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Note: I know few of you are upset by gray shade of Sanskar but let me clear you
– wat ever the feelings he have are only for Swara
– yeah he is selfish ND self-centred but you will understand him much better in further episodes

And lastly whatever I write will be practical I won’t write any stupid nd unacceptable things in my works
ND guys plz trust me I will give my best to this story I hope you will show same love towards this also as you showed on “Tu meri mannat ”

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Swara pov,

I really don’t know what happened with me a few minutes back

He left me I ran into washroom ND locked my door

I smashed water on my face in order to get rid of his lusty marks on my lips

But it’s bleeding
The pain I got from his words ND thoughts is more painful than his bit

How can he do so
How can he think so cheap nd disgusting
How he step so low
I hate him
I hate him
He is not my sunny whom I loved more than myself
Yes, I love sunny
I am just waiting for him all these days
I am happy when I came to know that this Sanskar is my sunny
I had felt that I may change him as my sunny

But noo he can never be so
I hate you Sanskar
I thought u may have same feelings Wat I have for you
But today you proved me that
You just have desire on me
You just have only one emotion that is ur lust

I want a person who loves my soul
But you can never love anyone in ur life

I hate you Sanskar
I will throw you out of my life

I cried as much as I want to reduce my pain
But it’s far away from me
It’s making me feel more pain

Whom night I am just cried out as much as I can
I don’t know when I dozed off

I woke up at Mrg 6

But still my pain in on
I cried even more
I broke my emotions when I heard a shout

” Swara come fast ” my dad roared

I cleared my face nd got fresh up
ND rushed down towards my dad

” dad, ” I said
” Swara Good Mrg get ready we had a meeting today,” dad said

” dad Woh I am not feeling well I can’t attend office,” I said while seeing down

” Wat are you ok shall I call doctor,” he asked me with consent

” Noo dad I am fine, ” I said

” no y ur so pale Swara ”
Did u slept properly last night ” he asked me

I am just controlling my tears

I want to say him everything

I was about to speak up but my words are struck when I found Sanskar getting down with a smirk

I gulped down by remembering night incident

” ok Swara u take rest I will see you evg, ” dad said

” Wattt !!!!! Swara is not attending meeting” Sanskar yelled

” noo she is not feeling well let us move, ” dad said
Both left towards car

I took a death breath bcoz that stupid vamp left
I can be peaceful at least up to evg

I ran back to my room I am about to lock my door

But I had failed when someone held me with a tight grip

It’s Sanskar

I just gulped in fear nd tried to get free from his disgusting grip

” are you trying to run away from me” he questioned while cupping my face

I am just lost in his deep brown eyes
I don’t know why but I am seeing a feeling of guilt
Do he really have any care towards me

” say me Jaan ” he yelled

I tried to push him back but he held me tight
” I don’t wanna ran away from anything and listen I ‘m strong enough to face this ” I yelled at him

” I know you can but plz listen jaan I really have a lot of feelings for you I really don’t know why I did that yesterday
But I really mean it
ND sorry to slap you I think it hurt’s you na ” he said with consent

” ur words hurts me a lot then the slap ”
You will never change Sanskar

And I can’t give what you want
So better get out from my life ” I said while controlling my tears

” Noo I really want you Swara I can’t leave you at any cost” he yelled in angry

” what you will do ha
Do whatever u want and listen I gonna confess everything to dad tonight
And he will handle it here after ” I yelled with same angry

” so you gonna destroy pari nd Adarsh love ” he yelled

” I don’t care, anyone, if it come’s to my life ”
” I wanna get rid of you and trust me dad will kill you if he knows this truth” I yelled and pushed him out of my room ND locked my door

I know I can’t hurt anyone
Even I don’t know pari properly
I can’t break her trust upon me

They both trusted me so they had accepted to wait

If dad knows this he will send Parmita to her home back

She cannot live without Adarsh

All this thought are killing me
What should I do

Noo Swara you can’t fall weak
I don’t know what can I do but I wanna sort out
So I grabbed my car keys my leg is paining but I need to do it fast
So I drove to Parmita mansion


Swara entered the mansion
She made her way inside her mansion

She is shocked to see a person standing in front of her

It’s Pari’s dad ND her Bhai ( Ankit )

” y you came here wt left ” he yelled at her

” I am really sorry,” she said

” first your boyfriend beat us badly nd now you came to say sorry wow ” he yelled in angry

” I am really sorry on behalf of him but now I came alone just to talk plz listen to me once, ” she said while downing her eyes

” we don’t want to listen to anything just get out ” Ankit yelled

She was about to leave but she has been stopped with a voice
” stop their, come to ND say for wt you came here ” pari’s dad said in cold tone

She silently moved towards him

” sit, ” he said

” it’s ok uncle I am fine, ” she said

” my daughter is only not interested in talking with me then why ur interested,” he asked her with teary eyes

” noo uncle she really loves you and she respects you a lot, ” she said

” if so why she will leave me, ” he said

” uncle she loves Adarsh too
Every girl selects a boy who is like her dad only ”

The love the care that you gave for her are more than anything
ND she too loves you a lot
But problem is you said choose one among you both

She can’t choose one so she stood in middle btw you both ” she said with teary eyes

” means she did not marry Adarsh,” he asked

” noo she is still your daughter she is just waiting for your acceptance,” Swara said

” really” he got up with excitement

” yes uncle Pari want’s both of you, she can’t be happy with one, ” Swara said

” But Adarsh is not right for her, ” he said in distrust

” he is right for her ND I ‘m sure he can give everything to her as you did still the date, ” she said

” soo what if they fight after marriage
Wt will be her life than
love is just for time pass it don’t have commitment” he yelled

” their love is with commitment
ND fights are common in any relation but uncle can you give guarantee that she won’t fight with the person whom you chose ” she asked

There is pin drop silence due to swara question

” uncle for every successful life there should be family support if you support their relation they can also be successful nd happy
Ur our elder’s you know wt is right nd wt is wrong
I just said what I. Mean
I am really sorry to involve in your family matter
I can’t see anyone suffering so I helped Pari
I know it’s a mistake even my dad don’t like it
Here is the address of parmitha
Do whatever you want ” she said nd about to leave

” one-second wt is ur relation with pari, ” he asked

” nothing I just know her yesterday,” she said

” wtt then y ur risked your life for an unknown,” he asked her

” we are human being in earth a human should help others this is called humanity so, I did wt I can, ” she said with a broad smile

” wt if we harmed you in angry, ” he asked

” haha no ppl are not bad there habits are bad even you may kill me but if it makes anyone happy then I am ready to die twice nd thrice, ” she said with a confident smile

” ur parents are very lucky to have you as their daughter
ND I accept Pari nd Adarsh marriage I will make arrangements ” he said

” thanks, alot uncle ” she jumped in excitement

” wt dad how can you accept this” ankit yelled

” it’s a right decision Ankit, ” Pari’s dad said

” I will inform Pari about this” Swara asked

” ok sure invite them for lunch,” pari’s mom said

” are you sure aunty,” she asked

” yes we are all right with this ” ankit said

Swara informed Pari nd Adarsh nd arshi

All of them attended lunch at pari’s mansion

They fixed date of marriage they enjoyed a lot

” where is ur boyfriend,” Ankit asked Swara

” Bhai he is not my boyfriend he is just our business partner,” she said

” oh is he ur friend, ” he asked

” noo he is nothing to me ” she yelled

Arshi nd Pari are shocked by Swara confession

” I need to leave now it’s already 5.40 evg

I had work

” y so fast Swara just 10 mins I had something to say ” Arnav yelled

” noo we can talk tomorrow I need to go ” she ran out nd got in her car

And drove off


Swara pov,

I reached back to my home
I wanna disclose this entire matter with my dad
I wanna say my dad wt Sanskar did
I am happy
Finally, I had settled everything on its way

I stepped into my mansion

It’s beautifully decorated with colorful curtains’ nd lots of balloons are spread out on floor

I really don’t know what’s going on.

Wt is the reason for this special party

I found all guests are enjoying the party
I took my way towards dad

But before I reach him he came forward
” happy birthday princess” he yelled with excitement

Oh, shirt! It’s my bday
I forgot my own bday also

It’s all bcoz of vamp I think

” thanks, dad but why you arranged such a huge party, ” I asked him

” off course ur my only daughter nd I had a surprise for you,” he said

” surprise what is it, dad, ” I asked

” go fresh up ND come I will show you,” he said

” ok dad just 5mins ” I rushed to my room
ND got changed in pink long frock with is a designer one I this it’s Dad selection only

I came down after comforting myself

I was shocked by seeing this all arrangements

But I really don’t know y I ‘m feeling nervous
Is everything fine with me

” come on Swara cut the cake ” my dad handed me knife
I grabbed the knife nd extracted a piece of cake nd moved towards my mom nd made her eat

” then where is for me ” dad yelled with teasing tone

” course dad after mom its ur turn” I took one more piece for him

After some fun, i am very happy with this

I am busy in talking with few of his friends

But suddenly I heard my dad calling me so I took a excuse nd moved towards him

he placed his hand on my shoulder i don’t know but first time I am having some unknown tension

” I am proud of you swara ” he said
I gave a confused expression

“I will say that in front of all listen” he said nd left me in confusion

“Hi everyone today I am so happy for my daughter success in this business world she had grown up

ND today this party is not only to celebrate birthday but also to share an important news that is ” he yelled with excitement nd happiness

And moved towards Swara ND got her middle

“My only daughter my biggest achievement of my life
My everything Is my daughter Swara
I always saw my mom in my daughter
She is grown up so I had decided to get her marry soon ND I had selected the best person in this world he is none other then Sanskar Maheshwari only son of RP and my late sister Sujatha ”

Come here young man ( Sanskar took steps towards Shekhar ND Swara )

Swara is numb Shekhar had not even said a word to her
but he announced publicly
It’s her life decisions but no one wanna know her opinion or her wish

Her world got struck in a second

A tear drop rolled down by seeing all this she hides her tears ND added a fake smile as no option left for her

Shekhar gave Swara hand to Sanskar
Sanskar winked at Swara
whereas Swara gave a deadly grace towards Sanskar


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