Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 4)

Manmarziyan…a saga
At Khanna hospitals, Mumbai…
A young doctor has just completed a very tough heart valve surgery involving great risk and the patients relatives are waiting outside the operation theatre with a heavy heart not knowing it will be a success or failure…the atmosphere is very tense…the chance for success is very less the family knew that very well as it was a very complicated surgery but still they had gone ahead with it…
The operation is over and the red light starts blinking and with that it kills all the hopes of that family…everyone is in tears…
Suddenly the green light starts glowing faintly and a new hope is born the family still is not sure whether it was a success or a failure…everyone is waiting for the doctor…

The door opens and a young man emerges he is not even wearing a white coat so the patient’s family are confused whether he is the doctor or not and they are also wondering how to approach him as he looks so arrogant. Finally they muster up enough courage and go to talk with him…
“Doctor, we really don’t know how to thank you enough you have saved our sole breadwinner we can never thank you enough for the help you have done…thank you very much doctor.”
“Oh there’s no need to thank me I just did my duty …” “and nurse all the formalities have been completed right?”
“yes sir only the final payment needs to be paid”
“Make sure you pay it…”he replies to the patient’s family and walks away.

At the exit he is greeted by his father Dr. Samrat Khanna who has just come to meet him.
“So, how did the operation go…?”
“It was a success dad.”
“I knew it but Arjun tell me how do you perform even the most difficult surgeries with such ease…?”
“It is very simple dad , I don’t attach any feelings with the patient and that makes my job simple.”

Then Samrat hands over a folder to Arjun and he says…
“In the convocation I had gone to attend yesterday I found a very talented girl who bagged the gold medal for top rank in her college I offered her a job in our hospital and she has accepted the offer…she is also a cardiologist and holds a M.D “
“But dad I think you took all these decision in a hurry , the girl who you are taking about is unexperienced she has just completed her course then how can you offer her a job here dad she lacks experience .”
“But Arjun I found a shine in her eyes she is different she is unique she has all the characteristics that can make her a great doctor…we just need to train her…and her name is …umm…Radhika Mishra…and Arjun I give you the responsibility to train her.”
“Okay dad as you wish let her be my assistant I will train her” Arjun tells his dad but in his mind he thinks…
(Who’s this new girl Dr.Radhika Mishra on whom dad has so much confidence, Radhika Mishra let me see how you keep up dad’s confidence…it is not gonna be easy for you) ……………………

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