Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 3 and 4

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Chapter 3
A knock on the door woke Radhika, it took her few minutes to realise she was not in Mumbai…she was not home. She opened the door and saw Vicky with tray he said,’’ I brought you tea and breakfast… hope you slept nicely.’’ Radhika smiled and moved out of the way to let Vicky in…he prepared 2 cups of tea for himself and Radhika…he moved to the balcony where Radhika was standing staring the unknown. Radhika tried to start a conversation but was stopped by Vicky. He took and sip and leaned casually against the wall and asked, ‘’are you searching for Arjun in thin air?’’ . “Vicky…’’ Radhika warned. But he continued, ‘’someone told me years back not to run from fears and pain but to face them. Looks like the teacher herself forgot the lesson’’. Radhika closed her eyes and tears came rolling down her cheeks. Vicky turned Radhika to face him and said, ‘’Radhika, don’t run …cry if you want to..scream out your pain, talk about Arjun, Sam and Neil…share with me all the good and bad times you had with them. I am there to hear you out tell me the same story 100 times or more…I will listen to it..but please don’t be quite or I will myself make a call to Rishikesh or Mumbai. ‘’ Radhika nodded and smiled …Vicky cheerfully hugged Radhika and said ‘’that’s my girl, freshen up we are going out’’ and he left the room winking at Radhika.

Sam woke up early and started getting ready for office…she wished her parents and joined them for breakfast. Piyali informed Sam that some new interns are joining them today, as she and Samrat are little disturbed due to last night events hence, Sam has to take care of all the formalities. Sam nodded and drove off to office… She tried to call Neil, his no. was out of coverage for some time and when it got connected, Neil disconnected the call. Sam understood…she will make up with Neil. But for now she had to think how to find Chashni.

Arjun suddenly realised its morning and he had been sitting in that room for whole night. He stood up and decided that from this moment he will repent for the wrong he had done. He thought; ‘’I will confess everything in front of Sam and her parents…let them punish me. ‘’Arjun freshened up got ready and left for Bird Song. For the first time in his life his legs trembled..he thought it is so easy to be bad and difficult to set things right. He said to himself ‘’forgive me Radhika’’. As he entered the office it seemed to have lost all the happiness it once had, he glanced at the empty chair where he would find his panoti daily …always ready for some kind of trouble. He was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts when Teji told him to join Sam in the board room. Arjun entered the room and found 4 young interns seated around, he nervously moved to towards Sam, she greeted him with a smile and introduced Him as Bird Song’s Business Head.

Arjun was little taken aback, but Sam squeezed his arm asking him to calm down. Sam asked Teji to show the interns there work stations and then turned to Arjun…before Arjun could say something She interrupted and said, ‘’Chashni said you are a good man…and I trust her’’. Arjun tried again ‘’Sam …I wanted to say that…’’ , Sam completed his sentence ‘’that you don’t love me…I know you love Radhika…who wouldn’t …and by the way I am in love with my idiot… guess I always was..but understood this a little late..I wanted to tell you this during the party but never got a chance…I am sorry Arjun…Chashni left because of me” She wiped her tears and spoke again ‘’Arjun we..we should get back to work..And once you are free let me know I have to discuss something important.’’

Neil came out of the airport…he checked his phone, he felt bad for disconnecting Sam’s call ..but was surprised that she didn’t try to reach him again. Why should she …after all she got her Arjun…! He checked for private cab and booked one for himself for Rishikesh. He was little scared as how would he face Radhik’s family , what would he tell them. After hours of journey Neil was standing outside Radhika’s house for almost 5 min and finally when he decided to ring the bell Ankush suddenly opened the door, both were little surprised, Mala asked ‘’why are you standing like that Ankush..who’s there?’’ She went to the door and got surprised but greeted Neil lovingly and asked him to come inside. Neil sat there with Radhika’s family and understood why was Radhika nothing less than Chashni. He slowly pulled out the letter and handed it over to Ankush he could not draw the courage to tell them everything himself…once Ankush narrated the letter ,Neil told them everything and what happened in the party. Dilip after listening to this wiped his tears and stood near the window …and slowly said ‘’I am proud of my choti’’, Mala was inconsolable …she was worried for Radhika…!

Dadaji was quite for some time and then he said; ’’Choti has said she will come back then she surely will..give her time’’. Neil stood up to leave but was stopped by Ankush, ‘’you are my choti’s friend you are not going to stay in any hotel, you are family and you are staying here with us.’’ Whatever inhibitions were there in Neil they were washed out by Ankush’s words, Neil stayed back with Radhika’s family , over the dinner they shred Radhika’s childhood adventures with Neil. Ankush took Neil for a walk , Neil had been waiting for the moment he told Ankush that Radhika left the party with a guy and he wanted to know if there is anyone whom Radhika’s trusts so much. This would help him find his Chashni. Ankush thought about it but kept quite , he promised Neil that he will share if he recalls something. Neil left for Delhi next day with a promise that if they need anything they should call him.

Arjun was thinking about moments he shared with Radhika when a Sam’s angry voice pulled him out of his thoughts he moved out of his cabin and found Sam scolding the admin, Arjun tried to pacify Sam but it went in vain finally Kritika told Arjun that the admin had assigned Radhika’s desk to one of the new interns which made Sam furious. Arjun dragged Sam to his cabin and tried to calm her down Arjun said’, ‘’Sam it’s just a place’’… Sam looked at Arjun she had tears in her eyes…she retorted back…’’It is just not a place Arjun… it is my Chashni’s place…and only hers.. no one can take that in my life and Bird Song’’ . Sam walked out of Arjun’s cabin in a huff ….Arjun realized the strength of bond between Radhika and Sam…even misunderstandings, distance and silence could not separate them…they were absent in each other’s life yet present in every thought and moment.
Sam locked herself in the washroom and cried her heart out…she covered her mouth so that no one should hear her sobs…her pain. She slowly composed herself and prayed, “God! Please give me some clue to find Chashni…I will give away anything to have her back please God!’’

Radhika was waiting for Vicky in the building reception; he came down and asked his driver to bring the car to the front gate. Radhika tried being all chirpy with Vicky, but he knew her a little too much he squeezed Radhika’s hand and said, ‘’you don’t have to act , just take one day at a time’’. Radhika silently thanked him and wondered whatever her situation was she always found good people around her…she closed her eyes and prayed, ‘’Please God! Don’t let Neil be angry on Sam…please please bless him with some intelligence.’’

Vicky looked at Radhika , who was looking out of the car window..he thought ‘’for a moment I felt you have grown up…but no you are still the same stubborn, stupid little Radhika. You don’t know what really it takes to spend a life without the one you love’’. He turned his face to hide his tears behind his shades.

Chapter 4

Neil reached home and discussed everything with his mom, he told his mom ‘’I don’t know where to start from…how to reach Chashni her no. is off..she has pulled out her profile from FB. Where should I begin..God! help me. Prerna got up and handed and boiling cup of coffee to Neil …he jumped ‘’Mom you wanna burn me or what’’ …Prerna explained ; ‘’Neil , when coffee is too hot you don’t drink it instantly you wait for it to cool down. Give yourself some time Neil…cool you brain will see the right path’’

Neil entered Bird Song and asked Zubin to give him the progress on the Jia Diamond account.Zubin entered Neil’s cabin and told him that Radhika was supposed handle this account, Neil tried to compose himself and got to know the deadline was after 2 days and they have to submit the presentation soon. Neil entered the boardroom where Arjun and Sam were discussing a client…he banged the file on the table. Arjun was surprised to see this side of Neil…Sam maintained her calm. Sam excused herself from Arjun and asked Neil what is it….Neil grumped like a 10 yr old kid and asked, ‘’what are your plans regarding Jia account Ma’m. ‘’ Arjun got up from there and left. Sam looked at Neil and said, ‘’Mr chief copy writer…the presentation is already done we just have to present it to our clients’’. Neil sarcastically asked her ‘’Oh..! so how come I am not aware of this fact’’. Sam replied,‘’Neil , you were out of station and I guess you missed to check your mails…Chashni ..on the day of the party had shared a rough presentation on Jia with you me and Arjun.’’ Neil saw something different in Sam, he asked her ‘’Sam …!

Wont you ask where I was for past 4 days…wont you scream at me or fight with me ‘’. Sam took a deep breath and replied ‘’Why should I…I don’t deserve answers …and to be frank…a piece of my heart went with Chashni….I can’t afford to lose the other half…please chk the final ppt…we got to mail it to the clients’’. Sam left Neil bewildered in the room; Neil was wondering what is wrong with Sammy …what made her change suddenly.

Radhika entered a posh restaurant with Vicky, he directed her to the table and excused himself to take the call. Radhika looked around and saw some girls checking out Vicky who was standing outside talking over the phone animatedly, she smiled picked up the menu and started going through it waiting for Vicky to join her. Vicky completed his call and looked towards Radhika and thought…’’how much will I have to lie for this stupid girl, whatever it is first I need Radhika to calm down a bit …’’ He sat opposite to Radhika and placed the order…he started the conversation…’’So…what’s next ?’’ Radhika gave him a confused look…he just smiled and asked again ‘’what do you want to do? You can’t be sitting in one room crying over the past…you want to move on …so tell me what should be done.’’ Radhika looked away from him…he lifted her chin…’’Radhika…this puppy face look won’t work on me.’’ Radhika replied,

‘I don’t know…I am blank…I feel lost.’’ Vicky took a deep breath leaned back on his chair and asked…’’will you work for me?’’ Radhika blinked a couple a times and asked…’’but…but what will I do?’’….Vicky smiled a little and replied ‘’the same thing…which you do the best… write…play with words Radhika, pen down your thoughts about whatever come to you mind…your experience…your happiness…just anything’’. Radhika raised her eye brow and looked a Vicky…he continued ‘’I run a youth magazine and I want you to write a monthly column for that….let us call it STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART…pick a topic scribble your thoughts. I will pay according to the reception of your work. So do we have a deal?’’Radhika thought for a moment and nodded, “Deal’’. After the lunch Vicky asked Radhika to wait outside and he will join her after paying the bill. As Radhika left the table Vicky thought “I will send you back to the place where you belong Radhika…but slowly.’’

Arjun was standing near the Cafeteria balcony when Neil entered; he ordered himself a cup of coffee when the man over the counter told him that for the first time Arjun ordered coffee with sugar. Neil couldn’t help but smile, he moved close to Arjun and asked, ‘’you love her’’. Arjun turned and looked straight into Neil’s eyes and said ,’’Yes I love Radhika.’’ ‘’Since when?’’ came another question from Neil. ‘’Since the day she risked her life for a dog like me’’. Neil moved next to Arjun and said,’’ forgive yourself Arjun.’’ Arjun shot another one’’ Can you forgive me?’’ ‘’I already did…I am no one to judge right or wrong… people aren’t bad situations are…we can’t be good to everyone… you had the guts to accept your mistake that’s enough for me….whatever happened Arjun…we are bound by the same pain…you have Radhika in your heart but not in your life, I always had Sam..yet I am so absent for her.” Arjun realised that Neil is still not aware about Sam’s feelings for him, that instant he decided he will go back to Radhika but before, he needs to unite Sam and Neil. He smiled and thought;” Now I got to think like you my Panoti.’’

Sam asked the admin personnel to hand her the keys of Radhika’s drawers, she herself wanted to make sure if she could get anything relevant from Chashni’s stuff. After everyone left Sam searched everything on Radhika’s desk, she read all the papers on her desk, went through all the folders on her computer. She unlocked the drawers it was mostly filled up pamphlet used papers and print outs, Sam searched under those papers and suddenly she touched something like a book she pulled it out. It was Radhika’s diary, Sam recalled her days with Radhika, when during the night Radhika would sit in the balcony all dreamy penning her thoughts and Sam had to scream on her to make her sleep on time. Samrat saw Sam sitting on Radhiks’s chair with her eyes closed & holding the diary closed to her heart . ‘’Bacchu are you fine?’’ Sam looked at him and replied softly; ’’no I am not’’ Samrat wanted to say something, but Sam spoke before; ‘’Pa, please don’t ask anything right now, I am myself searching for answers. Let me have them first I will share with you for sure.’’ Samrat nodded and asked her to come as it was already late.

Radhika was frantically searching her stuff; she turned her room upside down. Vicky entered her room and was greeted by a book thrown in his direction, he looked around and said ; ‘’I hate messy rooms.’’ Radhika replied; ’’ then get out’’. He smiled at the reply and spoke again ; ‘’May I know what are you looking for?’’ ‘’My is important …it kind of has everything about me..I need to find it’’ she continued; ‘’It should be here…it should not be in should be here…I don’t want Sam or Arjun Sir to get hold of it….you don’t know what will happen…’’ ; Vicky interrupted ‘’they will know you love Arjun…. By the way they actually know that .’’ Radhika froze; ‘’how do you know.’’ Vicky shook his head and replied; ‘’they don’t need that diary to find about your love..they knew that very instant when you left them and vanished…Not everyone is as stupid as you.” Radhika went mute…and then started again ‘’but it also has all my contacts…yours also…what if?’’ Vicky looked at Radhika and said;’’ they won’t find you till you want to be found …this is a promise. I will handle if they come to me …I am leaving for Mumbai tomorrow but will come every weekend…daisy (caretaker) will stay with you, I have hired a driver too. Call me if you need something and…keep the article ready. Now clean this mess and go off to sleep.’’ He closed the door behind him and thought;’’ I want them to come to me.’’

Sam finished her dinner and went to bed. She waited for her parents and sister to sleep, she got up ,went to the study and started reading Radhika’s diary. She was completely blown off my her friend’s positivity and love for life, her words were so beautifully written as if Picasso decide to write than to paint . She read about radhika’s days in Rishikesh, her family her dream….her journey to Mumbai…her friends in Mumbai..she had written about Her , Neil, Teji, Zubin, Kritika…but it was all good. Sam thought;”I have never seen a person who can see goodness in everything, you are one of a kind Chashni…I miss you…wanna hug you…please come back.’’ Tears trickled down her cheeks , Sam continued reading, sometimes she would smile and even laugh heartily reading Radhika’s adventures . She learned how her Chashni had planned to patch her up with Niel with the help of Zubin and gang. Sam wiped the tears off her eyes and sat there for some time. Samarat who had woken up by Sam’s laughter…stood near the door and watched his beloved daughter. He silently prayed; ‘’God! Please make these kids understand that they are tied by a pure bond…nothing can separate them…not even they themselves.’’

Arjun lying on his bed was looking at the ceiling & thinking he closed his eyes and all he could remember was Radhika… her big innocent eyes her pure smile…her non-stop chattering and her positivity Arjun smiled and thought; ‘’I wish I had some magic to convey my feelings to you right away’’. Radhika who was standing in the balcony of her room suddenly shivered …but it didn’t feel like wind…it felt like Arjun…she had goose bumps all over her body…her face was all heated up…she rubbed her arms to calm herself down and took a deep breath, Radhika cursed the wind and her thoughts; she locked the balcony door and went off to bed.

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