Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 2

Thank you so much for your support…. here is the second chapter hope you guys will like it

Chapter 2
Arjun unlocked the door of his house and entered, the silence around seemed to be screaming at his ears. He covered his ears and collapsed on the floor, for the first time he felt as if someone has punched him hard in his chest…it was heavy and yes it pained.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned in hoping to see his Radhika but it was Nandini. Everything flashed before his eyes again…he was betrayed, he felt cheated, disgusted & used. Nandini requested Arjun to listen to her once…whatever she said was not true, Radhika instigated her …but she was cut short by Arjun. He gave her a questioning look and asked her “Nandu…you and I both know what truth is. If you have ever cared for me in your life the please leave this instant…you did too much for me..but I am done today with everything. Please leave and don’t come back…’’ Nandini was appalled she looked at Arjun and asked him ‘’what will you do staying here, do you think Sam and her parents will forget everything..they will make your life hell’’. ‘’So be it then’’, replied Arjun…’’but I will repent for my mistakes …whatever it takes, I will bear all the consequences of my actions. But I am requesting you please leave or else I will lose whatever respect is let for you’’. An hour later Nandini left the house…Arjun was still sitting on the floor he dint even bother to look at her…he felt as if someone has just scooped life out of him…all he wanted to hear was ‘’Arjun Sir!’’

Sudden jerk bought Radhika out of her slumber, she rubbed her eyes and asked ‘’Where are we Vicky?’’ ‘’Moving towards the highway’’ he replied. Vicky knew moving out of Mumbai will not be the solution to Radhika’s pain, but she won’t budge. He thought ‘’with time, I will help you to set things right.’’ As they drove in the darkness moving out of the City of dreams, Radhika once again closed her eyes to relive all the moments of her last 5 months in Mumbai.

Piyali tried reaching Sam a couple of times but her no. was switched off. After the night’s event she had gone to check on Sam in her room but she was not there, Piyali understood the guilt and pain Sam was going through ,but where Sam could have gone at this hour of night. Samrat asked Piyali not to worry as something changed in Sam today and she will be back. Sam unlocked the door of the house she shared with Radhika, a gush of freshness filled her soul and bought smile to her lips. Sam picked up the picture of her and Radhika and said ‘’you have a habit of setting things right and spreading smiles but today you did wrong Chashni…you shouldn’t have left . You did your part now it’s my turn…you belong here Chashni…I will find you’’ Sam kissed Radhika’s picture and walked out of the house with it.

Neil was reading Radhika’s letter for the fifth time; sleep had left him long back. Prerna entered his room and softly placed her hand on Neil’s shoulder he looked up and said, ‘’Mom! You‘re still up its almost 3:00 AM’’. Prerna replied, ‘’do you think anyone who was there in that party tonight and knew what Radhika did can sleep’’. ‘’You need to find her Neil, but before that you need to go to Rishikesh and convey Radhika’s message to her family’’. Neil nodded and thought,’’ sorry Chashni… I always knew you cannot hurt anyone but I was so lost in Sam, I will do whatever it takes to get things on place’’, Neil pulled out and small travel bag and packed his stuff, he took his laptop and mailed Piyali that he will be out of office for 4 days. Once done with his packing he booked his flight for Delhi, in 2 hrs he had leave for the Airport, Prerna bought him coffee while he prepared to leave. After checking in, Neil pulled out Radhika’s letter from his pocket and started reading again.

Radhika’s letter
Thank you so much of trusting me when no one else did, I thank my stars for having a friend like you.
I know you will be angry on me for leaving like this…but I need to gather myself Neil…I am completely messed up..I don’t know how to handle everything after today’s revelation. I had planned to expose Nandini di but failed to plan my life after that…I don’t know what I will do…I don’t have any grudge against anyone…I just need time to heal myself and I know you will understand.

Last few days have been the biggest fight of my life. I suddenly lost everyone whom I loved so dearly, after today everyone will know the reason for what I did and why. I don’t want them to feel sorry..I just hope they understand that I had no way out but to do what I did.

Neil, please take care of Sam. She will be shattered after knowing the truth, don’t leave her side and take care of her. Only you understand her completely, I want her happiness… tell her that Arjun Sir only belonged to her and I am going very far from their lives, not because I am angry or sorry but because if I stay they will not be able to forget what happened in last few days.

I have signed the divorce papers and now Arjun Sir is free from this unwanted relationship, now this panoti will never cross his path again. Please tell Sam that Arjun Sir was not aware of his sister’s plan..he is a good man. Tell him that I am sorry for breaking his bond with his sister.

Neil, please do me a favour tell my family that I need some time, I will contact them but for now I want to find myself…I will come back for sure but not now..I know Dadaji will understand but please pacify Mom if needed.

And one last request, please don’t leave Bird Song..not now may be later but for now Sam needs you.
Bye for now till our path cross again.

As he heard the announcement for the boarding, he folded and kept the letter again and kept it in his pocket, a smile accompanied with tears crossed his face. He had earlier made up his mind to leave Bird Song, but now he will stay for his Chashni, Neil locked his seat belt and closed his eyes and said to himself ‘’Chashni …the day I find you are so dead…!’’

Credit to: Gauri


    • Gauri

      Thanks manju..! About Vicky he is like one of those friends whom we can call our punching bags all ways ready be on our side.

  1. manha

    Gauri u r tooo gud girl. Superb plot. Totally different. just amazing. So all r on mission Finding radz. So who will find radz first??!!! The big question i guess…….. waiting for the next one.

    • Gauri

      Thank u so much Manha..! You dont know how scared I was to post this story….but you guys are just u loads.

  2. Lakshmi

    Amazing gauri,really different n yes only Neil trusted her after marriage also. Radz needs some time after that. Totally superb. Will be waiting for next update. Love u ??..take care..

  3. Rg

    Hi its beautiful… And I loved it. Hi if possible can u give us slightly bigger update ?? Thank u. Yes very true radhika needs time to heal. I guess all d 4 characters need. Once again a lovely episode.

  4. Shree

    This is such a cute update!! Neil gonna find Radhika.. Wow… Keep it up!! Waiting for the next one.

    Love you ??

  5. aastha

    Its gud… where s she gng??????niel n Sam plzz find hr sooon…….n plzzz frgve Arjun n give hs n only hs panoti bck to hm…..cozz without hs panoti he cud NT face te li8…….plzz try to give lngr updates dear…….

  6. Vivi

    This story is different from d rest of MMZ stories…..all r shattered by radhika’s leaving….will dey b able 2 find hr??
    Luvd it &keep writing….
    Luv ya

    • Gauri

      Thank u some much….you guys made me so happy today…! guess should check my weight would have added few pounds out of happiness 🙂

      • Kashforever06

        Welcome back to writing world ? I just asked because I don’t use this website a lot but I just came across your story and loved it so thought to ask you if you write it on any other sites. Anyway thank you for answering my question

  7. Harani

    very emotional…a new dimension of manmarziyan is shown here….hats off to you dr ..u r amazing.the letter of radhika made me cry..Neil I just love him….the power and trust ur friend shows on us is like an energy booster ….

  8. nisha

    hey gauri as I said before your story is so much unique and lovely I love neil emotions and he said the day he find her she is so dead awesome and I loved arjun emotions rads missing

    all the things love the story a lot dear

    very much waiting for next part eagerly dear

    Love u by heart not for just a story but yes for a new started friend ship dear so how’s ur new year gone and Lohri and makarsankranti so many festivals gone how’s life going dear

    Love u by heart dear always

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

  9. Roma

    Ahhhh, my dearrryyyy gauri, it’s awesome, superb, beautiful, marvellous episode…so emotional and heart melting. ..nandini again trying to get arjun sympathy…but not anymore he knows her true colors now…arjun totally shattered…the only words he wants to hear “Arjun Sir”…ahhhh….so deeeeply immersed in rads love n feeling guilty..loved Sam’s words, “you belong here chashni, I’ll find you”…neil n prerna convo was very nice…Rads letter to neil….wowwww. ..what a selfless girl rads, each n every word of it was awesome, she cared for every single person who has been related to her friend or family and sorted their lifes…but doesn’t know what to do with her own life…neil’s rxn n his words for his true friend were heart melting…such an amazing episode, loved it very very much. ..the way you narrating it is so adorable, sweeet, pure n lovely, amazingly awesoooooome …I’m blessed to read such a great talent. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very very tight hug. …muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

    • Gauri

      Thank u from the bottom of my heart…! your compliment means a lot…you r right people like Rads usually are so caring that they give away everything for people they love but some time get so shattered that its difficult to bring them out of the shell

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