Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 17)


Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 17
At Khanna hospitals, Mumbai…after three months.
Radhika and Arjun are performing a surgery, of a very high profile client together and the nurse injects the wrong medicine due to which the patient dies.
After the surgery Arjun goes away and the operation is a failure, and Radhika comes to her cabin and the nurse who had assisted them comes inside her cabin…
“Ma’am, I…I injected the wrong medicine due to which the patient died…I am really sorry ” the nurse stammers and starts crying.

“I know, you did it by mistake, mistakes do happen…” Radhika consoles her.
“But ma’am, this is going to cost my job, the post-mortem report is awaited ma’am this is a high profile case , i…I am going to lose my job.”
Radhika knows that it was a mistake and she also knows that the nurse had lot of problems at home and that she would surely lose her job after everyone would come to know about it. In her mind she made a plan.

“ Don’t tell anyone about the mistake I will handle the case” Radhika gave assurance to her.
“But ma’am how?”
“I will tell them, that I made a mistake…don’t worry you can go home now.”
The nurse gets very emotional after hearing this and stammers a very meek “thank you ma’am”.
Arjun who was just passing by heard each word of their conversation as the nurse had forgot to close the door of Radhika’s cabin.

He was shocked by how much Radhika cared for others , he did not get angry , nor did he barge in to confront the nurse but he had made another plan to save both the nurse and Radhika out of this mess.
Radhika thought that it was necessary for her to go and admit that she had done the mistake in front of Arjun that was a part of her plan, she wanted to put the blame on her to save the nurse…she knew the consequences, she very well knew it could cost her, her job.

Mustering all her courage and putting up a brave face she entered Arjun’s cabin, to confess for the crime, a crime a mistake, she had not done.
“Sir, I want to tell something… I made a mistake due to which the patient died.”
(In Arjuns mind- “I have to act as if I don’t know the truth…I cant let Radhika know that I already know the truth, she shouldn’t get to know that, I have to act. Arjun get angry shout at her, act Arjun…ACT!!!”)

Putting upon a fake anger mask Arjun responded… “WHAT???…Dr. Radhika how can you do such a big mistake, you very well knew that it was a high profile case, how can you be so careless?”
“Sorry sir, but I made a mistake…I was careful but I don’t know how…it happened.”
“You are and were careless and that’s how it happened.” Arjun shouted on her.

“Sir…I am really sorry, I will go and inform Samrat sir and the patient’s family sir.”
“Now you have already done enough damage, you need not do anymore, people will lose trust on us…there is no need to inform anyone, I will go and inform dad, you go home and be ready to face the consequences tomorrow.” Arjun replied
“Okay sir…good night” Radhika replied.
“Bad night” Arjun replied back.

Arjun knew very well that if Radhika admitted for doing the mistake it will cost her , her job, he also knew the confidence his father had on her will also be shattered and she will earn bad reputation. He put the blame on himself now as he knew his father would not scold him…he informed his father that he had done a mistake due to which the patient had died.
As Arjun had expected his dad didn’t even react much and they both knew how to handle such types of mistakes…it was critical they would say, the operation failed and that was the end of matter.

Meanwhile Radhika went home and was tensed, thinking what would happen tomorrow, she very well knew she was in deep trouble, she knew she was going to lose her job. She told the whole incident to Neil, he understood his sister very well, he told her nothing would happen, the situation would soon be alright.
Radhika didn’t sleep the whole night, nights usually scared her as it was very quiet but after a tired day she would sleep well and if not, sleep would not come and she would twist and turn trying very hard to sleep…but today it was very difficult for her to even sleep a wink.

It was early morning, she decided to go early today to know the reaction, she got ready and with so much tension Radhika was not able to even eat breakfast…
Neil was watching all of this, but he could not do anything, what his sister was doing was great but will people really understand it?.
Radhika and Neil both left home together, Neil too didn’t eat, he could not eat breakfast that morning.

At fire advertising agency…
Neil was too tensed, he decided to meet sam, relax his mind and then go to office. Sam was the only one who could cool his mind.
Neil explained the whole thing and sam patiently listened to all that he had to say, she loved to hear of his bond with his sister, she too had dreamt to shate such a bond with her brother but he had no time for her…
After listening the whole story…sam gave a suggestion.
“Neil, I think you should go and meet chashni, everything would have been cleat to her by now, she will need you Neil, please go and meet her your sister really needs you.”
“Yes sam even I think I should go, it will help me to ease my tension now.”
“And don’t forget to take breakfast, you can eat with her, I know you too would also not had your breakfast…”
“Sam other than chashni, you are the only one who understands me perfectly, thank you.”
“Neil, you forget everytime, no thank you and sorry between best friend remember?” Sam punched Neil.
“Arre, sorry yar.”
“What now sorry again?,You will never understand”. She punched him again. Neil smiled and said
“Ouch it hurts…okay will call you after going there , bye Sammy .”
“Sammy, now whats this?”
“your new name.”
“ It’s a dogs name, Neil.” Sam made a angry face.
He looked at the watch it was getting late, Neil bid goodbye to sam and left to meet his chashni, anxious to know what had happened.

So are you anxious to know what happened? Wait till the next episode…

Credit to: Divya

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