Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 9)


Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 9

At Fire advertising agency, Mumbai
Neil entered and got the biggest surprise of his life. When neil entered ,he saw sam, his sam whom he had loved throughout his college days sitting on the executive chair before his eyes he couldn’t stop himself and he went there and hugged her.She looked more beautiful now than before. She looked so pretty that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Meanwhile sam was lost in thoughts thinking that her best friend in college whom she had lost contact with had come to see her.
And both of them exclaimed together…

Aarthi was shocked and too shocked even to respond finally she managed to asked
“Do you people actually know each other before……?”
“Know? , Aarthi he was my best friend during college days…I know him since ages, but somehow I lost his contact, and from that day I am waiting for him to trace me and meet me.”
“Oh so samaira your love has come back to you.”Aarthi said and winked at Neil.
“Love…what nonsense Aarthi we are besties that’s it don’t cross your limits.” Sam was angry and she turned pink. Neil was enjoying all this drama.
“I was just kidding” Aarthi spoke out and both Neil and she burst out laughing.”
Sam gave a angry gaze on Neil and he stopped knowing sam would hate laughing.
Sam and neil were very happy getting their best friend back. Their business meeting also went well and sam promised neil that she will design the best plot for his companys advertisement. Aarti was hating all this she felt very jealous of sam, she liked Neil because he was in a very good position in a MNC and would be earning a lot.
At Khanna hospials, Mumbai………………
Radhika stated her work she first finished consultation of all her out patients. She always saw humanity before money, money had always been her second priority, so that day a man from a humble background had come he had a serious problem and required to be operated, he was also the sole breadwinner of his family, she felt very sad after seeing his condition, she decided to talk to Arjun for considering this case and performing a operation to save that man’s life.
She went to his cabin and without wasting a second she explained the whole situation to Arjun and asked him
“Sir his condition is very series and he needs to operated upon immediately but he doesn’t have
enough money for the operation “

“Then how can we perform the surgery Dr. Radhika ?”
“Sir I will pay for it sir but please lets attend to him immediately sir he is in serious condition.”
Arjun and Radhika performed the surgery together and it was a success and Radhika also realised that Arjun is a very good doctor. Meanwhile the patient’s family were very grateful to her and told Radhika that they would help her whenever needed Radhika was very happy that she had performed her first surgery very well and saved a life but little did she know that that surgery was going to change her whole life.

Credit to: Divya

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    1. Thanks for your concern aastha, I am fine just had too many tasks in hand so only couldn’t update. I will read ur ff soon. I feel happy that you have taken the pen and started I would love to read your story.

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