Manmarziyan:His presence.. chapter 2 ( part 1)


It’s playback time.

Neil’s pov
Leaning on the pillar next to my car I saw her struggling with the trolley. Instantly I felt myself wanting to help her but I stayed glued to my place. To bend people was an art to her , an inborn talent …

My eyes were filled with hatred and anger.the dam of feeling was on the verge of breaking.the way she reacted today should not affect me but it did . that piercing pain when she wished me ..ah..I have a habit of returning things and it was time to show her is playback time.I smiled mentally..this was going to be fun.

Sam’s pov

Oh god! What the hell did I pack! I was dog tired after the journey and this gentleman did not bother to help. With the last ounce of energy present I pushed the trolley into the parking .

He was standing beside the car. His jaw clenched and anger written all over his face .Why was he so angry! I apologized, didn’t I? I saw him open the dickey .

“I’m not going to load them into the car” I almost yelled . From the corner of my eye I could see him smirking . Oh how devilish ! What’s cooking in his brain now .He came forward and took the trolley from me and I sighed in relief.

He hair lay disheveled . Eyes coal black. Thick eyelashes .defined eyebrows .sharp nose. Perfect jawline.I could see his toned arms move flexibly placing the baggage into the car. That pale face was proof enough to say he was tired too and the feeling that he came to receive me in this state was great.I could find myself smiling.

“Done” he asked me with his eyebrows raised. Shit! I mentally slapped myself for checking him out openly. “Huh!?” was all that came of.” Get in” he said and closed the door with a bang. God !! Is he sitting on fire…

Neil’s pov

It was ten minutes we started and she was fidgeting with her fingers and shifting her position continuously. She was having some discomfort. I saw her face it was red. What was wrong with her.Halting the car I asked ” what’s wrong? ”
She had problem breathing .
“The scent”
Shit! How could I forget , she was perfume intolerant.any alien smell would make her dizzy.Urg!! I immediately opened the Windows and helped her descend. She was on the verge of puking Why didn’t she tell me.This was not the Sam I knew.

“Neeiiilll! You senseless idiot! You dog!! ”
” Sammy chill, don’t freak out.”
” Don’t freak out !! If I die I’ll become a ghost and haunt you or a better idea I’ll be born as your child .ahh..take that scent away from me. I’ll puke here, in your room. This is not a joke .You idiot stop running. You are so dead in my hands today”

I smiled remembering her curses. She was a lady Don. We had to put cotton in our ears….
“Why are you smiling ?” she asked meekly, her forehead furrowed.
“Nothing” I replied.

Honestly speaking I didn’t like this change in her. She was all chirpy , talking endlessly filling colors into others lives. Now, she was pale and lifeless. She had problem managing her hair. The long tresses were flowing with the wind. Tucking her hair behind her ear , the big eyes of hers were scrutinizing the surrounding. Her nose was all pink. She was sans makeup.Cute was the only word that came to my mind.

I saw her stagger and I ran to the other side of the car to hold her.I caught her by her waist and then lifted her.She was light like a feather.being this close to me her feminine senses were aroused.the way she responded was making it difficult to control.”I’m fine ” she meekly stated pulling back. ” No you are not” I probably shouted. I didn’t want her to move away from me.The pink colour of the cheeks reduced instantly, she closed her eyes out of fear.

“Sam” I whispered .my voice came out huskily and I kicked myself mentally for that. She opened her eyes. The big hazel brown ones I was lost in them instantly. I was looking into the depths to find guilt but no all I found was pain.she never regretted.I again felt a stab in my heart. Unconsciously I tightened my grip on her.
Sam’s pov

I felt the world around me spin…I caught the car door for support but in a flash I was in his arms. I could feel his hands on my waist .My heart was pounding, butterflies in my stomach and I just could stop blushing after I knew that I feel for him. Damn no I just couldn’t!

He lifted me up and I placed my hand around his neck. We entered each other’s magnetic field for the first time and I felt like the invisible lines of energy were drawing both of us together.

He seemed deep in thoughts. “I’m fine ” I whispered. He literally shouted on me.I closed my eyes on fear.” Sam” I heard him say. My heart skipped a beat. I opened my eyes and the classic eyelock followed. It was like a race to read each other’s emotions. His black orbs showed passive anger and I’m sure mine showed hurt.

He tightened his grip. I furrowed My brows, what now! All of a sudden he put me down , stopped a taxi, told some address and shoved me in..
“What the..”
“See you at my place.” he said gravely.
Tears couldn’t stop flowing. I saw his car overtake the taxi. Not knowing what your mistake is yet bearing the consequences is the worst thing ever…

General pov

Men generally place their ego and intelligence before reality and facts. This is exactly what Neil is doing. He is afraid that he will be proved wrong and He is showing it out by his anger. He will have to face the truth but Will it be too late…

Hie dearies!! Soo sorry I’m late , was travelling and had network issues.will for sure update regularly now. Do tell me how this chappy is…your comments are my encouragement. Happy weekend!?

Credit to: sahithi

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