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Swara is numb Shekhar had not even said a word to her but he announced publicly
It’s her life decisions but no one wanna know her opinion or her wish

Her world got struck in a second

A tear had fallen down by seeing all this she hides her tears ND added a fake smile as no option left for her

Shekhar gave Swara hand to Sanskar
Sanskar winked at Swara
whereas Swara gave a deadly grace towards Sanskar

” Now celebrate this evening with this happy news” Shekhar yelled

Everyone claps ND congrats, Shekhar, as he is successful dad ND swasan too

Swara is blank she just stood like a statue

” Wahh Swara I got it” Sanskar whispered with a smirk

“Don’t dream much it’s just an announcement ok
I will do anything to break this relation Mr.Maheshwari ” Swara murmured in his ear

” Really try but remember ur mine, ” Sanskar said while moving close to her

” Never nd ever, “Swara said nd moved away

” Acha just watch, today only I will show wt I can do,” Sanskar said and left

Swara is shocked to see his confidence

After a while, Sanskar got a mike

“Hi everyone boring party ha na
So here I am to make it interesting”Sanskar yelled with excitement

Everyone shouts ” yess

Sanskar: Let’s play a game the one who loses should do wt we say ok

” wt game ” everyone gave a surprising look towards sanskar

” a small deal, I had already filled some tasks in this chocolate’s (i.e on its wrapper ) just open ND see if you fail to do them do wt I say

Sanskar took the bowl full of chocolate’s ND distributed all

All the chocolate’s in the bowl are completed just 2 chocolate’s left
those are for Swara nd Shekhar
Sanskar gave a chocolate to Shekhar there is only one left

Sanskar throws the bowl intentionally the glass bowl broken into pics
and the chocolate fell on the floor in b/w glass pics Sanskar hiddenly grabbed that chocolate ND placed it in his pocket ND replaced another chocolate nd Sanskar forwarded that chocolate to Swara
Swara innocently took the chocolate

” clean this place fast ” he ordered servants

“Ok now open ur chocolate’s ND we will start our game

All unwrapped their chocolate’s even Swara followed same

” KISS ME, SWEETHEART, ITS UR TASK ” (this is written on her chocolate wrapper )
she is shocked to see this

Everyone has easy task’s like proposing there, wife
Having double drinks, silly truth’s nd embarrassing confessions

Sanskar eyes turned towards Swara with a naughty smirk

“Swaraa wt is ur task” Sanskar yelled with a mischieve smirk

Swara panic she got sweated after reading that only:-(

“Do it Swara, I am waiting for you ” wt it written on it? he yelled

Swara gave a deadly grace to Sanskar
‘ noo I had some work” she murmured

Sanskar holder held wrist ” it’s cheating do the task and go”

” nooo never ” she yelled

“Shekhar uncle see ur daughter “Sanskar yelled

” Swara wt is this do the task ND go, ” Shekhar said

“No, I can’t do that dad, ” she said while fixing her eyes on floor

” Ur saying noo to ur dad “Sanskar yelled with a mischieve smirk

“No, I said no for your task, not for my dad “Swara yelled in angry

“Wt ever do it swara “Shekhar ordered

” Wt is there in that slip let me see swara ” Sanskar smirked nd about to grab it from swara
but before Sanskar grab it she moved back ND tore it pics
Sanskar shocked
” oh noo y u did it ah ” he yelled in angry

” Swara what’s wrong with you “Shekhar yelled in angry

” Dad woh! I am sorry but I can’t plz ” she gulped in fear

“Wt is written in the slip?” Shekhar questioned

” I can’t say plz leave this game “She yelled

” Noo no no then do another task I say “Sanskar yelled with a mischieve smirk

“No way ” she murmured

“See everyone ur swara is violating game rules shall we leave this game here ” Sanskar yelled towards guests

Everyone shouts “noooooo”

Sanskar got another bowl with 6 chocolates in this swara took one ND about to open but sanskar grabbed it from her hand as she should not tear it again

“A ROMANTIC DANCE WITH ME “Sanskar yelled in excitement

Everyone claps

Swara is double shocked but all are happy nd excited around them,

Sanskar placed the glass bowl aside ND bowed his hand for Swara

Swara is numb she stared at Shekhar
Shekhar signed her to go

Swara unwillingly gave hand to sanskar

Sanskar pulled her with a force whereas swara landed on his chest he placed her hand on his shoulder ND held another hand with his

Dance form: Salsa

Song started : Sun Sathiya Mahiya song

Sanskar is pulling Swara close nd close but Swara is uncomfortable with him she unwillingly followed his steps

Sun Saathiya Lyrics
Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan
Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari main

Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chhu le toh khari main
(Toh khari main khari main…)

Sanskar hands are caressing her waist sensuously
Swara is falling week step by step due to his touch
She pinched his waist to make him move back
Sanskar took a step back

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri

{Sanskar rotated her to back ND hugged her from back while flipping her nd inhaled her smell
he kissed her nape secretly only Swara know it bcoz she felt it ”

Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri

Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…

Sanskar (fastened his steps ) “ur beautiful I like it ” he murmured

” I hate it ” Swara whispered

{Sanskar pulled her close again ” shall I kiss you then ” as u got in that slip “he whispered
Swara gave shocking expression }

{“I won this deal swara, ur mine forever nd ever, ” he said in husky tone his lips are touching her ear
she shivered under his touch he turned around }
Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…

Piya bas teri main
Ho.. chhu le toh khari main
toh khari main khari main…

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

she is about to get rid of his closeness but he pulled her into a tight hug
they ended up with an intense eye lock

it broke up by clap sound she moved away and ran to her room in tears all felt that she is blushing

Sanskar couldn’t see her tears he thought he won

Party over everyone left the mansion
swara saw the chocolate bowl second one
All are of the same content
she took the bowl ND left to her room.

Sanskar knocked her door swara opened in angry she know it’s sanskar only

” Hi baby ur sleeping ah” he murmured with a smirk

Swara gave a deadly grace at Sanskar

” y ur angry on me ah wt I did ?” he asked with innocent expression

Swara showed the chocolate bowl to Sanskar

” So you got to know my plan ha, ” he said with mischieve smirk

“How cheap ur, how can u behave so with me” she yelled in disgust

“Wt I did ah, whatever I did only with you, by the way, I going to marry you ” he yelled in excitement

“why you wanna marry me, ”
“can you Say me one correct reason y u wanna marry me,” she asked
“I had so many reasons ” he murmured
“Ho really so at least I need one reason to marry you ?” she yelled

” ha u had lot of reasons” he yelled
‘ I am handsome, rich, well settled this qualification is enough for marriage na “Sanskar said

‘No it’s not enough wat u know about me ah nothing you know
ND Mr.sanskar it is a life ” she yelled

” Ha so wat a big deal for marriage,” he asked

“y ur doing this with me Sankar ” she yelled while sobbing in tears
” don’t cry Jaan ” he whispered while clearing her cheeks
“answer me, y ur marrying me ” she yelled
sanskar thought for few seconds) “bcoz I like you ” nd I want you ” he said in a single breath

“Wt u like nd wt the hell you want ” she yelled in angry

“Everything I like ND mainly ur so cute nd I wanna spend a night but you said ‘no
now the result is this … I can spend my every night with you ” he whispered while caressing her face with his palm

” chi, ur disgusting sanskar ” she yelled while moving away from him

he pulled her towards him by her waist in angry

” wt is your problem swara, I don’t wanna force you nd I promise I won’t hurt you if you marry me
I just want you swara, even our families like this relation ” he said in dangerous voice but controlling his angry

‘ life is not a business to see profit ND loss its need love na affection which u don’t know” Swara yelled while struggling in his arms

” Wt ever Swara for me life is a deal only everything can be earned
ND I wanna marry you its final I will do it at any cost ” he yelled in angry nd left his grip

“Never ever dream it I won’t let you win” she yelled with same angry

” I challenge.”
” Swara u urself will ask me, that I wanna marry u Sanskar,” he said with confidence

” Never” she yelled

“Ok deal I will prove you ” he murmured

“Ya deal just Month time if you fail u need to go away from my life nd by conveying dad also ” she yelled while pointing him

“Acha if u fail u should do wat I say
nd remember you should gift urself to me ”

‘Still the date Sanskar Maheshwari never lost ” he yelled while tracing his eyes on her

” I will never give myself to you “Swara gulped her tears

*********to be continued ************

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  1. Independent

    awesome bhanu but plz this time don’t let swara down

  2. Simi


  3. Tamil

    Awesome waiting for next part

  4. i think swara should tell everything to her

  5. Deeksha

    Awesome bhanu…..!!!!!!! Continue soon…..!!!!!

  6. Pls dr this time swara should win.

  7. woww!!! suoerb!!! loved it soo much!!! Challenge is soo interesting!!

  8. Rabia

    Bhanu i know i didnt commented on your story but i read your first season and also read this.. but i didnt comment becoz from 1st epi im waiting when u show swara as a strong girl who can reoly back sanky strongly? u showed swara so strng dat she solved pariz prblm… made her fthr undrstnd… n so wrong is hpnd wid her n not even once she can tel her fthr abt al dis… shez cntrdctng swaraz chrctr… n dat shekhar i can nvr love him in any ff….. u showed the same thing in first season also.. why cant swara talked to her father?? Sanky always dominated her in firat season and also in 2nd season being a girl i cant see that alwayss girlss were shown weak.. u showed swara strong in other matters but here? Just in one touch she elt weak? Cant she be strong enough to shwo sanky the rigt place? I know u have planned the whoel story but why swara in both season being dominated always???…. dont make her that much weak…. i liked your first season but this season u r showing swara continously.. mentally tortured by sanky..

    1. Rabia

      And this is not only my opinion i asked many ppl becoz i want to know if im wrong onky but my many frns said the same thing…

      1. Rabia

        All in all the main point of this my long speech is that u r showing swara strong for others but not dor herself ? dont worry im not saying that your story is not good i just having high expectations due to first season and dont worry i will read in thia hope that swara will be strong for herself

    2. Arshaanya

      M of of her dat frn… who thnks same…
      N dat was combo of mine n rabiaz views…
      U showed her so strng in dfrnt matrs n solved pariz mttr… pari was not even her frn dan she made her father n bro undrstnd abt d whole thing bt is unable to share anythng wid her own father ???..
      Shez gone tru alot as sanky is dominating trblng n torturng her alot as he wants to fulfil his lust n shez jus scared of her fthr n not sharing anythng… one side strong swara othr side so weak… dun cntrdct swaraz chrtcr…. n wat kind of father is dis shekhar ???..
      Show strong n bold swara infrnt of sanky n her father…

    3. BHANU

      umm firstly thank you Rabia di for expressing ur pov,
      I am happy with this
      nd sorry I am late to reply
      coming to ur question “swara is strong for the world but not in front of her dad ”
      bcoz she don’t have guts to speak out with her dad nd you will know reason soon I will give a summary with a clear explanation

      nextly, sanskar is treating her badly but he is not bad completely

      nd in tu meri mannat
      swara loves him irrespective of anything
      nd her life is for sanskar so losing for is happy for her

      1. Rabia

        Noo sorry for replying late bhanuu and actually naa your first season for me was a super hit.. and thats why i said all this but i was not angry on u.. actually im very impatient to know when and why swara will change thats the reason.. otherwise no grudges for u and for your story.. its just in many stories heroines treating like this mostly soo i just said all this.. and thanku for the explanation becoz i cant wait naa ??? thanku once again for bearing my this much long speech ??

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