Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 14)


Manmarziyan…a saga

Chapter 14
The world had stood still for Arjun, his heart felt very heavy to know the graveness of the blunder he had been committing all this while, and was still committing, his mind was blocked full of thoughts, he wanted to thank Radhika for the help she had done, he wanted to thank her from the bottom of his heart for saving his sister’s life, he wanted to apologise to her for the harsh words he had told her when he should have expressed sincere thanks,…
He had learnt the most important lesson of his life…”Money is not everything”. Today if Radhika had not done the good deed, his sister’s would have lost her life and he would have lost his sam…

And with this he realised he never can express enough gratitude for the help Radhika had done for him, with more than a thousand thoughts racing in his mind, Arjun stated walking towards the ICU, he didn’t have enough courage to push the door and meet his sister’s eyes when she would come to know how her brother had reacted to the person who had saved her life. Neil also wanted to desperately meet Sam and tell her he had broken his promise and Radhika wanted to see if Sam had regained her consciousness.

All the three entered the ICU and were standing around sam, each immersed in their own thoughts when sam slowly opened her eyes and was shocked seeing all of them her brother, Neil and a doctor standing around her each immersed in her own thoughts, she also was surprised to see that she was in a hospital, she thought it was a dream and pinched Arjun who was standing near her.

Arjun was brought out of his thoughts and he got a sudden pain in his hand…he shouted “ouch” and looked at sam and got happy that she had opened her eyes and regained her consciousness…Neil and Radhika were also awakened from their thoughts by hearing Arjun’s voice.
“Sam…sam are you alright…how did this happen to you?” Arjun asked sam.
“Sam, you were alright when you got into your car then what happened after that, are you feeling well now?” Neil asked sam.
“Samaira, are you alright, do you feel pain even now?” Radhika asked in typical doctor style.

Now it was Sams turn to get surprised what had happened to her, and why was she in a hospital and why were her brother, friend and doctor concerned about her…then she realised the pain in her right hand and slowly she remembered all that had happened in the evening….
She blurted out “ yes I am alright, why are you all worried? See I am fine.” She decided to hide her pain from them all, they were already very worried.
Arjun senses something is wrong as sams tone is unusually dull and asks her…” something is wrong with you sam, tell us what it is.”

Sam decided to verify the fact and then tell them all what was there in her mind but for now she told them that she had pain in her right hand.

what is there in sam’s mind?

Credit to: Divya

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  1. Why she want to hide iy from him

    1. you will get to know that soon Hayathi.

  2. Divya really awesome…Arjun got some sense..I am happy…pls post the next one soon…loads of love 🙂

    1. Thanks Gauri

  3. finally arjun learned that lesson……some lessons are learned hard…….u did well……i loved it…………… the next epi will arjun thank rads?????????

    1. Thanks aastha, you will know that in the next episode

  4. Awesome episode, glad that Arjun relies that money is not important. 🙂

    1. Thanks Brin

  5. Yaar so chotu sa update? Padte hi it ended 🙁 story was so nice. I was in full mood but….

    1. Oh sorry yar, will post soon…thanks

  6. Finally arjun’s sense come back…it was a recovery to him more than Sam…don’t let radhika forgive him easily…long chapter Divya plz…??

    1. okay will try Rosie

  7. Awesome that arjun got to know abt the fact

    1. Thanks Dev

  8. awesome yaar….please update next one soon….tc

  9. Awesome dear….

  10. very nice episode.

  11. Wowwww Divya dearrryyy, lovely episode. ..short but impressive. ….arjun got his lesson…n he is very embarrassed at his behavior with rads n regretting it….neil also very concerned. ….rads did her duty very well for humanity being doctor n a human…..what Sam’s hiding…does she know arti did her accident? …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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