,
Whole night I just struggled to sleep
So I slept on early hrs of mrg

I woke up around 6 nd got fresh up ND remembered about sanskar
I got up with a jerk nd left to kitchen silently
My mom is still in her room
Thank god
I made a lemonade nd left to sanskar room

He is still sleeping
I just placed it beside him ND left his room
Later I left to my room

Sanskar pov,

Ahhh, wt happened to me
My head is paining like a hell
I wanna have my tablets
Where the hell I kept them

I opened my eyes nd I found a glass of with water
No its something
Whatever it is I want something to drink or else I will die with dehydration
I grabbed that glass nd drunk it in one go

Finally, it’s working
Lemonade who had placed this here.

Whoever it is… I’m thankful to them

I got up from my bed ND had my pills

After my fresh up I got changed
While combing my hair I found some nail marks around my neck

Wt are this marks

Oh no wt I did last night
Wt the hell I did
Noo I haven’t done anything

Wt if my dad knows that I will drink ?
No, it cannot happen ?
I should talk with swara about this first

I rushed to her room

She is typing something on her laptop

” swara ”

” haan sanskar Ji” she replied normally

Yesterday she hates me but today how can she rly so cool

” actually I’m sry for last night,” I said while avoiding eye contact bcoz I can’t say sry to anyone but my faith I m always saying her

So sad to me

” hurting me first ND saying sorry next ” she murmured while grabbing her blazer

” last night did I do anything,” I asked in confused tone

” don’t you know ” she yelled in angry

Means wt I did to her ” oh noo

” I have work stop wasting my time,” she said while moving away from me

“did u slapped me yesterday,” I asked in confused tone?

” nooo , if u have done something you will get reward na, ” she said with angry look nd left me in shock

Wt I have done remember fast……….stupid sanskar

swara pov,

I think he forgot wt he spoke at night
it’s all gud
mrg I skipped my office from half day to pick up my di
I left to the airport
finally, I meet her after a long time
I hugged her in excitement

“I got a surprise for you kiddo, “she said while hugging me back

“wt is that di, ” I asked in excitement

“see here ur jiju lucky “she yelled while showing a person beside her

“wttt ” I yelled

“yes, I gonna marry him so, I introduced you first the all ” ragini di said

“are you crazy will our family accept this think about bade papa di, ” I said in disbelief ?

“ha I don’t know let’s try sis now come let’s go home “she yelled

“then lucky ”
he will go to his home ok ” she said
I took a breath nd waved a bye to him nd I drove to my home

asap we entered my home my family is waiting for her
my dad loves her so much
my rags added color to our home
the day when she visits my home it will be so amazing nd happy
bcoz she know how to please everyone
and I know how to please her…..

then my eyes fell on sanskar who stood in the corner by folding his hands up to his chest

“hey sanskar ” she yelled in excitement nd ran towards him

“hi rags bhabi, ” he said while hugging her

wahhh… he plans her distraction but now acting like a Mahan stupid idoit… vamppppp

“hoo bhabi soo ur marrying my sister lucky you…, “she said wth a teasing smile

“ha I’m lucky, “he said while blushed

“its been long time we meet how is ur America, how many girlfriends you have ” she yelled

everyone in my family are shocked with random questions of my di
haha I controlled my laugh

“noo I don’t have ” he said

“stop joking devar Ji I can understand by seeing ur face only u can have more than 3 gfs, “she said while hitting him playfully

he laughed while blushing

I’m sure he may have more then 10girlfrnds

I pity my family they are unaware of his true face
my di toh she will faint if she knows his desires

I really lost while seeing their bonding after 15yrs I’m seeing his pure smile, I have seen this smile a few days back while we are friends but this is more cute
I know we aren’t frnds the thing he did is only a trap to get me
my chain on thoughts is broken by rags again…

“swaraaa stop blushing nd come show me ur room “she yelled

“y my room, “I asked

“where should I stay then, shall I sleep in this living room ah… on this couch “she yelled playfully

“arey cool you have a special room, “I said in calm voice

“see baba ur daughter is treating me as a guest, she forgot that I m her di,
I m going bye “she snored while resting on my dad’s shoulders

“haa goo then y this drama, “I said with a smirk

“see sumi maa ur daughter is saying to leave “she yelled with fake angry

“shuuu my mom is not going anywhere,swara if you want your sleep in guest room,” he said in teasing tone while kissing her forehead

“hoo hello even I’m ur daughter ok, better give me place btw you” I yelled while sitting beside them

“no no ur place is here “she yelled while pushing me on sanskar
I had fallen on his lap he wrapped his hands around my waist to prevent me from falling down

everyone laughed
there is pin drop silence btw us
I got up nd ran to my room in embarrassment


“wt ur doing Jaan ” rags yelled while pulling my laptop

“ntg it’s just some office work di, ” I said

“wt office always stupid have some fun “she yelled while closing my laptop

“wt shall we watch now, ” she asked in excitement

“woh cartoon tom nd jerry, ” I said

“oh swara ur, not kid now,u had grown up nd ur going to marry soon, “she say while grabbing her laptop

“wt you mean ” I yelled in angry

” so at least now you watch some romantic love movies, “she said while browsing some movie

“no I’m not interested in lv nd romance better let me be in peace, ” I said while turning my face

“so wt u will do on ur first night with sanskar,u will play caroms or u will watch tom nd jerry, ” she asked with a mischieve smile

“huh …I m not interested nd I will do whatever I want “I yelled in angry nd lied on my bed while pulling my comforter up to my face

“see swara he has been grown up in America …. he may can’t so many hot girls nd maybe he used to have girlfriends also so, he expect somewhat more from you .so, at least you should be some far bold to make him feel happy even toh ur stylish he expects that ur gud in everything
wt he will feel if he knows convince kiddo side
maybe you may not know everything but at least have some minimum knowledge towards these “she said while pulling my comforter while caressing my hair

“noo y should I do all this di “I yelled in angry

“wts wrong swara if not for ur hubby with whom u will do all this nd listen it’s not a crime to be romantic “rags said in cold tone

this thought itself causing a shiver in my body how can I bear him life longgg

“di plz leave this topic, plz I miss you so much, “I said while crawling towards her

she hugged me back u know this swara ” she whispered in my ear

“ha wat di ”

” ur an expert in changing topic kiddo .. ” she said while tickling me

I couldn’t control my laugh I pushed her aside nd hitted her with my pillow

“achaaa even I have a pillow to hit you ” she yelled while hitting another pillow on mee

we ended up with a pillow fight nd messed my complete room
finally she got tired due to messing my room nd slept beside me

I’m very happy today my di seems like my mom only
her presence makes me more happy
I can do anything for her nd I cant be a reason for her tears
I wanna think a way to convence my family about lucky jiju or should I convence rags about this

wtever do anything …nd end this vamp chapter ……..

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