Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 11)


Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 11
Neil, sam and aarthi had just finished their discussion. Neil and sam were now chatting about their college days after completing their official work. They were chatting and laughing and here Aarthi was burning inside, full of jealousy, she was jealous of sam and she now hated Neil too because he always noticed sam not her.
Aarthi got a call and went out to attend it…Neil now moved the topic to Radhika, he started telling to sam how Radhika got a job at Khanna hospital, how he had changed his job to Mumbai to be with Radhika and he also told sam about Radhika’s senior Arjun…he was scolding Arjun badly to sam without knowing that sam was Arjuns sister. Sam was patiently listening to all that Neil wanted to say and now she started talking…

“Neil, if you have finished telling your story can I tell mine?”
“Ofcourse yes sam,”
“but promise me you would never tell this to anyone, especially to Radhika, okay?”
“The Arjun whom you were scholding all this while, he is…he is my brother. And Khanna hospitals belongs to my father.”
“Yes I have never used my fathers contacts anywhere so I don’t whant people to know that I am his daughter, I want to create my own identity, that’s why…and yes my brother he is arrogant I know he does not even talk properly to me…but yes how dare you say such things about my brother to me?”
Sam said with a wink.
“sorry sam,”
“It’s okay” And then aarthi entered so they changed the topic. Aarthi hated to see them chat.

Jealousy got the better of her and she decided to take revenge on sam, her mind was full of evil thoughts she wanted to harm sam. Sam and Neil were happily unaware of this. Then all three finished their meeting and got in their respective cars to go home.
One of them made a call to someone and all that was said was…
“I don’t know how, where and when you will do that but the job has to be done today itself.”

Sam was driving her car with full concentration when suddenly a car came in the opposite direction and wham! Both the cars collided…Sam’s car was doing somersaults in air, and in a fraction of a second she was now in the middle of the road waiting for someone to rescue her, her condition was very serious.
A traffic constable came there and immediately he knew that he had to help her, the girl looked like she was in her early twenties, he knew that he was alive today only because of someone’s help and that now he had to return the favour to someone else. He immediately called Radhika…
She was very busy, she was now temporarily the head of the cardiology department now as Arjun had gone to attend a conference in London. He would be back tonight.

Radhika was very busy and when she was going upstairs to do a checkup she got his call, he explained the whole situation to him…she immediately asked him the address and sent an ambulance and told him to bring that girl to the hospital…

Credit to: Divya

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  1. Yaar very short updates we want longers ones
    Nice story

    1. Okay will try to write longer updates thanks akshita

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    1. You will get to know that in today’s episode

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    1. Thanks dev

  4. Please update soon,,,I am anxious now 🙂

    1. Will update soon gauri

  5. Hell with this arati…why Arjun vanished…i think when he will come to know about all the incident may b he understand….great going Divya. Tc?

    1. Thanks Rosie

  6. Update now, please, want to know what’s happening. 🙂

    1. Will update soon brin

  7. ok now i understood what you meant by ” little did rads kow this was going 2 change hr life”…………….i loved it….so superb!!!!!!!!!! sam ll b all ri8 na???????? im eagerly waiting 4 te xt epi 2 know what arjun wud say wen he sees hs ow sis at hospi bed……….wud he b saying te same ting he said to rads on te day of te traffic police’s operation………i really want 2 see hs face wen he come to know that it was bcoz f rads humanity tat hs sis ws alive today………….or wud he talk f money at tat time too?????????????

    1. You will soon get to know…aastha

  8. I get the whole thing now!! Hahahahaha.. Nice one!!

    Post soon.. Love you ??

    1. Thank you shree

  9. Divya di it’s awesome. Please do write precaps too.

    1. Okay Bhabya I will write precaps in future, thanks!

  10. Awesome dear…pls update soon …

    1. Thanks susi

  11. awesome yaar………interesting please update

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  12. very nice episode.

    1. Thanks Usha

  13. Awesome episode, very interesting twist. ..I was wondering how will rads n sam become friends n how will that patient change her life…now it’s making all clear….arjun money minded will ask for money tooo now….great sam is arjun’s sister. ..very exciting plot…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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