Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 10)


Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 10
Hi everyone…I know you all would like to know what change is going to come in radz’s life but have patience you would soon get to know.
That evening after performing the surgery Radhika came home quite early and was surprised to see that Neil had come home even before her, he usually used to come home late at night.
She was surpised…
“Bhai, what so special today that you came home so early…”
“Radhika, I had gone to attend a business meeting and it ended very quickly so since there wasn’t any work for me in office I came home directly from there”
“Bhai, you called me Radhika, you never call me by that name so how come you are called me by that name…you always call me chashni. Mistakes like this happen only when you are too tensed or in love, and your tone doesn’t seem like you are tensed so Bhai kya chal raha hai?” Radhika winked at her brother.

“Chashni, you always keep over imaginating things…nothing much has happened, I met my best friend from college, I had lost touch with her.”

“Oh ooo, Bhai so, you met your love back, huh?”
“Love, there’s nothing like that chashni, we are best friends, that’s it.”
“Bhai, love always starts with friendship.”
“Chashni, enough of my talk, tell me how did your day go…?”
And with that Radhika started telling him all that had happened that day from how she had started consulting patients and performing surgery. This was a daily routine between brother and sister they used to share each and everything that used to happen.

Radhika had told Neil everything about Arjun, his character, his arrogance, and about his talent as well. Neil did not like Arjun, he was a man who believed in humanity first and then money, Neil had never cared for money, money held no value for him, but Arjun was totally opposite, so he did not like him.

Neil was very very happy to have got in touch with his best friend in college, he was quite lucky too. After coming to Mumbai he had not liked his office and work as he had in delhi but after meeting sam due to his office work he began to concentrate more on his work and looked forward to business meetings which he used to hate some time back, he now liked attending those meetings as they gave a chance to meet sam.
Radhika got to know that the man she had performed the operation was a traffic police constable and after getting well he expressed his sincere thanks to her.
Sam and Neil were concentrating fully on their project and this made them form a greater bond between them…they were best friends since college, and now their work brought them more close to each other…both were and had been deeply in love with each other but were not knowing it themselves ,but all this was being watched by someone who started hating the closeness between them, and was just waiting to strike, threat was lurking just around the corner.

Credit to: Divya

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