Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Bird Song was growing good with the talent and hard work of the team…they were getting many projects and day by day the load was getting bigger. With Sam’s engagement just 10 days away…Piyali was concentrating more on the arrangements as Sam took over the office load…Radhika was busy from all the sides…she was helping Piyali…because Sam was her besti and also Prerna…as Neil was also her friend and did not had many whom he could call family…Arjun had decided to be completely on Neil’s side… but he admired how Radhika selflessly went about managing her office load and engagement preparations.

Sam called everyone to the board room and told them about a project which went unnoticed for some reason and now they need to submit the presentation within a day’s time since it was evening all ready…the gang decided to work on it in the night. Radhika informed Vicky about the same and he teased her for staying overnight to be with Arjun on the pretext of work. Neil was working with Radhika Zubin, Teji and Krutika to get a good punch line…Arjun decided to do a quick research on similar products and Sam took the charge of all the paper work and final presentation. Neil had noticed the continues buzzing of Radhika’s cell which she was disconnecting again and again…she looked disturbed…Neil asked everyone to take a break and he checked Radhika’s cell the no. he saw made him angry on the caller and Radhika also. Radhika made coffee for Sam and Arjun…she went to Sam’s cabin and saw all the papers scattered around the room and Sam sitting on the table chewing her pen…she made her way gave Sam coffee…Sam in turn gave Radhika a flying kiss. Radhika knocked Arjun’s cabin door but she did not receive a response…she slowly opened the door and found him asleep on the chair…Radhika watched him for a minute and shook his shoulder…Arjun open his eyes and looked at Radhika as if she was a Christmas gift. He took her hand from his shoulder and kissed. Off lately Arjun was showering her with small tokens of affection.

Radhika was busy working on the punch line when Neil gestured her to come out…Radhika followed Neil to the lobby and Neil asked; ‘’When you left everything…why did you leave the letter only for me?’’

Radhika frowned and answered; ’’Because you trusted me when no one did and you are my best friend”
Neil; ‘’then why couldn’t you tell me about this’’…he showed Radhika the call history…she was quite then she said; ‘’Neil…you are getting married stop worrying about others…concentrate on Sam now let’s get back to work.’’
Neil: ‘’I never counted you in others….since when is Rishab bothering you just answer this …And why didn’t you tell me or Arjun about it…’’
Radhika; ‘’Neil…. Rishab can only talk….so no worries…come lets go’’
Neil; ‘’answer me …Why didn’t you tell us about it.’’
Radhika; ‘’What would have happened…90% would have thought that I must have given him the indication to come close to me…everybody would have blamed me again like before…and’’ Radhika words were lost. Neil heard this and realized that Radhika still had pain inside her…he turned Radhika to face him and said; ‘’So you haven’t forgiven any of us?’’
Radhika; ‘’Neil forgiving is easy…forgetting is difficult and I am trying to do that.’’
Neil; ‘’Why do you feel people will blame you…?’’

Radhika had tears in her eyes she refused to answer…Neil again questioned her; ‘’you can at least speak to Arjun about it…you have started trusting him right’’
Radhika took a deep breath; ‘’I don’t know Neil…I am in 2 minds…one says I should trust him and other reminds of everything in the past…his sister’s revenge mattered to him more than his conscious and love…what if tomorrow he again leaves me alone…everyone will blame me for trusting a wrong person …I feel I am just a need for him right now as he is alone…what if he gets over that need?…I won’t be able to survive one more rejection of the people I love…I may sound stupid and immature…but I am no more the same Radhika…I am scared Neil…scared to lose everything again…you don’t know I had decided to go to Rishikesh…but when I called my family no one spoke to me accept daddaji and Ma… Ridhima di…she called me selfish and careless she blamed me for everything…if not for Vicky I would have gone to a place where no one could find me.” Radhika broke into tears and this time she did not try to control her sobs.

Neil wiped his own eyes and came to Radhika…he waited for her to control herself. He slowly turned Radhika toward him and said; ‘’you should have spoken to me then when you decided to leave and also now when this jerk Rishab is trobling you…promise me you will never hide anything from me going forward.’’ Radhika smiled and promised…When she was calm he took her back to start their work again… but Radhika and Neil were not aware of Arjun’s presence who had heard everything…he felt dejected…he was angry…he wanted to be the one standing there with her…hearing her heart…but she didn’t chose him. He thought she had started trusting him….but no…Then and there he decided ‘’you trust me or not I don’t care…its high time you should be back to your husband. But before that Rishab needs a lesson.’’

By the time they finished their work it was 2 AM, Arjun offered to drop Radhika…Neil and Sam were happy hearing this. Radhika was so tiered that she decided not to protest. On the way Radhika slept off in Arjun’s car and he decided to take her to his place. When they reached Arjun woke Radhika up…She was surprised and scared, her legs refused to move. Arjun looked at her and said;’’ come inside Radhika…its late.’’
Radhika asked in a scared voice; ’’Why did you bring me here..? You said you would drop me home.’’
Arjun walked to her and gave one look to her scared face and replied; ‘’because this is home Radhika…mine and yours too.’’ He dint give her a chance to say anything else…he picked her up and brought her inside. He dropped her on the chair and gave her a glass of water to drink…Radhika took the glass with trembling hands and Arjun caught hold of her wrist…he was angry at her but he loved her so much that Radhika’s nervous face made him comfort her. Arjun lovingly cupped her face and said; ‘’I won’t eat you…I brought you here because I wanted to spend time with you…it will be morning in few hours…you can go to Vicky’s place then….so tell me why can’t you trust me with your heart?…Why can’t you share your fears with me the way you share it with Neil?’’
Radhika understood he had heard everything…she kept her eyes on the floor and asked; ‘’Did you love bonnie? What was there between you 2” Arjun gave her one look and replied; ‘’I used her for my revenge…she was benefitted too she made good money… but getting blacklisted from Bird Song..killed her career…I tried to help her but she wanted more which I refused hence she attacked you out of frustration.’’ Radhika looked at him and again asked ;’’why do you want to be with me…I am no more the same Radhika.’’

Arjun smiled lifted her chin and said; ‘’because whatever you are …you belong to me.’’ Arjun again lifted Radhika up and put her to bed…he gently caressed her head and asked her to close her eyes and take rest.’’ She obeyed. When Radhika woke up she found her head in Arjun’s lap and his hand on her head, he had slept off in that sitting position itself…she looked at him and thought; ‘’What am I doing…why can’t I trust him…I want to be with him…yet I am so confused why?’’ Radhika went to kitchen and prepared coffee for herself and Arjun…she looked around to prepare breakfast…but found nothing much in the house she wondered what and where did he eat…she brought coffee for him , looked at him and couldn’t help herself she gently kissed his forehead and he opened his eyes…he looked straight into her eyes and she blushed by 10 shades …Arjun smiled…he got up and said; ‘’thank you…and its ok…don’t be so embarrassed …go get ready I will drop you to Vicky’s place.’’ Radhika replied ;’’I am ready…’’.Arjun took her to the cupboard and said…’’I had bought you some stuff…when you were not here…you can pick anything you like and change…I will get ready in the other room. He planted a loving kiss on her forehead and was about to leave when Radhika called him; he stopped she went to him and said; “Sir that day you asked for a moment and I gave you…can you please give me a moment today…Please’’ Arjun opened his arms and Radhika hugged him…she held on to him tightly…she kept her head on his chest so she could hear his heart beat…he hugged her back protectively…he could feel her disturbed mind in that embrace. Arjun kept standing like that without moving or uttering a word…finally Radhika spoke; ‘’I know…I am troubling you hurting you but please understand I am scared inside…I don’t know how to say or explain myself.’’ Arjun rubbed her back and replied; ‘’I will understand if you want me to…promise me if you have a problem you come to me and no one else…your heart belongs to me…and all the pain and happiness in it has to be shared with me…you like it or not but I can’t even share your tears with someone let alone you…you are mine.’’ Radhika smiled nodded in positive and kissed his chest where his heart was…Arjun lifted her chin up he wanted to end the barrier between them…but felt she was not ready…he knew she wouldn’t refuse him…but he couldn’t hurt her anymore he kissed the tip of her nose and said;’’ Ok now go get ready your brother must be worried.’’

But she was not ready to let go…Arjun could feel the fear she was carrying in her desperate grip he tighten his grip around her and again kissed on her forehead and cheeks after sometime when he felt she was calm he said; ‘’let me select what should you wear today.’’ He selected a dress for her and asked her to be ready. Arjun came to drop Radhika and she invited him inside…Vicky saw them together and smiled…he asked him to join them for breakfast Arjun agreed. Radhika herself prepared the breakfast for all of them…after days Vicky saw his chirpy sister back and he loved it.

Radhika entered office humming and hopping she gave a peck on Sam’s cheek and ruffled Neil’s hair…they were little taken aback…both of them turned to look at Arjun’s cabin and found him smiling and staring at Radhika…they understood something had happened in the night…which made both of them happy. All four decided to go out for lunch together…Neil and Sam were fighting on the menu for their wedding and Radhika was trying to play referee between them. They ordered food when a waiter gave Radhika a slip given by a man sitting in the opposite corner. All eyes went in that direction…Radhika felt disgusted…and the other 3 were furious. Rishab now dared to flirt with her in front of Arjun. She got up to leave when Arjun caught her hand …he gestured her to sit…Arjun pushed his chair next to Radhika he picked up a spoon and lifted to Radhika’s mouth…she again got nervous…but finally ate from his hands at which Neil and Sam clapped…Arjun cupped her face from one side and without caring about crowd kissed Radhika on her cheek warmly…Radhika was shocked she never expected him to behave this way in presence of crowd…she went red and covered her face with her hands. Neil and Sam were continuously teasing her and Arjun gave a threatening glare to Rishab to make it clear that what he was eyeing only belonged to Arjun.

Prerna called Radhika and asked her to accompany Arjun…to do some marriage shopping as she was to tied up, Radhika agreed. Arjun and Radhika after office went to the place suggested by Prerna…Radhika was selecting clothes to be given as gifts to Sam’s family …she came across a beautiful Sari and thought of just checking it on herself…Radhika was standing in front of the mirror when someone called from behind; ‘’You should definitely take this one…the colour shines on your skin…if you allow I will buy it for you.’’ Radhika turned to face this unwanted admirer it was Rishab, she made a face as if she was too bored of him. She ignored and started walking when he suddenly held her hand and said; ‘’I have never lost when it comes to beautiful ladies like you…” Radhika replied mockingly; ‘’If you haven’t then there is always the first time…and your time of losing starts with me.’’ Radhika wanted to walk away but she had hurt his ego..his grip on her tightened and now it hurt…Radhika was trying to free her wrist when a strong hand held Rishab’s wrist tightly…Rishab immediately let go Radhika’s hand…Arjun asked Radhika to do the payment and he will be waiting in the car. Arjun in a soft yet threatening voice asked Rishab to come out… once Rishab was out of the store Arjun started; ‘’I have had enough Rishab…don’t make me do something which will destroy you forever.’’ Rishab mockingly replied; ‘’So you are scared that I might steal your delicate possession…she is simple but there is something about her that makes me go crazy’’ Arjun held his collar and in an angry voice replied ; ‘’Radhika is not a possession she is my wife…and I can’t take anyone troubling her. Remember one thing you have had a dirty past…there are many women out there scorned by you…and it will take me only few hours to destroy you completely…one call and you will be on the front page of every newspaper …your bright career will end in a minute. Stay away from her …next time I won’t warn you…I will destroy you.’’

Rishab had seen murderous rage in Arjun’s eyes…he was shaken a bit and hesitantly left from there…Radhika had been watching them from the shop…she couldn’t hear what they spoke…but she could conclude that Arjun scared Rishab away…she came out and walked towards the car…Arjun silently took bags from her hand and kept them inside …once Radhika was inside the car he caught hold of hand and gently rubbed his thumb over the red mark on her wrist…he was staring sadly at the mark given by Rishab when Radhika spoke; ‘’Sir I am not hurt…its fine it will go in2 days” Arjun without looking at her replied; ‘’it shouldn’t have come at the first place’’ He gently lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her wrist with such emotion that Radhika could not stop those 2 drops in her eyes which followed out in response to Arjun’s undying love for her. She left everything and gave Arjun a tight hug …Arjun adjusted the seat so that he can fit her into his lap…he held his world in his arms delicately yet protectively and said; ‘’Radhika we are in a open parking…don’t you think we should move now.’’ Radhika reacted as if she had woken up from deep slumber…she jumped out of his lap…she lowered her gaze and tried to hide her blush with her thick hair. Arjun fired up the engine and then said; ‘’Mrs Arjun Mehra you are too cute to resist.”

Precap: Radhika proposes Arjun

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