Sanskar pov,

my body is floating in the air
this second I really felt that I have died
but I wanna be alive
I wanna be alive bcoz I want her
I wanna be alive to spend my life with her
her words reached my ears but I am lost in seeing her attitude
she pulled me inside the car while holding my shirt but still my eyes are fixed on her

I caressed my shirt in order to feel her fragrance
I am shocked she is the first girl in this world who can fight with me
she is a right person for me it is the best decision of my life
She is seriously mind blowing
I never expected such bold thing from her
She is dual shaded like me wah
I love it seriously
I love a lot now we are equal

I have guilt in my mind that maybe I am hurting her by taking advantage of her weakness
Now let’s see how far she can fight with me
Frankly speaking, I am expressing my desires only with her
She is the one who woke up my sleeping desires

Yes, on the first day when I met her
I just got attracted to her touch nd appearance but as time going on
I found a lot of things in her which are making me crazy
ND today the way she answered me … I am speechless
Wt a dare, she have
I am bad in her
I doing wrong or right I don’t know
But I want her not for a single day
I want her life long as a life partner
I don’t believe in love but the feelings I have for her is enough
I am even ready to die with her

my thoughts have been disturbed by a sudden break i looked towards her in shock
sanskar pov ends
they entered a jewelry showroom
swara started selecting rings to
sanskar is just staring everything in the shop
his eyes are fallen on a diamond ring
he grabbed that ring nd got settled beside swara

“can I have ur hand, “he asked in husky tone
swara is busy in selecting the ring model she gave her left hand
Sanskar place the diamond ring on her left-hand ring finger but this sudden act swara realized wt he did a few seconds back
she pulled back her hand
“wt the hell you did ” she yelled while pulling the ring off

“shuu y ur shouting like that actually I liked this ring so I tried to know that, how this ring looks on ur finger, it,s perfect, ” he said while snuggling close to her

“it is stuck now wt should I do now:” she yelled in frustration while trying to remove the ring

“shuu cool y ur struggling, I want that ring to me on ur hand only, so let it be, I love it,” he said with a smirk nd left towards bill counter

“wt the hell you think of urself, I don’t want ur stupid gift ” she yelled while struggling with ring

“ok let it be baby, fix it as our engagement ring, ” he said with a wink

“I will kill you idoit ” she roared in angry

“I love to die in ur hands, ” he said with a smirk

“u such a vamp ” she yelled in frustration

” hoo really give me my ring then, ” he asked

“umm ahh it’s not coming ” she yelled in angry
“then better leave it on ur finger, give me when it is possible ” he before leaving towards bill counter nd gave his card

swara grabbed his card nd throw it on his face “I can pay my bill I don’t need ur gift “she yelled

” oh really you wanna give my money right so,u better buy a gift for pari on behalf of me ” he again gave his card

swara was hell shocked by hearing pari’s name from him
“don’t think more jaan, I know that pari had married Adarsh with her family acceptance nd it is possible only bcoz of you
I like it the way you handle ppl
pari is like my sister only so gifting her is my right ok ” he said while moving away

swara came on his back
“oh hello from when ur seeing girls as ur sisters ‘ she asked in distrust

” umm I don’t know wt but I can see any girl as sister but not you
your the only girl in this world I wanna marry ” he mumbled in her ear

swara is just staring him in confusion
he is gud or bad the thing he is saying is true or nottttt
millions of questions are running

they drove back to home

evg 7 pm
Mitra mansion

swara is doing work on her laptop still

she got a call

oh ph
hi kushi ”
” when you gonna reach here ” kushi asked

“wt where ” swara asked

” today is pari’s reception na, aren’t you attending it, “she asked

” no yar I had another function, so u guys enjoy, ” she said with dull expression

“it’s ok but tomorrow u need to be in hell club sharp 8 pm ok if ur late I will kill you ok” Khushi yelled in angry

“ok baby cool I will come soon, now bye need to get ready ” she wrapped laptop nd about to end

” love you stupid, ” Kushi said

” love you too idoit ” her words got frozen when he found sanskar staring her he is leaning on the door

“whom ur saying I love you ” he murmured while moving towards her

” to my bf so wat, I it’s none of the ur business just stay away ” she yelled in angry

“oh relly let me see ur bf ” he grabbed her ph

‘ wt the hell you stupid vamp ” she yelled in angry Shekhar heard swara shout

” wt is going on there ” Shekhar yelled

” ntg dad I will be ready in 10mins ”

sanskar dropped the ph swara grabbed her ph nd pushed him out of her room nd locked her door

swara got ready in a pink saree with golden bordered embroidery work with loose hair sanskar just lost in watching her

she moved towards Shekhar nd sumi
“shall we leave, ” Shekhar said

“dad we will go in the same car, “swara said while staring sanskar

“yah that’s gud let us start, come on sanskar ”
swara is following Shekhar silently

swara pov,

“ur looking like a princess ” he murmured in my ear

it made me shocked bcoz first time he said something gud
I really don’t know why but I blushed at his compliment

“I know that “I whispered while turning my face

Z”do u know this “he snuggled while placing his hand on my shoulder from back
I pushed his hand out nd gave an angry look

“I had a surprise for you, “he said with a smirk

“wt ‘

do u know this earth is round we can meet everything nd, everyone, again nd again but on different situations in different places ” he said with a mischieve smirk

” if you have done with ur stupid lecture let’s move, “I said while moving towards dads car

“I will drive ” he yelled while grabbing keys from driver

my dad nodded yes he is about to sit on the back passenger seat
“dad plz I will sit with mom, ” I said in tension

my dad gave a confused look nd got in the car

I got settled behind sanskar so that he cant see me
I got busy while texting Kushi

finally, after 30mins we reached the venue

dad nd mom left I just followed them while texting

I felt something cool on my bear waist on my saree

I realized its a hand I moved his hand with a jerk

“wt the hell ” I murmured in frustration

“with whom ur chatting from long nd for whom u said I love you ” he murmured while tightening his grip on my waist

“don’t you dare to touch me, I will kill you “I yelled out

my dad turned back to see us

I realized wt I did not

“wt happened swara, “my dad asked

“:woh dad he … “I don’t know wt to say he is still holding me but its unvisible to my mom nd dad

“ntg uncle it is just something btw me nd her, we will join soon, ” he said with a cold voice

“its ok come fast ” my dad left with mom

I just gulped with nervousness but I should handle this
I need to show him right place

“see swara I am not, that much bad as you think so plz better answer me or else, ” he said in dangerous tone

” or else wt ah,wt you will ” I yelled in angry while pushing him

“see Mr.Maheshwari I had faced you more nd its last I will say everything to dad ‘ i yelled in angry

“shh why all this swara lets compromise, ” he said while counseling me

“stop acting y should I compromise ha,u such a cheap, disgusting……

my words left incomplete when I heard a voice “swara.

to be continued
note; sry for late but I am so busy nd sry I had not replied to ur comments but I read them thanks a lot

nd feel free to criticize nd share ur views…. especially TU readers


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