Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 8)


Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 8
Hi friends it feels very good to know that you people are liking me ff . Thanks to all people who comment and silent readers too. It has always been a dream for me to write a story, and it makes me feel very happy when I realise that I am also following my passion and making my dreams come true through this story, thank you friends for supporting me your support matters a lot to me. Enjoy reading . 
Let’s continue with the story………………

Radhika is shell shocked…her senior or the one whom she is going to assist or rather has to assist is none other than Dr.Arjun Khanna the same arrogant doctor she met at the airport. She doesn’t know how to respond.
Meanwhile Arjun is also shocked to know that the one who he wanted to defeat had already defeated and proved him wrong, he is also shocked at stares at her.
Radhika decides to finally break the jinx and starts to introduce herself.

“Good morning sir,I am Radhika Mishra…Samrat sir told me that I am going to be your assistant and that I have to assist you until I gain enough experience to perform surgeries on my own…”
“So Radhika, if I am not wrong we have already met before right?”
Radhika stammers but manages to reply “yes, yes sir we had met at the airport yesterday”
“So you wanted an apology from me…”

“No no sir there is no need…”
“Hmmn…okay so then I am Dr.Arjun Khanna head of the department of cardiology , Khanna hospitals Mumbai . And I expect people who work under me to be punctual, as you see Dr.Radhika you are already one hour late”
“Sorry sir as it was my first day I got late I will be on time tomorrow.”
“Good, now you can go to your cabin and start your work.”

Radhika obeys his order and exits his cabin and goes to visit her own cabin. She likes her cabin and is very excited to start her work and she suddenly remembers the promise she had made to neil and takes out her cell phone to call him when somebody knocked and if was a nurse with a patient. She decide to attend to her patient first and then make a call to Neil.

Meanwhile at Neil’s office in Mumbai…
He was collecting all documents and was just leaving to meet Samaira at her office.
At fire advertising agency, Mumbai…
Sam was also getting ready along with her business partner to attend to their new client Mr.Neil Mishra . Both sam and her business partner, Aarti had been best friends at colledge and had decided to open this small and cozy office together… They were now waiting for Neil to come sam was sitting on the table and suddenly the heard a knock on the table , she jumped up and took her pace on the chair…and Neil entered.
So that’s it for today friends, hope you like it I have one surprise in store for you guys,………….. 🙂

Credit to: Divya

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