Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 1)


Manmarziyan…A Saga
Chapter 1
Her dream had finally turned into reality. After all these years her hardwork had paid off.The day she had been waiting for all these years had come…the stage was all set for convocation…proud parents Dilip and Mala hadcome eager to see their daughter fulfilling their dreams

The show started…the chief guest was all set to announce the university tooper…the one who had won the gold medal.The whole auditorium became very silent, everyone was eager to know who had bagged the gold medal.

The chief guest a well established doctor took the mike and announced “well, before I announce the name of the winner I would like to make an announcement, the one who gets the medal will get the opportunity to work in my hospital, one of the most established and famous hospitals in Mumbai…and now the gold medal for the university topper goes to Miss.Radhika Mishra or rather Dr.Radhika Mishra.I invite her to come on the stage…”.And his voice drained into silence.

“Radhika, god bless you my child now go and collect your medal, everyone is waiting” stammered her overexcited father. ”Papa wait na, the medal is mine only, no one is gonna eat it” Radhika answered and started walking towards the stage.

The chief guest was waiting and a very excited radhika climbed up the steps and felt as if it was all a dream…But it was not a dream, it was reality, it was destiny, it was fate.
She was missing her dear brother Neil dearly, he had not been able to attend her convocation as he had to attend a very important business meeting, it was a very important deal for his company, so he could not afford to miss it.

Meanwhile Radhika was receiving her medal when someone cheered so loudly that the whole auditorium started looking in that direction .

A beautiful smile crept upon Radhika’s face , she turned very cute, without even looking in that direction she understood who it was…it was someone who was close to her heart…their hearts were tied together by a strong bond…no communication was required between them only their hearts were enough…it was a relation which could not be explained by words…

So friends how was today’s episode…hope you liked it. Please give you suggestion and comments they will help me a lot. And yes a very happy holi to you all…I will try to update episode daily like a real serial 🙂

Credit to: Divya

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