Mann chala teri ore-part I

Hai guys im disha …..i’ve always wanted to write a good ff of suhani si ek ladki……….and here it is
My ff begins from the episode where both yuvi and suhani compete wid eachother for the fashion house…but hhere suhani’s company gives up the won project as she wins a better suhani and yuvi haven”t met eachother still……….guys as u all know ur good comments mean a lot to beginners like me…….so please do comment ur views about my ff..:-)
Yuvi is awesome happy that he had got the fashion house deal at the last moment…in fact it was his dream cmng true..he couldn’t wait to express his hapiness and thank his opponent Chairman for giving up…so he immediately calls sambhav and gets his appoinment fixed..
One week later,at YUVAAN FASHIONS
Yuvi is glad to see yuvaan’s name.the receptionist welcomes him and asks him to wait for 2 min..and he waits patiently ..he sits near the office cabin and suddenly notices a small photo of a boy…it is yuvaan and yuvi is surprised…as he continues to wait, a bell rings and all of a sudden the staffs stand up to wish their manager..yuvi eagerly waits for the manager to come…
She walks with full pride wid her secretary.she is waering a black golden designer saree .she greets all her staff with pretty pretty smiles.yuvi is THUNDERSTRUCK…Right in font of his eyes, she was there…SUHANI..his love of his life..he couldn’t believe his eyes… It was as if his brain was short-circuited and needed to be rebooted. Around him, everything was in fast-forward while she was motionless in the middle of it all . Was he really seeing her??
As she closes him…yuvi starts swaeting ..but he also feels proud to see suhani like that.He felt like telling everyone overthere that she is his wife.She still hacn’t seen him and as she nears him,his heart starts beating faster and faster..Finally their EYES MEET she stops wid a jerk…her face becomes pale seeing YUVRAJ..She is cmpletely lost and dazed.and suddenly tumbles and is above to fall when yuvi holds her tightly .They ve a beautiful eyelock….saware plays…
Suhani comes back to her senses and pushes yuvi off her like hot bricks. Yuvi’s words 7 years back ring in her ears like alarm…. Go away SUHANI… FOREVER..!!.. She cries and runs away… yuvi runs behind her.. Before he could catch her up, she gets into the lift.
Yuvi calls for her sadly.. “Suhani!!”.. As he reaches out his hand for her, & as the lift door closes suhani also calls him back wid hatred,” Yuvraj!! “.as she lays back on the lift wall wiping her tears..
Yuvi is heartbroken, while sam enters the scene.. (he has seen everything…and he is not aware of suhani ”s story)..,
Sam: boss….. What a romantic moment dude? U like her?….wait a sec r u THE DUSHMAN PATI??(Here sam is aware of suhani’s flashback but doen’t know yuvi)
Before sam could speak more someone pats yuvi”s shoulder.. He turns back and yes it was sharadh.. Both give each other a tight hug and they shed Happy tears. Sha asks sam to leave….
They both spend some time together and speak about their lives the past 7 years..
Y: sharadh u come now.. I’ll take u to BH.. And also bhavna and golu. …sharadh looks on..
S: no guru not now…. I can’t leave suhani bhabhi just like that..
Y: sharadh I meant everyone.. He grins.. (And suddenly he remebers yuvaan)… sharadh Is suhani Marr??..
S: no guru!!!.. Please… Don’t u know about suhani???.
yUvi feels guilty and decides not to tell about sowmya now.
(sharadh thinks why isn’t guru not asking anything about his child.. Just then Yuvi speaks..)
Y: hmmm… Sharadh tho yuvaan Kiska beta Hai?? I mean I saw his photo at the office..
Sharadh is taken aback hearing dis.
S: guru please don’t tell me u ve moved on so much in ur life that u ve even forgotten that u ve a SON!!
The words hit yuvi’s ears like thunder.. “yuvaan is my son???!!!”…yuvi holds his head wid both his hands and looks up at tht sky…he is filled with overwhelming happiness..he is unable to control himself and his eyes gets filled wid joyous tears.suddenly he becomes so emotionally frustrated that he shouts in anger,”SUHANIIIII!!!!!this was all because of u….i hate u suhani!!.he calms down and speaks in a trembling voice,
“so both my kids r alive???… I must leave now.. Right now.. I ve to tell everything to Maa… ”
Sharadh s confused.. Before he could speak Yuvi leaves.. As he is leaving he tells,” sorry sharadh.. I don’t ve time now.. I’m so exited about yuvaan… Tom is my daughter Krishna ‘z b’day… Please bring everyone to BH..this is the perfect opportunity to meet my SON.. “…
Shardj tries to catch him up yelling,” guru but who is Krishna and..?? “..
But he soon gets into the car and shouts happily”I’ll introduce everyone to u tomorrow… But please do come.. Atleast for Maa…. The car leaves off..
Shar in his mind… “I think Yuvi has got married.. Shud I take suhani bhabhi Der Tom or not.??…no i must do this atleast for yuvaan”
Yuvi’s prov in car.,
I can’t believe… my child.. … My son is alive.. I’m so exited.. Why didn’t I let myself go in search of suhani atleast once.. I could ve forgiven my suhani and raised our kids together.. & suhani…. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her today….. Yes.. She has grown beautiful.. That 1min seeing her today was like i was reborn … There were moments when I underestimated her capabilities.. Now toady she has proved me wrong.. I felt so proud of her today.. That I wanted to hug her and kiss her soft cheeks tightly.. And congratulate her & say,”suhani ..come lets go home..i’ll never hurt u again “but..
As I held her.. She reminded me all our Happy moments instantly. Her charming EYES.. GOD!!.. suhani ur my wife.. ur Mine… But see our fate…( then he remembers the bad incident.& grows furious.) .. But it was u suhani!!! .. It was all ur fault.. U took a very bad decision. & u ruined my life as well as urs.. Else our kids would ve lived a happy and normal lifee…& yuvaan would ve got a dad…
At suhani’s house
Suahni comes home crying and gets more emotional seeing bhavna…she tells her everything and hugs her.bhavna consoles her and sees that suhani’s eyes had become red and swollen she asks her to rest for sometime and they could talk about it later..
Suhani’s prov
I felt so uncomfortable looking into his eyes today..but that familiar warm feeling in his arms.made me want him forever..i felt like hugging him and showing him all my love that i had treasured for him the past 7 years. but then… I felt the wet hot tears fill up my eyes, my throat closed tight and each word of yuvraj pitched higher than the last time .i just wanted to get away from his life to see him happy…& i guess he is,Yuvraj at first i felt so strange the way we met…,how our WIERDNESS matched ..but somewhere deep inside me i feeel there is no chance for us to be in a relationship.YET,I FALL IN LUV WID U AGAIN AND AGAIN,,UNPREDICTABLY
She falls on the bed on her back & she breaks into a terrible cry.she calms down herself seeing yuvaan’s pic and smiles…,”beta..nothing is more important than u in my life..never can be..”
Precap: all go to krishna’s birthday party…suhani wonders why is the car going towards birla house??

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