Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 2)


Manmarziyan…A Saga
Chapter 2

It was none other than her dear brother Neil. He had left his business meeting midway and had come to see his sister’s convocation and it was a very pleasant surprise for him to see his sister receive the gold medal. Neil was wearing a black coat with matching trousers and white shirt and was looking like a businessman but was jumping like a child full of excitement.

“wow come on chashni, come on …”he was cheering all the while she was getting the mead and as soon as she had got the medal and was returning back to her seat he ran and hugged her.
“Bhai, you told that you have a very important business meeting, and because of that you will not be able to come….”

“haan, chashni, I told but you see it was destiny that brought me here, that meeting was suddenly cancelled by the client and here I am” Neil replied with a sly smile and radhika immediately understood what he had done.

“Bhai, did the client cancel it or you made him do it?”
“What difference does it make whether someone did it or I made him do it, anyway I got benefitted”.
“bhai, you must have made him do it I know”
“If you already know that, then why are you asking me chashni, you know very well that I cannot afford to miss your convocation”
“yes, I knew that bhai all this while I was waiting for you only….”
“Now leave all that. Chashni OMG! This is such great news you have won the gold medal. This calls for a treat.”

As the brother and sister were busy chatting away, Dilip and Mala too joined them .” Neil and choti now you decide where shall we go for treat…?”Dilip asked.
“Mid street”
“Mid street”(A popular fast food joint and icecream parlour in Delhi).
Both Neil and radhika exclaimed in unison and looked at each other in surprise.
Then they went there had a good time and afterwards reached home. Neil went out due to some office work.

“Choti I think that you should shift to Mumbai and start working there…it would be a great start to your career.”
“but papa how can I go, leaving you bhai and mom here in delhi?”
“But choti, still think about it, it will be a great start to your career”
“Papa I will think about it later for now I just want to enjoy…”Radhika says and goes on to switch the TV.

Things go normally and all this time Neil comes to know about Radhika’s offer and he decided to shift to Mumbai along with Radhika, he also decides to talk with his boss tomorrow.

Credit to: Divya

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