Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 8 & 9

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Chapter 8

Vicky was leaving for Mumbai…when Radhika came and stood next to him quietly. He smiled and asked her; ‘’Want to come with me?’’ Radhika replied in negative, he gave her his card asked her to go shopping…Radhika said; “but I don’t need anything..” Vicky retorted; ’’Who said for you…do it for me… I am too busy to buy myself clothes.” Radhika laughed at that, he kissed her forehead and left…with a thought; ‘’I have to make that smile permanent on your face’’

Neil and Arjun decided not tell Sam anything about their meeting with Vicky, they left office together on the pretext of clubbing and picked Ankush on the way. They were waiting in the main hall of Vicky residence when he walked in. He gave a warm hug to Ankush and greeted Arjun and Neil with a handshake. Arjun saw a kind of challenge in him…as if he was challenging them…to take Radhika from him. Without wasting time Ankush asked; ‘’Where is choti Vicky…I know you are aware where is she” Vicky replied; “Some place safe and happy…but not with me.’’ Ankush said; ‘’Alright then how come she has a no. with a protected ID it needs a lot of paper work… who would have done that for her…and with whom did she leave the party?’’. Vicky smiled at Ankush’s interrogation and calmly replied; ‘’I arranged the Sim for her a month back…when she asked me and I seriously don’t know with whom she left the party.’’ Neil was restless now, he asked; ‘’we are seriously worried about her, running away will not heal her… if not for us … at least for her please help us find her.’’ Vicky looked at Neil with warmth and said; ‘’I agree running away never heals…but answer this one question this is for all 3 of you…A girl who has always been good to people..who never had hurt anyone…who loved her family and friends unconditionally was suddenly pushed into a pool of hatred and shunned by all…Can you actually think about the intensity of pain she went through….she won’t understand your concept of right or wrong Neil…leave her alone…she will be back.’’ All 3 of them actually were speechless. ‘’I just want Radhika to be happy…either it’s with you or without you Arjun…’’ Vicky concluded with a challenging stare at Arjun . Arjun looked up straight into his eyes and replied; ‘’We have the same goal…Radhika’s happiness….but…but it will be with me…she always was and will be RADHIKA ARJUN MEHRA.’’ Vicky liked the determination in Arjun’s eyes…he smiled and said; ‘’Let us leave that decision to Radhika…I won’t let anyone force her this time…if someone hurts her the person has to face me this time.’’ Thanks to Neil that Arjun was able to control himself Vicky requested them to stay for dinner and they agreed for Radhika.

On the way back home…Ankush said;’’ I told you he is impossible..’’Arjun smiled and replied; ’’I kind of like him…I am at least convinced she is safe.’’ Ankush and Neil looked at each other and banged their hand on their head. Sam finally completing Radhika’s diary…found Vicky can be the person who knows where Radhika is ,she dialled his no. he answered immediately , Sam introduced herself and literally pleaded him to let her know where Radhika is, Vicky could not say a word …he understood that Sam’s feelings for Radhika were as true Radhika’s . He felt bad for lying to Sam that he is not aware about Radhika’s whereabouts. Sam felt disappointed but she had not lost hope. She thought; ‘I deserve your anger…but I won’t give up. I made a mistake and I will repent for that’

It was Friday evening , Teji, Zubin and Kritika were discussing about the brilliant article published in the magazine ‘’THE Y ZONE’’ by an anonymous writer when Sam reprimanded them for gossiping she asked them to go back to the work. She picked up the magazine from Zubin’s desk and took it to her cabin. She checked all the couriers kept on her desk She was going through a letter…and suddenly recalled Zubin and gang’s discussion, and kept the magazine in her bag. Sam after reaching home started with the article…it had depth and it touched her heart it felt as if the writer was talking about Sam’s feeling, something suddenly struck her…she decided to buy the next edition of the magazine before drawing any conclusion on the writer.

Vicky had decided to take Radhika out to make her feel better and also to treat her for the brilliant article. His assistant had informed earlier that they were getting very good reviews on the article and mails were pouring in to know about the writer. When he reached his Pune residence for the weekend he found her scribbling in the diary…he walked towards her and gave the envelope. Radhika opened the envelope and found a cheque addressed in her name. She gave him a questioning look and he smiled and said; ‘’The anonymous writer working for me is getting great reviews…I had asked you work on a monthly article …let’s do it weekly.’’ Radhika felt happy..after almost 20 days she felt she is getting her dream back…she understood..the amount Vicky had paid her was more than the worth…but his words gave her some confidence on herself. Suddenly she thought for some time and asked; ’’How many articles would earn me a lakh of rupees.’’ Vicky asked; ‘’That depends how it is received by the readers…Why are you asking that.’’ Radhika replied; ‘’Arjun Sir had helped Papa with Rs.10 Lakhs during the fire accident…I want to repay him.’’ Vicky: ‘’If you want…I will pay that in one shot and I have spoken to Ankush and Mamaji (Radhika’s Father) about it many times but they refused..don’t understand why they can take it from the stranger and not me.” Radhika replied; ‘’Vicky when this happened you were travelling and to save me from Saral Arjun Sir helped us…then Ankush Bhai and I had decided to pay him back.’’ Vicky after a pause asked; ‘’And you still say that he doesn’t love you…”. Radhika paused and replied; ‘’he would have done that for anyone…he is a good person…and how does that matter now that he loves me or not’’ .Vicky thought he needs to fuel Radhika’s anger and Arjun’s desperation to get them together, he thought time for some reverse psychology.’’ He told Radhika to get ready as they are going to celebrate her new success.

Vicky took Radhika to a terrace restaurant…it had beautiful lighting , being on the terrace it had natural air conditioning and gave a beautiful view of the City. Vicky had pre booked a cake to celebrate Radhika’s success…they celebrate with cake and a good dinner. Suddenly Vicky started dancing sitting at his place itself hearing his favourite song being played. Radhika laughed loudly..she was doing this after a long time, but Radhika was unaware of the eyes which were glaring at her from a distance filled with lot of hatred. Suddenly that person clicked a picture of Radhika and left the place giving one final glance.

Ankush decided to leave for Rishikesh, he told Arjun that he will keep him posted if he is able to get anything from Vicky. Arjun dropped Ankush at the airport and was driving back when it suddenly started raining Arjun parked his car and came out of the car…he looked at the sky and let the rain droplets drench him completely…He closed his eyes to recall Radhika’s sweet face, her expressive eyes…her smile…her words…her care… their moments together …she was following like blood in his veins…his heart was taking her name with every beat. He opened his eyes smiling he was not getting drenched in rain…he was getting himself drenched in Radhika’s love…he opened his arms wide and screamed; ‘’I LOVE YOU RADHIKA…I…LOVE…YOU’’. Radhika was taking a nap in Vicky car on her way to home when she suddenly opened her eyes with a jerk…she felt as if someone called her from very far she smiled at her stupidity and closed her eyes again.’’

Neil was standing near the window of his room and thinking…’’What the hell is this Vicky up to… he cares about Chashni for sure…but something about him is making me anxious ….it felt as if he was trying to provoke Arjun…if yes then why is he doing that? I have to make sure that Arjun should not make a mistake in his anger… we cannot take chances..who knows if this Vicky was brain washing Radhika against Arjun…whatever it was they have to be careful…Ankush was right Vicky is not going to be easy.’’ Neil thought for a second it was high time he has know something more about this man Vikram Agnihotri aka Vicky. He switched on his laptop and started his initial search.

Sam was not getting sleep…something was familiar about that article. The feelings conveyed, the depth of the relationship everything was reminding her of Radhika. She quickly got up and picked the magazine up again…she wanted to check on writers’ but found it as anonymous. Sam smiled and thought;” Chashni I feel this is you…and if you think not putting your name will help you hide you are wrong…I know you in and out. But before I conclude… I need to be double sure about it.’’ Sam felt and a good about it and went back to bed. She had decided to discuss this with Neil first thing in the morning.

It was morning and Radhika and Vicky were having breakfast when Radhika asked him; ‘’Can you give me 1Lakh in advance for the articles’’…Vicky nodded positively but was little surprised after hearing the next sentence. ‘’Vicky promise me you will not pay me more than the article’s worth and I hope you understand why I am saying this. Even if takes 10 or more different articles.’’ Vicky took a deep breath and gave a loving look to the miss goodie two shoes. He again nodded positively and left the table after finishing the breakfast. After some time he told Radhika; ‘’Give me your account no. I will transfer the amount to your account.’’ Radhika thought for a moment and said; ‘’ get it done as a draft payable in Mumbai in the name of Arjun Mehra.’’ Vicky was surprised but this gave him a sudden idea of fuelling Arjun…he congratulated himself and said; ’’Fine …I will make the arrangement to get it delivered to Arjun Mehra.’’

Sam had called Neil at least 20 times…but he was not responding. Finally she took her car and drove off to Neil place. Prerna told Sam that Neil slept after 3:00 AM and was working on his laptop.
Sam barged into Neil room and poured a glass of water on his face. Neil woke up suddenly and Sam said; ‘’It’s 10:30 Idiot…get up…’’. Neil looked at her and replied; “Sammy its Saturday let me sleep”. Sam pushed Neil to freshen up and waited for him to come. Neil came to Sam and asked; ’’Now tell me… what the emergency is.” Sam narrated everything about the article and how she feels this is Radhika. Neil searched for the owner of ‘THE Y ZONE’ and was little surprised…he understood that this can be Radhika…he thought for a moment and spoke;’’ Sammy let us wait for 2 more articles before jumping to conclusions’’ But in his head…he was sure that this is Radhika…and so may coincidences are not possible. He thought ‘if Vicky does not want them reach Radhika..then why is he publishing her article in his magazine…Vikram Agnihotri is not a fool…what kind of game he is playing..Is he trying to confuse us or he is baiting us …or helping us. Good work Mr. Vikram…but I will decipher you codes soon…and find my Chashni…just wait and watch.’

Meanwhile somewhere in a small house someone had pasted Radhika’s picture on the wall and pierced it with a knife , the strength with which picture was pierced depicted the hatred for Radhika in the heart of this person.

Chapter 9

Arjun entered the office sneezing, Sam looked at him and asked; ‘’are you fine? Take a day off if you are not feeling well…by the way what happened suddenly.’’ Arjun told that he got drenched in rain over the weekend. Neil who was standing close by smiled mischievously at Arjun and asked; ‘’drenched in rain or love?’’ Arjun gave him a flat stare…Sam left for her cabin smiling. Neil again said; ‘’My dear friend I understand the rain that you got drenched in…as you are a beginner in this field and I am a Phd.” Arjun shook his head…he knew Neil was impossible and dragged Neil for a coffee along with him.

Sam was busy on the casting of JIA Diamond add…when office boy gave her the new edition of “THE Y ZONE’’. Sam was exited and she kept everything else aside to read the section ‘STRATGHT FROM THE HEART’. By the Sam time Sam finished the article she was now sure this has to be Radhika…because it had a certain kind of connect. She updated the same to Neil. Neil decided to Speak to Arjun on this and when he entered the cabin he found all files scattered and a Arjun facing the window with an angry fist. Neil asked; ‘’What now?’’ Arjun without replying handed him the envelope , Neil opened the envelope and found a Rs.1 lakh draft inside it and the a note stating ‘this is the first instalment of the loan you gave to my father.’’ Radhika. Neil was surprised and after a pause he handed Arjun a glass of water. Arjun said;’’Why is she doing this Neil ? If she wants to punish me she can do that face to face…this is killing me Neil…I cannot handle Radhika’s hatred…Its like a slow poison…” Neil was shocked to see a man Like Arjun crying like a child. He thought ‘this is a limit now…I have to do something now need to end all this …I am sure Vicky has Radhika. Now I will meet him in person…without letting Sam and Arjun know about it.

Vicky was about to leave for home when the receptionist update about Neil was waiting for him. Vicky asked her to send him in. Neil barged into his office and without any greetings said;’’ Why are you playing with Arjun and Radhika’s life…why are you keeping them apart ?’’ Vicky calmly replied;
‘’I am not doing anything…I did what Radhika wanted…why would I harm my own sister.’’ Neil was out of control ‘’I know my Chashni she cannot do this ….she will never insult anybody purposely…not even Arjun…she herself regarded him as a good man…then why would she hurt him…Arjun loves her like crazy..please don’t keep them apart. Vicky without replying picked his things up to leave the office but before going out he said; ’’Radhika will be in Mumbai this weekend…I am bringing her to JIA Diamonds’ new collection showcase party…you have a chance Neil…I leave it you…convince her if you can.’’ And he left…Neil on the other hand was left dumb found, till now he believed that Vicky wants to keep Radhika and Arjun apart. But now it seemed that he wanted them together…whatever it was…they had to make a use of this chance. Without wasting a single minute he dialled Arjun and Sam and asked them to reach his home asap.

Arjun and Sam were waiting for Neil at his place…the urgency in Neil’s voice had made them restless. Prerna gave them company till Neil arrived…as soon as Neil came. Prerna went to the kitchen to get them coffee. Neil looked at them and said ;’’Chashni will be attending JIA’S Showcase party with Vicky on Saturday…this is your chance Arjun. ’’Sam and Arjun were so surprised that they got up and well looking at Neil with a weird expression and suddenly both of them jumped on Neil and he tried to balance himself but all the 3 crashed on the sofa. Prerna was standing at the door smiling looking at the 3 of them. Before leaving the room she said; ‘’this guy Vicky won’t make it easy…so you all use your brain this time.’’ Prerna actually had given them a golden advice. After she left Sam asked; ‘’ How do you know?’’ So those articles are by Radhika?
Neil: “I met Vicky..he told me… and yes’’
Arjun; ‘’U trust him? If Radhika is with him why did he lie to us that day?
Neil: ‘’We have to trust him for now…and Radhika is definitely with him. I checked with courier company who delivered that envelope with cheque…it was send from his office. Moreover Arjun …I feel he is testing you…so don’t lose your calm in any circumstances…Mom is right he will not make this easy…and worst I feel Chashni doesn’t know that you and Sam are not married and don’t love each other’’

Arjun and Sam now realized the core of the misunderstanding…Arjun thought…so this is the main cause she ran away…she was pained to see me with someone else…God ! Panoti…you are seriously mad. Sam smiled and how lucky she was to have Radhika in her life who happily sacrificed her happiness for Sam. Sam decided once Anjun-Radhika are settled she will plan a double honeymoon for all four of them. She looked at Neil lovingly and thought ;’’ I was such fool not to realize that I had always loved you Neil….God please help us get Radhika back…I want to be with Neil now. Sam was pulled out of her thoughts when Neil started teasing Arjun and planning for the party.

Someone else was also getting ready to attend this party who had `constantly kept eyes on Neil and Arjun. It was time for Radhika to pay. Getting an invitation wasn’t difficult… little fluttering of eyelashes had already done the work. Radhika unaware of all the drama was happily watching the sunset from her balcony and scribbling her thoughts for the next article.

Vicky called Radhika and asked her to pack her stuff as she will be spending weekend in Mumbai…Radhika was little reluctant for some time but then on Vicky’s instance she agreed…She packed her stuff and left for Mumbai in an hour. Vicky greeted Radhika and asked her to take rest..he thought ; “I know you will be angry on me for doing this without your permission but this right…Arjun should get a chance to prove his stand…but with a twist. After all -what you get without hard work has no value.’’ Vicky knew what he was going do and how, he knew Neil was only the person who using is head and heart. Arjun and Sam were emotionally vulnerable right now so it was easy for him to handle them Neil was only one to watch .

Rest of the days past happily for the trio they had a ray of hope. Only Neil had some doubts…he couldn’t believe Vicky agreed so soon…he knew Vicky will definitely do something to test Arjun..and they have to be prepared for it now. Vicky decided he will take Radhika for shopping…as he wanted no stone unturned to make this meeting special …yet testing for both Arjun and Radhika. Vicky took Radhika for shopping and she was happily checking the outfits unaware that two eyes were looking at her continuously she picked few dresses and went towards the trial room but before she could enter someone pushed her into one of the rooms and locked the door. Radhika turned to meet this unwanted guest but was surprised and happy. It was none other than Sam who had her hands folded to the chest and staring Radhika with a fake anger. Radhika leaped at Sam and hugged her tightly Sam after a second … hugged Radhika back…she was sobbing Radhika’s shoulder was wet of Sam’s tears. Radhika pulled Sam off the hug and started her interrogation…’’Sam is Arjun Sir hurting you…did he do something…tell me did he say something hurting..tell me …this time he will seriously pay …’’ Sam kept her hand on Radhika’s mouth but was laughing thinking Chashni herself is in pain but she is still thinking about her and she said; ‘’I don’t love Arjun..I did not marry him…I love Neil.’’ Sam removed her hand and Radhika blinked for a couple for minutes …she had turned numb but before they could discuss anything further a knock on the door brought Radhika out of stance she hugged Sam and left. Sam had to give lot of explanations about what were two girls doing in one trial room. Vicky had watched Sam going after Radhika he had made up his mind …that he will give Sam time to put her point…only hers and Not Arjun’s …Arjun should prove himself on his own. Vicky had informed the staff about two girls in one trial room. He took Radhika’s hand and left the place.

Radhika was completely lost on the way back to home; she appeared as if someone has placed 440V live wire in her hand. Vicky was amused at her expression he couldn’t control his laughter and scoffed Radhika asked; ’’What ?’’
Vicky: ‘’I never thought you have an inclination towards females….Oh my God don’t tell me you are in love with Sam and not Arjun and all drama about Arjun is just to hide this story…because you were ashamed. Hey but don’t you worry I am a very Open minded person…I will handle everything for you.’’ By now Radhika had, had enough of Vicky’s nonsense she started punching him and the suddenly Vicky said; ‘’Arjun and Sam are not married’’. Radhika astonished asked ; ‘’How do you know?’’. He replied; ‘’doesn’t matter…Sam is not selfish Radhika…if you sacrificed your love for her…do you think she could have married Arjun after your disappearance from her life. She loves you the way you love’s just that she misunderstood you because of the situations created by you know who.’’
Radhika thought for a moment and then said; ‘’But she said she loves Neil…then..?’’ Vicky completed; ‘’then Arjun is all yours…go grab him.’’ Radhika sadly smiled and said;’’ But this doesn’t mean Arjun sir loves me…” Vicky looked at her and said; ‘’Your biggest problem is you doubt too much..let it be…be ready for the Party tomorrow 8 PM sharp.’’ Radhika turned away and was looking out of the window thinking about Arjun and Vicky thought; ‘tomorrow I will give you the best gift of your life.’

Sam returned home all happy and jolly. She was singing and doing some weird dancing moves, she hugged Piyali… danced around a bit and went to her room. Piyali was little surprised but happy too since Radhika left this was the first time Sam was so happy. She quietly blessed her and went back to her work. Sam after reaching to her room called Neil and when he answered she started ; ‘’Idiot guess what …I met Chashni at the mall…she is all the same…she doesn’t hate me…Oh I am so happy’’
Neil was surprised and happy; “That means Radhika will be there at tomorrow’s party…hey Sam we need to do something for Arjun…tomorrow introduce Rishab to Radhika and tell him that she is the person who designed the ad for them.” Sam was bewildered; “that I will do…but how is it related to Arjun”
Neil replied; “Time for Arjun to be jealous…Rishab has thing for females and once he knows that Chashni is the person we were so protective about he will definitely pour all his attention on her to make us worried and his attention on Radhika will make Arjun burn with jealously …u just do this, leave rest on me.” Sam asked; ‘’hope we are doing right…I don’t want Arjun to lose his calm or Rishab to be too close to Radhika…you know what I mean…’’. Neil understood Sam’s concern; ‘’leave it on me Sam…no harm will come on Chashni

Rishab called his new girlfriend to remind her off the party and she happily agreed…after all it was her plan… she had to sooth her heart which was burning to see Radhika in pain…her pain in turn will be Arjun and Samaira Khanna’s Pain after all they all were responsible for her destruction.

Arjun was restless he just wanted to wipe out the hours between him and Radhika, he was not able to sleep. Suddenly he thought what should he wear …he wanted to be at his best…. he thought ; ‘’tomorrow is a big day…I will make you mine forever…you don’t know what my condition is Radhika…I am scared that if I am not able to control my feelings or if you don’t agree then I might carry you off the party…Why am I talking like a cave man? God Radhika…I love you so much.’’
Arjun and Radhika both saw a wishing star and asked for the same wish…just to see each other once…but little did they knew that are going to face something which will rock the relationship of these four friends.

Precap:The Party…Arjun meets Radhika and a blast from the Past

Credit to: Gauri


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    Arjun niel Sam Vicky myself n all ardhika fans wud beat u black n blue…
    mind it…….i tot it ws Saral n te mall….bt it ws Sammy ……i loved Vicky’s dialogue mkng fun f rads……n Arjun if u ve any doubts in lve ask our niel baba after all he hs taken a PhD while u r in te nursery……..i wonder were rads is????? I tink she s yet to join te nursery………….sam might b with niel whoo boasts he takn PhD….i tink he might be in 1st……..

  9. Shree

    Wow wow!! I’m totally outta words…. Too good.. And yes.. We were discussing on how to start with our comment…. I totally donno what to type… On the whole.. It was the best…. Thank you … Please post soon

    Love you ??

  10. Roma

    Wowwww, awesome, marvellous, outstanding episodes…gauri dearrrryyyy it’s superbbbb. ….all the scenes are very brilliantly written n narrated. …vicky is very very good n caring brother, rads so luckyyy to have him as protective brother…arjun, neil, ankush meeting with vicky was really awesome n arjun’s reply to him she was n will be Radhika Arjun Mehra was really mind blowing…Sam recognized rads been article writer n Neil searched for vicky publishing it…was all for rads unconditional friendship. ….wowwww all are turning to be detectives like rads herself did in past for her arjun sir…lol….arjun’s anger seeing the cheque from rads n Neil’s storming meeting with vicky was really amazing. …she gonna be in the party…wowwww…I’m jumping in excitement. ..anjun n Neil very funny…neil PhD n arjun beginner…so hilarious…rads n sam meet in mall.. so emotional n soothing…now rads know that arjun n sam not maried n sam loves neil…vicky teasing rads for loving Sam not arjun n he accepting it…very open minded….rofl…trio ready for party…arjun very restless to meet rads n thinking of carry her away from party, calling himself as caveman…so lovely ….who is this unknown person who is rads enemy might be SARAL n rishabh’s gf might be Bonnie…I guess…all people planning for ardhika meet, loved neil’s plan for rishabh n rads…wowwww awesome plot n amazing story. ..

    Gauri my sweeeeeet friend you’re doing phenomenon job, each n every line of your story mark my heart with its intensity n the extremity…it is really outstanding story, don’t know how I thank you for writing this amazingly awesoooooome story. …you nailed it again honeyyy….my alllllllllll best wishes are for youuuuuuuuu…be happy always n take care sweetie…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    • Gauri

      Roma…I can’t express my gratitude in words…for such a lovely comment…I wish I could show my happiness here on TU page…but the way all of you appreciate the efforts its just out of the world..Love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.