Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 7)

Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 7
At Khanna hospitals Mumbai…
It is a very busy day as usual and its Radhika’s first day at work, she is very tensed not knowing how her new job will be wether her senior will be nice to work with whether the hospital staff will be friendly and cooperative and finally she gets very scared thinking how she will be able to manage all the work.
Suddenly she gets a call from a landline number as she is going inside the hospital.
“Hi, Bhai iss time pe phone kyun kiya, she asks with her voice shivering”
“Arre, chashni how did you recognise it is my call, and why are you soo tensed?”
“Bhai I know very well that it can be only your call, as you are the only one each and every step of mine, and yes bhai I am feeling very scared bhai its my first day na…that’s why.”

“Oh buddhu radhika why are you scared just be confident, I know that you will do well in your career you are very intelligent just don’t be nervous be cool and yes I have to do some work , there’s lot of work bye and call me once you are free”
“ zaroor will call as soon as I reach my cabinet bye…” She ends the call feeling lot more confident.
And with that she enters into the hospital and meets the receptionist and asks her.
“Excuse me can I meet Dr.Samrat Khanna , I am Dr.Radhika…radhika Mishra.”
“Yes ma’am , please go straight and take left sirs cabin is there.”
“Okay thanks,”

And with a smile she follows the way and reaches the cabin. In bold black letters it was written…Dr.SAMRAT KHANNA …she slowly knocked the door and heard a faint voice saying come in and she went inside.
“Good morning sir, I am Radhika Mishra…”
“Oh yes come in Dr.Radhika you are just in time I want you to go upstairs. You will be allotted a cabin there. You will consult patients for some time till you gain experience and assisting Dr.Arjun whenever it comes to surgeries you will be given permission to perform surgeries on your own after you gain enough experience…”
“Oh okay sir, thank you soo much for allowing me to work at your hospital, it is like a dream come true .”
“Now Radhika , …she will take you upstairs.”
And he then calls a nurse and tells her to take Radhika upstairs and show her cabin to her and also to introduce her to Arjun.

And with that both Radhika and nurse take leave…on the way radhika asks the nurse.
“Nurse, you seem to be working here for a long time…so tell me how is this hospital and Dr.Arjun”
“Ma’am, well this is a very nice hospital and Arjun sir he is also very nice but very strict and punctual and demands us to be also in time and he is also very serious ma’am.”
“Oh serious…and yes please don’t call me “ma’am” I am younger than you call me radhika.”

And instantly she captures a place in the nurse’s heart as it is the first time that a doctor s telling her to call her by her name.

They reach upstairs chatting and go up Radhika decides to meet Arjun before going to her cabin . She goes to his cabin and knocks on the door softly there is no response, she again knocks and this time she hears a voice say come in.
She goes inside and sees someone taking on the phone and instantly recognises it is the same person with whom she had a fight in the airport…
Suddenly he disconnects the call and turns to look at her…she freezes …and turns into a statue.

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