Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination
Its romantic but no mature content only romantic I hope u know wt i mean ??

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******story starts*******

A girl is shown Turing all the things in her room in fully frustrated ?? mood she is hurting herself in frustration ND after messing the bed ND to room she sad in floor silently

after sometime she took sleeping pills nd

fallen asleep after sometimeee

its mrggg 6am

Suddenly she heart a shout ” swara its office time come fast ” yes the girl is swara

swara waken up with jerk nd seen wall clock its 6.30

she runned to washroom nd dressed up fast

ND grabbed her jacket ND runned by grabbing her car keys

Its our swara she is running to office boring let as ask wt her life is

Swara pov

Hi its me the great swara mitra an highly professional well successful person to this work so it respects mee ND its the thing irritates mee too
I always wanna be swara mitra an ordinary girl
But this stupid world always see mee swara Mitra only daughter of rich business men Shekhar mitra ?

Let me start my introduction

Let me introduce my family first

My dad Shekhar Mitra : A great business he believe that status is everything
He loves me more then anything but he don’t wanna listen to me bcoz he feel he is always right in every thing on me
super strict everything should run as per timings if we get late we are died
he will give a huge class for hour after that we will forget our own identity alsoo that
but he wont relise one thing that is if we are 10mins late then he give 1hr class but isnt the 1hr is waste ?

let it be his time

Shramistha Mitra: Meri pyarri mom she loves me more then anything he world her life her every thing is just mee ND she respects my dad so still the day she never said no to my dad

Ha even I never said a nooo ❀

Ragini Mitra: My lovely di cousin hai yarrrr but she is more then anything for me she is the one who know me clearly in this world ND I am sure noone van under stand nee more then her
ND she is madly love with my jiju I.e lakshy Mehra : they gonna marry soon
I am happy for this

ok i will intoduc

boyfriend come I will show him to you

See my boyfriend BMW Z4- RED COLOUR -convertible sports version (its my dream car too but i cant won bcoz i need to earn moree ) ??

Its cost worth 77.5 lakhs but i owned for 80 as i made special interior mileage -12.3kmpl,engine-2995cc, BHP-385.5,only half owned so its boyfriend my salary is 2lakhs nd emi is 1,5lakhs after completing all installments it will be my husband too ( ur thinking I am mad naa but u know this is only thing in my life as per my wish ❀ )

Its all I got with my hard work not by my dad status

We will go to office first come with me my hitler dad will kill me if it’s late ?

We reached office every one are wishing me na its great but I won’t react bcoz i hate this I am super arrogant boss ?.

See the girl in pink Anarkali suit
She is my secretary Priya sighania

She is the only one in this office to understand my frustration she sees me the way i am not by my dad tag
I like it alot so i respect her so much like my di

So she won’t call nee as mam she call me as swara just swara its so sweet

arnav : He is also my cousin gud but he is crazy too flirts with me but its just for fun ntg more

My bestie kushi she had crush on arnav trying to express but she always fail due to her nervousness

Come out to me now
I had also two shaded only few know my naughty pranks one is my di nd other is my bestie Kavitha

I am very happy in life

My life is going gud until I meet a vamp
Do u wanna know him ok listen I will say….

My bad luck is always settle in my master bedroom ?

By bad luck traveled ND crossed seven seas just to meet mee

See meet him the person in black jacket with green t-shirt ND a blue jean its pep jeans I think

Here is bio data ok my bad luck

Name: Sanskar maheswari
Height: 6.1

Ego: 1000000***************infinity πŸ˜‰

Habits : Eating me ND irritating mee
Robotic person same as like my dad I hate itttt

I think u had also fallen for him but listen my story first later u can know y I said him a vamp

I accept he is handsome

any girl can fall easily but not mee
Bcoz I had lot of complications for choosing my Mr.right

He is the person selected by my dad as an alliance for mee
I heard this secretly from my dad still

Its our first meeting

I was sitting in my bean back by leaning back ND gaming in my tab
Our door bell had rang nd my mom opened the door

He came to mee ND sat in front of mee by crossing his legs on his right leg with lot of attitude I am not interested in speaking to boy
I always think boys are stupids
The only thing they want is girl not the relation or commitment

I wont say love bcoz love is waste of time for mee

I never believe in love alsoo

Finally dad arrived I seen him so I stood up ND about to leave to my room

Dad roared out loud” swaraaa where ur leaving ”

I stood up in shock nd whispered ” voh i am going to myy room ”

Dad shouted out ” is it a manners sanskar is our guest give him company ?

Oh noo my dad got crazy I wanna give him company I just wanna shout out from core of my voice ” nooooo ?

But I cant say bcoz I don’t like to say no to my family

I got back to my seat ND dad left to kitchen to speak to mom

He bowed his hand towards me ” hi swara

I formally rly” hii but I don’t like to give my hand to him bcoz I am scared of boys na soo?

Dad came back ND he said me ” goo ND plz show his room he gonna stay for a month

I shouted in shock ” wtt one month ?

This sanskar: Ha one month do u have problem

My dad gave a angry look to me I could understand him ?
I just nodded my head in yes ?

My dad said me” show him our home to completely so he can feel comfortable for this month

I just nodded ND left with him he just followed me on my back

I could feel his gaze on my back he is staring me continue

It just made me freeze I stood like a statue
He stood a step back behind me

I whispered” Mr.maheswari u walk front I will be back

He smiled at me ND walked forward

He seen everyplace on my mansion but not my room bcoz I don’t like anyone to see my room its my personal but only 3ppl can see one is my di, mom, Kavitha that’s it

We got back to living room

Sanskar “we seen all but wt about ur room ”

My dad gave a look at me

But I can’t its against my policy

My dad roared ” go swara let him to see ur room too anyway u destined it urself na show him

I had no option left I took him to my room
But I am nervous bcoz I don’t know how it is
I had not even remembered in.mrg due to office pressure I messed it completely in frustration
I wish It should be gud plz mom I hope u helped mee
I opened my room door In nervousness dad pH rang ” wow I am lucky he left me by saying” u carry on

We both are in a single room alone
He entered into my life first
later my room ND trying to be in my family too

My room is perfect i am happy
He scanned my room completely even i seen my room again to make sure that everything is perfect but i seen my novel is on my bed behind my teddy ” oh noo its a romantic novel “Romeo ND Juliet” its gifted by my di ??

My dad hates such things ND i am sure even this person will be same as my dad so i thought to hide this before he notice ?

He had turned towards my books rack i took baby steps ND grabbed my novel ND placed it under the pillow ND about to move away but in mean while my leg got stuck in carpet i lost my balance ND about to fall but he held me but he fallen by losing his balance ?
We both falls on bed he had fallen on my top ND his hand is under me ND his other hand is holding my waist its tracing my waist unknowingly

His lips brushed my cheeks noo nooo I am just scared to admit but it pecked on corner of my lips ?
My heart just skipped from beating for a sec
I pushed him with a force but he is strong his weight Is on mee

He tried to get up so we both got up at a time I was about to move away but his wrist watch ND my belt got strucked

He placed his hand to remove it but I ‘m just nervous by his repeated touch on my waist

HE just stared at me for a while i trying to remove the but its tough i am unable to move in his closeness i could feel his hot breath on my neck
he whispered”shall i

i had not replied anything he pushed me back on bed nd unhooked my belt in seconds i am just shock i could not understand wt to react

he grabbed my belt from jeans straps nd removed the mess nd he replaced my belt
all this happened in seconds
he plucked the belt on my waist which made me close my eyes its unknown feeling i got
i don’t know wt it is but its new to mee
i could feel his fingers is tracing my bare waist which is on between jeans nd t-shirt
he is moving his finger sensuously inside my shirt on my waist he pinched me all off sudden

i shouted in pain “ahh u stupidd ”

i just pushed him with a force
“how dare you wt the hell ur doing ”

he had smirk on his face calm down ur erotic heartbeats dear’ he huskily said in my ear

i could hear my fasten heart beat oh no i am sweated out completely

managed to shout ” dont u dare to touch meeee i hate boysssssssssssssss”

he whispered “cool dont u have boyfrnd ”

i roared out ” i hate boys nd i don’t like wasting time ”

he said ‘ acha but from now i love wasting time
huskily said” anyways ur husband is more lucky ”

how can you say
he whispered : i am not saying that, the mole on ur waist is saying this jaan ”
i settled my tshirt down i pulled shirt as much as i can

he huskily rlypied i had seen already

he left me in shock

i went towards my dressing table nd raised my shirt nd checked myself yes he is right but i had never noticed in thistime of my life he noticed it in seconds
how dangerous he is ……………………………….

i heard a sound from my door i turned back in surprise again its hee

i roared in anger “wt ur doing here still ”

he whispered ” i am just came for confirmation its beautiful thanks ”

he winked at me with naughty smirk nd left me in confusion

I yelled out in angry ” how dare you just stay away from me
He: Acha I cant I think

I: Don’t you look down whatever u wanna say say me by looking my eyes ok I hate this kind of behavior
I hate boys

He: I love girls
He left out of room

From that day I had decided not to be in front of him without hoddies I grabbed my hoodies from my cupboard

Dinner time oh no I need to see him again its better to skip dinner for today

precap; sanskar pov ( then u can know y i titled this ff so )

if u like nd want to know further then do comment orelse tata πŸ˜‰

Β© BHANU JANU-All Copyrights Reserved 2016.

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