Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 6)


Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 6
At Neil’s new office in Mumbai…
He is assigned a new role in the department of advertising and marketing. He is very happy as he has an MBA in marketing and he is hopeful that his degree will help in his work. His new boss is very friendly and asks him to make a plan for a new advertisement for their company…Neil decides to get help and idea from his friend who is already there in the media field he rings him up for advice…

“Hi Adarsh how are you bro…”
“Hi Neil I am fine how are you”
“ I am fine too I am in Mumbai yaar no longer in delhi came to Mumbai just a week ago…”
“Oh you are in Mumbai that’s great news I am in Mumbai too..chalo lets meet up sometime soon”

“yes definitely and adarsh I called you to because I have been given the job to develop a new ad for one of our companys product and since you are in the media field I would like to ask you, do you know someone who is in the advertisement industry…”
“Oh that’s why you called…umm…hann yar I know an advertisement firm that develops great ideas and my friend works in one of them, and her name is sam, samaira Khanna I will email you all her details you can call her.”
“Oh thanks yaar that would make my work much easier…see you bye!”
Neil ends the call and the conversation as well.

At fire advertising agency…
Miss samaira Khanna we have a call for you…The receptionist hands over the phone to samaira as soon as she enters into her office…she loves her job…and her small company…which she had founded as an advertising firm with a partner.
“Oh a call for me, early morning I just don’t who it is who has started work so early in the morning…oh well pass on the phone to me” Samaira mourns and goes to attend the call. (The time is around 11 am and that’s early morning for sam!).

“Hi I am Neil…Neil Mishra and I want you and your company to design a ad for my company’s new product which we are going to release…and Adarsh gave me details about your company, I am his friend.
“Oh okay so then its all right hmmn I think we will have to meet to decide about the details and the type of ad your company would want us to develop…”
“Okay then lets meet at 4 pm today at your office.”

And with that Neil disconnects the call not knowing that the person he was going to meet because of an office work will soon become the most important person in his life…

Credit to: Divya

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