Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 7

Sorry friends was not keeping well so could not write two chapters…will post soon. Till then enjoy chp 7 and let me know how was it

Chapter 7

It was Saturday morning and almost a week had passed since Radhika had left Mumbai. She freshened up and went to the dining hall where Vicky was waiting for her to join him for the breakfast. She joined him and gave the article she had written. Vicky was completely blown by her words. He was so immersed in reading and Radhika had to shake him up, she asked;”Did you like it?’’
Vicky smiled and said ;’’like it !…I loved it, it will go out in the earliest edition. You will be famous.’’

‘’You will not use my name…let it be anonymous.’’; Radhika said softly without looking at Vicky. He was little surprised, he kept looking her for some time and then said; ‘’ I really can’t understand how can you be so smart and so stupid at the same time’’; Radhika tried to interrupt but was cut short by
Vicky; ‘’The article makes you smart …but If you think not putting your name in the article can help you hide… you are stupid, if they know you properly and love you… they will find you. Fine I will put it as anonymous.’’ Radhika thought; ‘’that’s my biggest fear…that if they find me before I am ready…how will I handle the situation…I don’t want to break again.’’

Mala came to wake Ankush up but saw him packing, little surprised she asked him; ’’Where are you going?’’ Ankush looked at his Mom and replied; ‘’Mumbai…need to do something to find choti…I cannot sit like this and wait…she needs us and we need her.’’ Mala smiled ..nodded and left the room . Ankush after packing went to make the travel arrangements…but something bothered him ; he thought ‘’Why is Dadaji all happy since morning… who was he speaking to last night and smiling…why he asked me to leave his room…God ! We share the same family choti but I am jealous of the way they all go so secretive for you. I am sure it was point asking Dadaji…should steal his phone now.’’ Ankush came back and asked Mala where dadaji was and found him happily enjoying a movie…he sneaked into Dadaji’s room and started searching for his mobile…he knew Dadaji always kept his mobile in his room and would rarely take it out…he finally found it and checked the call history…he could not find any unknown no. He smiled and thought …’’I was expecting this …my dear brother Vicky see you soon.’’

Anjun updated Neil that Ankush will be reaching Mumbai and would be staying at his place. Neil was busy with his work…when Sam suddenly barged into his cabin and asked; “what are you both hiding? Did you get any clue regarding Radhika…please tell me.’’ Neil gave her a flat stare and replied; ‘’No’’. Sam in a pleading voice asked ; ’’Neil … I know you are mad at me …but I feel lonely without you… ‘’. Neil replied ;’’ You are not lonely , we all are here with you.’’ Sam tearfully said; ‘’Yet I feel so alone…’’ Neil replied ;’’So was Chashni for almost a month …alone in the crowd she loved…and you gave up in a week.’’ Sam could not believe that Neil could be so rude to her …she could not control her tears and in a heavy voice said; “Neil I made a mistake and I am sorry…I..” but words were somewhere lost in her silent sobs. She left the room crying. Neil banged his fist on the wall in anger. Arjun who saw and heard everything was not happy at Neil’s outburst …he decided to speak to both Neil and Sam.

Arjun found Sam crying on the terrace…he cursed himself thinking that he is the reason for all the grief in the life of Sam, Neil and Radhika. He walked towards Sam and gently touched her shoulder..Sam quickly wiped her face and turned to face him. Arjun said; ’’I am sorry Sam…if not for my stupid revenge you would have been living peacefully’.’’ Sam smiled a bit and replied; ’’No Arjun…even I am to be blamed…I trusted Nandini di’s words and not my Chashni…I broke her heart and I am paying for that…you took the responsibility of your actions… I don’t know how to undo what I have done…Neil is right…I deserve to be alone.’’ Arjun looked at Sam and said; ‘’Tell him what you feel about him…confess your feelings.’’ Sam looked at Arjun and replied; ‘’I will…once Chashni is back …I want her to forgive me…I want her to be on my side when I marry Neil.’’ Arjun pulled his hair and said; ‘’you are making the same mistake I made by not telling Radhika about my feelings. Please tell him.’’ Sam looked at Arjun and left without replying. Arjun walked into Neil cabin and closed his laptop, Neil gave a questioning look to Arjun; ‘’What wrong with you…I asked you to be with her and you are hurting her..why?’’ Neil got up from his chair and went near the window, Arjun was now frustrated, he said; ‘’Neil… Sam loves you…she thought of confessing her feelings in the party but you know what happened that day…please if not for me …then for your Chashni… Neil…stop hurting Sam…’’ Neil turned and looked at Arjun; ‘’What did you just say…say it again , Sam loves me yessssss!” Neil suddenly leaped at Arjun…and planted a peck on Arjun’s cheek. Arjun little embarrassed tried to control’s Neil’s enthusiasm…and suddenly Neil said; ‘’Arunj I love you…you made me the happiest man today.’’ Arjun asked Neil to get down from his lap and said; ‘’Sam needs you go.’’ Neil was about leave but he suddenly remembered and asked;’’ Ankush is reaching Mumbai today, we need to pick him…that’s important’’. Arjun replied ;’’I will pick Ankush…you go now.’’

Neil ran towards the parking and jumped infornt of Sam’s car… Sam applied quick brakes. She came out of the car and started cursing Neil; ‘’what’s wrong with you?…What arrrree……’’; Sam’s words were lost when Neil planted and Kiss on her lips…Sam zoned out she….touched her lips and then turned away..she had turned blank…she turned cold with nervousness…before she could gather herself Neil turned Sam so that she could face him;’’ Samrinder Singh..I love you..and the blush on your face shows that you love me too.’’ Sam was looking for words…but nothing came to her mind finally she gave up trying and hugged Neil tight. Arjun who was watching this from a distance just smiled; today he felt a kind relief. He was happy today…he left the two love birds lost in each other and drove off towards the airport to pick Ankush.

Ankush’s flight was delayed…Arjun meanwhile waited for him while staring at Radhika’s picture in his mobile. Once Ankush came both of them started for Arjun’s place. Arjun asked ; ‘’Has ma papa and rest of the family forgiven me?’’ Ankush smiled and replied; ‘’Arjun…you are a good man…you saved choti from Saral, you helped us financially without having any relationship with us…you even saved my Mom’s life in the temple …now tell me the reason to hate you.’’ Arjun smiled and asked; Is everyone in your family so kind and generous?’’ Ankush replied;’’ We are just simple people Arjun… and by the way you are family too.” Arjun was overwhelmed with feelings…he said to himself; ‘’Thank you Radhika…for bringing so much hope and light in my life.’’

Vicky was giving instructions regarding Radhika’s article when his phone started buzzing, he smiled and answered; ‘’how are you Nanu(Radika’s Dadaji) and how is your love story with Mrs. Shukla going on?’’. Dajaji on the other side responded; “I have to tell you something, Ankush has reached Mumbai, he is staying with Arjun…I don’t know choti is ready or not but Arjun is a nice man.’’ Vicky replied; ‘’I agree Arjun is a nice man…but nice won’t work I want him to prove himself best for Radhika. You don’t worry I will take care of everything. By the way is Radhika aware of Ankush’s stay in Mumbai?’’

Dadaji replied ; ‘’yes…I told her accidently and she turned very quite after that… so I called you.’’. Vicky got troubled but replied calmly; “you don’t worry Nanu…I will take care of everything.’’ Vicky quickly dialled his Pune’s residence which was answered by daisy. She updated him that Radhika after a call has turned very quite…and is sitting in balcony, she refused to have anything…she looks little worried and frightened. Vicky asked daisy to take care of her he will try to come in the evening.

Before he could think of something he saw Ankush’s name flashing on his mobile screen, he answered;’’ Welcome to Mumbai Ankush.’’ Ankush smiled and replied;’’ I was expecting this…leave all that…when can I meet you?’’. Vicky replied; ‘’I don’t keep calendars for family…but since you chose someone else over me…then I am out of station for a day…will catch up with you on Wednesday evening at my place.’’ They ended their conversation and Ankush thought; ‘’I know you are feigning anger …but I am happy at least you stood by choti.’’ Vicky quickly gave instructions to his assistant and left for Pune…whatever was Radhika’s fear he has to get it out of her.

Vicky entered the flat and ran towards Radhika’s room. It was all in dark, he switched on the lights but couldn’t find her he moved to the balcony and saw her sitting in one corner like a timid kitten, he slowly moved towards her gently placed his hand on her head. Radhika gave him a ghostly stare and then said; ’’I am the reason of everybody’s pain’’ Vicky new there is no point contradicting her statement so he calmly replied; ‘’then release them from the pain….stop hiding.’’ Now she was in tears ; ’’ you want me to go…you are tiered of me.’’ Vicky smiled as she looked like the same 8yr old Radhika. He shook his head and asked her; ‘’Why didn’t you go to Rishikesh Radhika? Why did you come to me?” Radhika without looking at him replied; ‘’Because I trust you…you never judged me.’’

‘’Then share your fears Radhika…everyone is worried about you. I love you…but I love our family too…are you angry about something…what are you scared off… tell me.’’ Vicky asked, there was a kind restlessness in his voice. Radhika retorted angrily ; ‘’rejection…do you know when I refused to marry Saral how angry Ridhima Di was…I felt as if she was not my sister but Saral’s sister in law only. When I married Arjun Sir….Bhai left saying that I don’t care about the family …Papa..he even didn’t bother to look at me only Ma stayed back…this family taught me to do right…then why couldn’t they trust me for few days’’. Vicky asked ‘’so you are angry at them?’’ . Radhika replied; No Vicky…absolutely not… I know…it was difficult to understand for them that time…but I am human too….those pinching words has hurt me too …my wounds won’t heal magically …I need time…If I go back now…they will again ask me 100 questions why I left…what will I do now and then coax me to forget everything and marry someone….which I will never be able to do.’’ Vicky was now worried about her; ‘’Why can’t you marry someone else…you still love Arjun?…why can’t you just forget him?’’ Radhika with tears in her eyes replied; ‘’Because he is like the air I breath in.’’ ‘’Would he love you the same way if Sam wasn’t there?’’ he questioned. Radhika had a kind of surety in her reply; ‘’No…he can never do that..he can help me , pity me…save me…because he is an angel at heart …but not love…if he would have had any feelings in his heart he would have given up his revenge that instant and would have confessed everything in front of Sam and her family…but he went on with his lie and made me the culprit and moreover Why would someone like him love a wall flower like me…he had mentioned a couple times during our marriage ….That I look like a boy and he would never be interested in me…. I broke his relationship with his sister he will never forget that.” Vicky decided to be quite; he slowly cupped her face wiped her tears and hugged her. He thought…you love him but you don’t trust him… you are not angry on your family and Sam your anger is towards Arjun…you are not aware that he did not marry Sam and he loves you…Radhika you will get your love back but with trust.

Arjun and Neil were into some kind of deep discussion when Sam walked in and said; ‘’Guys we need to talk…there is one name in Chashni’s dairy..which has popped up again and again …Its some Vicky. She seems to be very fond of this guy … and trusts him blindly.’’ Arjun’s jaw hardened he got up and moved towards the window with his back facing Neil and Sam. Neil frowned at Sam and said; ‘’Arjun it can be anyone… family, cousin or friend…or.’’ Neil was cut short by Arjun; ’’ Or someone whose not among all these and someone who can take Radhika away from me for forever.’’ Sam now understood why Neil frowned at her she moved towards Arjun; ’’She loves you Arjun…she will never love anyone again…I know her.” Arjun nodded and they left for their respective homes.

Arjun after reaching home had dinner with Ankush and asked him; ‘’Who is Vicky Ankush?’’ Ankush was little surprised to hear the name from him and replied; ‘’He is my cousin…Vikram Agnihotri…owner of Siya Publications…you must have heard of him’’ Arjun had a sigh of relief hearing cousin. Ankush smiled at this and said; ‘’actually you should be more restless now…had this been some friend of hers it would be easy…but Vicky is impossible…he will not make things easy…don’t worry we will meet him on Wednesday evening.’’ Ankush retired for the night and Arjun thought; ’’thank heavens he is your cousin panoti…otherwise I myself don’t know what I would have done.’’ Arjun happily messaged Neil that Vicky is Radhika’s cousin, Neil laughed reading that message thinking Arjun behaving like a 16 yr old love struck boy.

Credit to: Gauri


  1. manju

    I just loved it dear and the way u narrated radhikas feelings regarding her family members in her place was awesome darling

    finally NeSam confessed……………………
    i m dreaming how will our ArDhika going to confess
    can’t wait for that day

    how are u di now.????????????
    how is going ur work???????????
    take care di………………..
    love u loads……………..

  2. manha

    Gauri u r truly a champ. OMG!!!! thank u girl for writing this ff. This definitely has to be our luck that we r reading it. Ohhhh i’m so happy. Plzzz bear with my blabbering.

    U r writing so beautifully all the simple moments n feelings. I feel ecstatic to read them . If only we get a chance to see these again. I would be in cloud nine. lol. Radz emotions n her inner turmoil n going through things everything is superbly written. Vicky really need such persons in life who r so gud n always heading heels for us.

    Arjun, sam, neil great bonding going on. Neil kissing arjun’s cheeks, hugging him, arjun’s lines for sam n neil, his fear of losing radz n happiness when ankush said it is her cousin. Everything was superb. Neil thinking arjun behaving like love struck kid. uff so many scenes all r beautiful n lovely. Ohhhhhh how i wish to see them.

    Finally sam n neil’s love story started. Radz will jump after knowing this. Ankush trying to spy on his dadaji n goes to take phne. tooo gud.

    Thank u so much. Loveeeeee u frm bottom of my heart.

  3. Lakshmi

    Amazing episode gauri. Sam n Neil confession,arjun,Sam n Neil bond,arjun n ankush convo ,ankush spying on dadaji,Vicky n radz convo all scenes r totally superb . Will be waiting for next update. Love u …take care…

  4. aastha

    Arjun s sooo possessive abt rads…….wow nesam proposed……..hmmm r u all fine??????
    I’ve a request:plzz add precap…….
    w.. .e. .n ll ard… Fgghyyyygý sry I dozed off……um nt writing anymore as it wud nt make sense

    • Gauri

      Thanks Deepthi…don’t worry you will see the jealous Arjun…there are many around to make him feel that…will write on that

  5. Rg

    Hi gauri I had hoped to c arjun and Vicky confrontation as ur previous pre cap indicted. But yet glad to c ur update thou thr was no confrontation…. As all had managed to more or less confirm radhikas sanctuary will thr b an ardhika meeting as radhika is with Vicky? Will she come out of
    hiding…. I can’t stand d wait. Arjuns cute
    jealousy is treat. Radhikas insecurity and hurt with arjuns treatment of her is justifiable. She took his words literally thou he dint mean it. Can’t blame her thou. By
    d way a small question d iconic bathroom scene btw Sam and arjun will thr b any confrontation ant tat. Would u b including tat as regards to radhika witnessing it? (Thou in original she doesn’t c it … ). As u have brought abt few changes … Just curious…. Plz take care of ur health. Lovely chapter…. Waiting for ur update.

    • Gauri

      Hi Dear, thanks for your lovely words…I had planned to write about Anjun and Vicky meeting but …was not keeping well…you will surely have it in the next part. By the way can you help me recall that episode the scene between Arjun and Sam…I think I must have missed it

  6. Rg

    Hi gauri thks for d reply. It’s 20th August 2015 episode 109. I checked in whatsapp. Arjun proposes to Sam. Invites her for a date and try to b intimate with her. Only Neil stops both. … Radhika doesn’t c it…. Tat episode really confused me a bit regards to his love for radhika… And I really wished it ws radhika who saw it rather than Neil. Always wondered about Wat would have happened had radhika seen it….. If v had time I guess d cvs would made radhika see it rather than Neil or both together…

    • Gauri

      Thanks dear….I now remember…that’s why I made made Radhika so doubtful about Arjun’s love…Radhika believed that if Arjun loved her he would have given up his revenge…yet he did not …hence she feels he just has pity for her…Arjun will have to work very hard in my story to get Radhika 🙂

  7. Rg

    That’s grt news. Thou I enjoyed d show to d fullest .. I really felt radhika forgave arjun soon and appeared unscathed except for heart brk. Now I guess I would love to c a different version of d ending. As arjun has to grovel to radhika for tat sam proposal alone….By d way just curious …. In ur version radhika witness arjun proposing Sam in bathroom or not??? Will it come in d future. Oh dear I can’t wait… Loved ur version….OK update asap. Take care.

  8. Roma

    Wowwww, wowwww, superb, superb episode gauri dearyyy…loved it sooooooo muuuuchhh….ankush all in detective avataar finding dadaji’s phone n successful. .wow…nesam convo then arjun try to speak with both separately. ..omg..neil kissed arjun’s cheek in…nesam sudden first kiss n sam blushing then lovely hug…wowwww mind blowing scene…rads so hurt n scared of rejection…glad she spoke her heart out to vicky…n he consoled her very nicely n his promise to himself for ardhika was really heart touching…he wants to bring her love arjun back to her life with trust….outstanding. ..arjun n ankush convo brought relief to arjun knowing vicky is rads cousin…neil you’re hilarious, arjun love struck boy…lol….gauri dearrrr it’s superb n very awesome narration n dialogues…love you to the core for this beautiful n lovely story…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and take care sweetie

    • Gauri

      Thank you Roma…I wish you could see my face right now…your compliment made me so happy…love you loads…well I have already posted the next 2 chapters just now should be available in some time on TU …tc

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