Manmarziyan:His presence..

Well..if you are reading this then you definitely believe love is not all smiles and are here just to confirm it. Well for starters it’s true.. Now look at me.. this beautiful hazel eyed lady beside me (i think I described her well because she didn’t hit me ) had such a magnetic effect( permanent one?) on me that I followed her to france like a love struck puppy .love love love.. The after effects of it are drastic * sad sighs * the confident , dynamic and dashing Neil malhotra now listens to his petite wife .told you,she is the magnet and I’m the iron . my fan following is at stake all because of…ouch…
Me!!! Tell that and I’m gonna kill you .and fan following haha keep dreaming Mr.Husband !! Uff thank god I got the mike from him . why do all men behave like “the typical husband ” after marriage ?? Did I ask you to follow me ? No right…
You look cute when you are angry.
Huh?? Now don’t try to flatter me . okay coming to the point we are here on arjun’s second anniversary and aditya , the person who played cubid in our lives put  forth the idea of making this video.. And we are first ask me why, because we are the cutest couple …
Someone’s blushing !!
No I’m not !
And now..
Ugh stop kissing me in public.
That’s when I hear people around me gasp. Confused ( this shameless kissed me many times before so they wouldn’t gasp for that) I looked up to find everyone giving with their eyes lowered .not understanding what was happening I  looked around to find arjun’s eyes red with tears, my eyebrows furrowed. ” Sammy” his pain filled voice reached me enlightening me what I just did .I couldn’t hold back the emotions swirling inside me .tears brimmed up .” sorry , I’m so sorry ” was all I could whisper before darkness engulfed me…

Hie guys .this is sahithi .I’m a crazy Neil fan( too much of fan girling?) so I thought of writing a fanfic on him .the above itsy- bitsy part is kind of a prologue .it’s somewhere from the middle of the story and I would post the beginning soon..hope you like this small part, please do tell me how it was !!

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  1. Hi it’s nice. Pls continue. I didn’t c rads here.

    1. Thank you’s more of nesam, radz will be there too…

  2. Very nice…continue dear…no rads…waiting ??

    1. Thank you Rosie!! Will post soon

  3. It nice. Please continue

    1. Thank you so much Kavina

  4. superbbbbbbbbb dear ? lovely??✌

  5. Superb 😀 waiting for epi

    1. Thank you so much fasa!!

  6. Interesting story, please continue with the story. 🙂

    1. Thanks you Brin?

  7. Nice dear pls continue 🙂

    1. Thank you soo much dii !!

  8. Really nice dear.. 😀 Plz continue 🙂

    1. Thank you sweetie?

  9. super .pls conti………

    1. Thank you subha?

  10. Wow dear superb…….. M also a big fan of neil (shravan reddy) plz post next part soon

    1. Yipee !! Found a shravan fan?
      Will post the next part soon dear..thank you so much! Your comments mean a lot to me?

  11. Wowwww, very lovelyyyyyy n interesting prologue. …sahithi…I loved your name….n I’m also big fan of neil…plzzzz continue dear. ..I’ll glad to read this lovely story. …love you loads. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Thank you soo much Roma !! Your name is cute too. I loved your dp? your comments mean a lot to me ..the next one’s coming you tooo… bear hugs!! Take care.

  12. plzzz update soooooooooon but where is Rads ??????? Y did Arjun’s eyes fill with tears when Neil kissed Sam ???????

    1. The next one is coming soon i submitted it. Its arjun n radz anniversary so she sure is present.but why arjun reacted like that you should wait.let the story unfold…
      Thank you so much for commenting

  13. excellent..plz continue

  14. Superb dear…update soon next one…

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