Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 13)


Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 13
Neil was getting bored sitting alone in Radhika’s cabin. It felt very lonely, so he decided to go downstairs and ask Radhika how much time it will take for her to finish her work…
He went downstairs straight into the ICU to meet Radhika, he went inside and was shocked to see Sam, his best friend lying there unconscious , for a moment he could not believe his eyes, he felt as if it was a very bad dream, he felt as if the world had come crashing upon him, tears were streaming down his cheeks,

He had only two thoughts in his mind, one to find out who was responsible for sam’s condition and the other to thank Radhika, he always knew his sister was good at heart, and that she always helped people but now he felt very, very proud of his sister….
Meanwhile Radhika was in for a rude shock when Arjun started shouting and scolding her for agreeing to admit the accident victim…

“Dr.Radhika, being the head of the department doesn’t allow you to do whatever you want, even you have some rules to follow, and as far as I know, what have you done while I was away ? turned the hospital into a charity organization?”
“Sir…I didn’t do anything like that, this was a very rare case sir, the victim was a young girl she had her whole life to life, that’s why I agreed to admit her.”

“See Radhika, this hospital has to compete with other hospitals, we cant run the hospital, if we do charity…this is your first warning if you continue like this…we will have no option but to fire you”
Arjun had lost his cool, he was shouting loud enough for Neil to hear all that he what saying outside Arjun’s cabin.

Neil lost his cool, his sister had done such a good deed, and yet Arjun was scolding her, he could not control his emotions, his voice full of anger without even knocking he barged into the cabin,
Arjun was shocked to see a complete stranger come into his room like that , while Radhika was surprised to see her brother there , his eyes full of anger.

“Stop it, Dr.Arjun Khanna, you do not deserve the favour my sister has done for you, out of kindness and humanity, the stranger whose life my sister has saved is none other that Samaira khanna , your sister!”
Neil told Arjun his voice full of anger and hate, Both Radhika and Arjun were jolted out of their thoughts.
Arjun left everything and rushed downstairs to see his sister Sam, while Radhika stood there blankly looking at her brother…
“Bhai, how do you know that the girl is Arjun sir’s sister?”
Neil stood silent remembering his promise to sam, he decided to break it now, he had to tell Radhika about Sam.
“Chashni, I know her from my college days, she was one of my best friends in college……………..”. Neil told Radhika everything about Sam how he had met her here in Mumbai after losing touch with her to the promise he had given to Sam that he will never tell to Radhika that his best friend was Arjun’s sister.

Credit to: Divya

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    1. Thank you so much Roma, I am glad you like my story

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