Manmarziyan:His presence.. chapter 1 ( part 2)

Retrouvaille (continuation)
Taking my place right in front of the arrivals section I felt various emotions swirling in me.all these two years appeared like a dream…a worst nightmare and I wanted to wake up badly…
I reminisced the day we met. She was 12 then and I was six months elder to her. Her bubbly cheeks , dimple smile and bussy plated hair were enough to catch my attention . she came and sat in my bench .seven years with her flew like a second .she became my teacher , mentor and my best friend .I thought I knew everything about her but I was wrong….
My series of thoughts were broken when I felt a hand on my shoulder.bewildered I turned around to find a long brunette legged girl standing in front of me .she had a baby in her arms .I raised my eyebrows as if asking her why she called me .I was annoyed as she disturbed my thoughts ( why can’t woman leave me alone)
“¿Por favor tenga cuidado del bebé mientras utilizo el baño” she asked.ah spanish! living in Spain for two years I new spanish very well. “Por supuesto” I replied taking the baby into my hands while I heard the announcement that the flight had landed.
Once the plane landed anxiety overtook me.I was constantly fidgeting with my dress and hair.collecting my baggage and calming my nerves I walked to the exit.
As soon as walked past the door I saw him.he was handsome as usual. He is six feet tall and any one could guess the toned body that was hidden by the shirt.His signature smile was missing and he looked more like a brooding Prince. Yeah! He was a Prince for eyes then went to the light pink sweatshirt he was wearing.a curve appeared on my face . Oh how I hated it . I would create a ruckus in his life when he wore it . I’m sure he wore it today to annoy me.
My eyes then went to the baby in his hand . My heart stopped beating . My feet were stuck to the ground.Is he married? My eyes desperately searched for any signs to confirm and then I saw a thin , s*xy girl walk up to him. My eyes brimmed up with tears .Maybe I was too late. How much ever difficult it was for me, I had to be happy for him. I walked up to him and congratulated him.
I saw her enter with the baggage .she had problem moving it. She was fragile like a princess.her face was crystal clear but lost its liveliness.I saw her fidgeting with her fingers and I new she was tensed. She lost a lot of weight and the floral summer frock she wore was hugging her body showing her curves.
I then looked into her eyes. Hazel brown eyes . Instead of guilt all I found were pain and hurt. I was surprised for a second. Maybe you were wrong all these years , my heart whispered. She is a great actress my mind countered. She was checking me out , I was waiting for her to frown looking at my shirt but she smiled. Ah! That smile….it would make anyone go on their knees.
She stopped right in the middle .Her face showed that she was shocked! Bewildered I stared her with an eagle’s eye. Her eyes searched desperately for something. I frowned. What was wrong with this girl now!!!
Thinking for a while she walked up to me.”Congratulations” she sweet was her voice…but wait..did she congratulate me..but why. “Huh??” was all that came out of my mouth. Ignoring me completely she went past me and hugged the mother of the baby whom I was holding (?).”happy married life! He didn’t tell me he was married sorry for the late wishes” she said soo fast that it took a moment for me to understand.
What the f**k!! Anger seeped into my veins.this was how she would react if I were married .all happy n all smiles .this rubbed me completely on the wrong side .if she was trying to show me she is not affected I was hell bent to show her too.
The lady turned to me , took the baby from my arms .she was utterly confused .if this was not happening with me I would be on the floor laughing but to my bad luck I was the scapegoat.
“¿A qué se acaba de decir?” whoa this lady doesn’t know english . wow maybe my luck is not that bad either.”Esta loca. Por favor, no hagas caso” I tell her this and she gives sam a sympathic smile. Just then the baby in her arm squeals looking at a man ,probably his father.

A tall well built man walked up to her and kissed her. Holy god!! My mouth opened and closed like a fish.”he is…” I asked neil, my eyes never leaving the couple. “Her husband”came the reply.
Crap crap crap!! My day couldn’t have been better. First the weather and now this .Great! Just great!! But I was feeling relieved !! He was not married.. I turned my face away from him to hide the embarrassment. I could sense the anger vibes hitting my back . silly me !! I turn around to the woman and apologised to her.” it okay” she said in her broken english and again gave me a sympathetic smile…
Why was she smiling like that !! Like what…like I was crazy.Suspecting something I turned to face Neil.He had his poker face on. Wow !what a hospitality.All of a sudden he started moving to the exit.I had to leap to keep up with him .
“I’m sorry”
No answer.rude much!!
“Hey but the baby was in your arms ” now that was a point isn’t it!
” the lady needed to use the wash room so I took him into my arms” he said gritting his teeth.whoa I managed to piss him off …but why was the lady smiling at me..
” what did you tell her”
” and that is…”
” you are crazy”
Huh?? Did he just say that..
” I’m not crazy!”
“Crazy people think the same about themselves”
Really…I dint know that. Wait WHAT..he is making me crazy

And then it clicked me..the baggage ..we left the baggage inside
” hey! luggage!!”
” yeah! Your.luggage.”and he walked away.
That arrogant jerk !! I ran back muttering curses under my breath.
So that’s for today. I typed it in my mobile so I donno how it’s gonna look?
Please ignore the mistakes..
Anyways there goes their was it?? Met your expectations??Please do comment below??
Thank you sooo much for your you people!!
P.S: how many of you searched the meaning of “retrouvaille” well it’s a French word which signifies a meeting with a person you love after a long time…I know a little of French cos I studied it as my third language. And when it comes to spanish honestly I used the translator.I hope there will be no need for translation cos I indirectly stated it in the chappy.

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  1. loved it…………Sam misunderstanding Neil was funny………..

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  2. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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  5. Really cute epi…go ahead !!

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  7. such a cute episode ……………. loved it

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  11. Awesome episode. ..sahithi dearrrr, sorry for late comment.’s really superbbbb episode. …nesam so lovelyyyyyy. …Sam misunderstood neil…hehehe….very cute…loved it so much. ….if you don’t mind, I want to point out…I got confused between pov’s, if u mention the pov’s of person as heading before the para then it’ll be easy for us to understand. ….but I loved your storyline n concept….n your imagination n narration is very beautiful. ….keep it up honeyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh…♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Thank you Roma? yeah sure I will mention the pov’s from the next update..your words encourage me soo much. Bear hugs?

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