Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 12)


Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 12

Radhika immediately sprang into action, she informed the emergency ward about the situation and made all arrangements to save her…she didn’t even know who she was but still made sure all the arrangements were done and when sam was brought to the hospital she was given the best medical care that saved her life…
Radhika herself went and supervised sams operation…sam was now still unconscious but out of danger…it was after this that Radhika breathed a sigh of relief.

A life had been saved but one question was still troubling her the girl who had met with the accident neither had a cell phone with her nor she was drunk, and the police also told her that she was driving on the right lane, so how did she reach that terrible situation?
While all these thoughts were racing in her mind, it was late night and Radhika still had not reached home, Neil was continuously trying to reach Radhika but her phone was the in her cabin but she was downstairs in the emergency department.

Neil got frustrated, he began to get anxious about Radhika’s whereabouts , he himself decided to go to the hospital and find out…
Arjun had just come home after coming from London, and he got an idea to go the hospital and check whether Radhika had managed everything right…
Neil reached the hospital and asked at the Reception about Radhika and they informed him that she was in the ICU, he rushed there and pushed the door from outside while Radhika pulled it from inside, both Neil and Radhika were shocked seeing each other.
“Bhai, you here, at this time, why did you come to the hospital?”
“Chashni, I came here searching for you, I called you many times but nobody answered and you didn’t even inform me…so, I came.
“Oh! I didn’t notice the time, bhai it is an accident case, hit and run, a girl in her early twenties is the victim, police are searching to establish her identity, I was busy with this case, sorry, I didn’t even inform you”
“Its okay, but now complete your work fast, I will wait, let’s go home together”
“Bhai, it will take time, You go to my cabin and rest I will come.”

And Radhika went away to complete rest of the procedures, and Neil went upstairs to Radhika’s cabin.
Arjun came to the hospital and was shocked to see Police there, he did not understand why police was here at this time…Radhika was also there, he did not know how to react and what to do, he called Radhika aside and asked her what was happening, she told him the whole story, he got shocked, too shocked even to shout at her or respond, a duty doctor came and called Radhika and Arjun asked Radhika to meet him at his cabin …

Credit to: Divya

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  1. Divya awesome update…will he scold her for saving his sister’s life …pls post soon 🙂

    1. Thanks gauri, will post soon

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    1. Oh ! The only thing I am not able to do is a long update…but yes each episode is getting bigger than the previous one, so hope one day it will reach your expectations…thanks a lot Rosie

  3. Curious to know arjun’s react towards sis& radzzz pks update soon

    1. Will update soon, gayathri

  4. divya its good…..but too short….I want to see arjuns face when he know that rads just saved his sister………..plzzzzzz update soon….n make arjun see sam…….plzzz

    1. Arjun will see Sam, soon aastha, thank you!

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    1. Okay, deeva will post soon.

  6. superb.

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  7. Divya!! It was a cute one!! Hope Arjun understands her and will be a bit nice.. Loved Neil’s care for her..

    Post soon.. Love you ??

    1. Thank you shree

  8. Wowww its awesome dr

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  15. Awesome, wowwww, superb episode, I wish neil see sam in hospital n also arjun find out about rads how she saved sam his sister on time…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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