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Shekhar pov,

my Swara, my daughter, my pride, my life in one word she is my lifetime achievement .i am really blessed to have such a good daughter.I really wonder that she is 21yrs old but still I feel her like a two yrs kid . all the girls of her age are wasting time on stupid things like fun, outing’s, boyfriends nd all but my Swara is unique than all, she is highly responsible .i really don’t know why but she never asked me anything still the date nd she never said a “no” for any of my decision or for my any choice .

all my friends used to tease me “arey Shekhar you had a daughter your kingdom ends with her .so you need to wind up everything And gift this to your son in law ”

but I said them on that day itself that “daughters are 1000times better than sons ‘

I wanna prove them that my Swara is million times better then their son’s ” I wanna see her successful

now she is the one whom I really want

she achieved everything in younger age with her hard work.

she never used my name or fame to grow.

whatever she did, she is independent nd I really feel proud for that.

Sanskar’ i had selected him for Swara bcoz I promised my sister that I will give my daughter to Sanskar few yrs back

ppl may die but words will stay last long

Sanskar knows my dreams towards Swara

he even accepted to shift himself to India forever

then he can be a partner in business nd life also.

I enquired a lot about Sanskar before taking this decision.

he is a gem nd more hardworking nd understanding nd I am sure he can keep my Swara happy nd safe for rest of her life.

nd I know Swara likes him since childhood nd I had seen her closeness with Sanskar in this one month

they had been good friends, it means they can be the best match

Sanskar pov,

y she is not ready to marry me

y she is hating me so much

I think she is the first one to hate me in this world I think I am right

are you correct Sanskar?

yes, I am right from all ways to stop doubting ur self Sanskar

I know I am selfish but I don’t wanna run anyone’s life

I have the desire to have her, I accept that is the reason “I said Shekhar uncle that I wanna marry her.

I can give every happiness in this world then y can’t she give herself to me if I am her husband

east or west I want the best always

I want Swara

I can’t let her leave me at any cost

I know I never saw any girl as I seen Swara

she is the first and last girl in this world who drove me crazy

so, I can’t let her leave me


Swara pov,

two days passed I am avoided him a lot in all possible ways

Pari got married finally all of us attended THE WEDDING

I warned my cousins not to inform Sanskar about this

after the wedding we reached home I was about to entry my home my way is blocked by this vamp

“where you lost jaan, I am missing you ” he yelled with a mischieve smirk

“it’s none of the ur business ” I yelled in angry

as soon as my words left out he pulled me in angry nd pinned to on the main door I struggled in his tight grip

swara was too much scared by his sudden action . he scanned her from top to bottom while roaming his eyes all around her

“never dare to ignore me, I am ur fiance'” he roared in angry while crushing himself on me but he just held my shoulder we just had a 2inch gap btw us

” I am not going to marry you,u stupid vamp ” I yelled while pushing him

” really, shall I fix our engagement tomorrow ” he yelled while leaving his grip on me

“nooo way yy ” I roared while pushing him

“when there is a will, there will be a way baby, ” he said with a smirk

he moved close to me but out gap left incomplete as Kushi interrupted

“what’s going on here ” she yelled in excitement

” nothing I am just saying future plan to swara, ” he said while turning his eyes on me

” hoo did I disturbed you both, ” she asked by taking an excuse

” nooo come let’s go, I wanna talk a lot with you, ” I said while moving away from him nd she followed me

he gave a look ” just miss ” he whispered I can read his eyes

my bestie saved me today somehow

we searched my room I locked my door nd we both got seated with a deadly silence it’ is broken by Kushi

‘ finally ur marrying, Jaan “she yelled in excitement which made me shock

” who the hell said you that ” I roared in angry

” yar dad announced na then it’s final, right, ” she said while grabbing my phone

” huhhhh, see he is not a human to marry, he don’t have any human values,” I said in confident tone

” wt are you sure in this, ” she asked

“yah, 200% I wanna break this match, do u have any idea, ” I asked her

she thought for a while

” express dad then ” her answer made me shock

‘do I ever spoke with him, ” I asked in distrust

” great then silently accept him as ur hubby ”

“wt the hell you mean kushi ” I yelled in angry

“then wat, even you wanna do same right

swara listen, this is ur life yar nd marriage should be a commitment but it should not be an adjustment

how far you can adjust ah 1yr or 2yrs wt about rest of the life

can you give urself to ur hubby without loving him

can you live happy with him

can you share everything with him like you do with me “she said while looking straight towards me

I know whatever she said is right I can’t do anything of this

“Swara think once nd decide he is ur dad yar, u can speak with him u can express ur pain to him

yah, I know he is strict from ur childhood nd u respect him

then y angle scared to express with love, dad also, degrees can convince anyone then y can’t you convince ur dad ” she said in a convincing way

ok I will think ”

“ok cu “she is about to go

“no plz can you be in my home tonight plz, ” I asked pleasingly

“yah, sure anything for you but y ‘she questioned

“woh, actually I miss you so, ” I said while turning my face

‘wowww really believed shall I say you a fact ‘

“ha wat Kushi ”

ur not even able to feel secure in ur own mansion then how can you live with him rest of ur life Swara

her question made me speechless whatever she said is right



dad it is me that we need to attend a wedding reception of his friend’s daughters. suggested me to get a gift for the newly wedded couple it’s all gud but the worst thing in this is

I need to do this along with vamp i.e sanskar Maheshwari huhhhh

I hate shopping one side nd another is this stupid presence it’s hell irritating but swara cool be strong you should show him hell

he is fallowing me like a hutch dog 24/7

we both got in my car

I think he is the first person in this world whom I am hating nd my boyfriend i.e my BMW z4 is also hating him .i know bcoz now -a-days my car is not giving a smooth ride

“offo I am sorry my bf, ” I said to my car

“wt, ” he asked

“I said sorry to my bf bcoz it is bearing u ” I yelled while starting my car

“oh really,u say on more sorry, bcoz it will be ur bf only but I am ur wood bee” now in future I will be ur husband, it should bear me life long, ” he said with a smirk I am damn struck with his stupid confession

I applied sudden break “never ever dream so Mr. Maheshwari, I will show ur right place soon ” I yelled in angry nd frustration

“yes, my right place is ur warm embrace, ” he said with a naughty smirk

I hate you, you stupid vamp the hell with you”I drove toward’s a shopping mall


swara is driving there is a deadly silence

, broken it

“wt the thing we can gift them, do u have any idea, ” he asked her

“I am planning to gift two rings, ” she said while staring the road

“y can’t you gift some ting interesting nd useful, ” he asked with excitement

“wt do you mean so, ” she asked with innocence

” means like honeymoon tickets or something so… his words are ended by swara

” in front, you have any other thoughts than such stuff “she yelled in frustration

“ho hello, it is the only thing all human think nd they also want that only but they cover up as love so nd so but ultimately they need that only, I am straight forward so, ur feeling problem” he yelled while snuggling close towards her

“no never it’s all ur misunderstanding only a few ppl are like you

nd that feelings will come only after love, she yelled in angry

“do u ever felt this? ” she asked while settling back on her seat to drive

“wt ”

“that, you will be thrown out of a moving car on a speed of 220kms with a velocity of 150kms at an angle of 180 degrees,” she asked while plugging her seat belt

“how it will happen ah, ” he said with a smirk

” it will happen if you don;t shut ur mouth” she yelled in angry

“stop kidding you kiddo, quarter pie look at ur size, ” he said while laughing

“ok let me show you how it will be ”

she clutched her sterling nd applied all four gears in one go her car reached to a speed of 160kms in just a few seconds

sanskar is shocked by sudden raise in speed

she unlocked the car doors sanskar is not having a seat belt also

she applied sudden break nd drafted her care to left by with sanskar half fallen out of the car, he is swinging in the air

swara held his shirt collar with her left hand in order to stop his head from hitting the ground

the car is still moving slowly due to sudden draft

sanskar just gulped by seeing her guts

his heart just came out in fear he utmost seen death now

“now say me wt you said few mins before, ” she asked with a mischief wink

” woh…. he is unable to speak bcoz of fear he got

“woh woh wat, this is real swara Mitra and messing with me is dangerous to you, even my dad don’t know this

“you know wt ‘I am quite in front of my dad bcoz I love him, I respect him nd he has right to deal anything in my life but ur misusing this

“it is not a right thing Mr.Maheshwari better never think that I am weak nd I will let you do everything wt u want

sanskar just gulped in fear his brain is off

” I can do anything, I have that guts but u can’t bear it

“I am quite bcoz, I don’t want to spoil others happiness”

even you successfully married me also, you cannot get me

the thing you had seen today will be daily

“one fine day I will ask you for a long drive you will expect something romantic

you know my driving right! I will drive towards a cliff nd leave the car

I really don’t care even I die with you, such a thrilling death right ” she said with a smirk by pulling him back on

you know wt “love should dominate lust but in ur case only lust dominates everything,

its turning you as a cheap person in front of me ” she yelled in disgust

“beware of me mr. maheswari ”


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